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October 2010 Presented by Russell Case The Blackhawk Project LLC.

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1 October 2010 Presented by Russell Case The Blackhawk Project LLC

2 Brilliant discovery & creativity …. … pure practicality

3 Identify Solve Improve

4 Solve the Issue Improve on the Solution

5  Manufacturers were competing based on exotic materials, sophisticated aerodynamic blade design, wind forecasting and size  Increasingly complex turbines need high-cost manufacturing, on-site technicians, large land areas for deployment and expensive transmission  Dramatic increases in wind energy generation require an efficient and cost-effective wind turbine design that was simple to manufacture in a variety of different sizes and energy outputs  Widespread deployment achievable only with near-silent operation, low tower heights, durable operation characteristics and maintenance and repair by the consumer or the local mechanic

6 Look Back Apply Your Knowledge Look Around

7 Main Rotor Tilt controls Pitch of Airfoils Patent Issued March 16, 2010: US Patent #7,677,862

8  Production ready, scalable TR-10 tested and ready for direct or licensed manufacturing, distribution, sales and operation  Tower/Turbine Dimensions: 3 meter diameter/blade height mounted on 10m standard tower, total weight 55kg (turbine + generator)  Energy generation: 1.2kW at 46kph (29mph)  Generator: proprietary integrated, non-cogging axial flux generator  Parts: non-exotic materials; standardized airfoil designs  Control systems: no electronic control systems; self- starting  Scalability: prototype development and modeling demonstrates increased stability and exponential energy generation at larger sizes

9  Durability and performance metrics confirmed through year-long off-grid and grid-tied field testing in harsh Idaho climates  Field tested to 160kph (with increasing energy generation at higher wind speeds)  Continued operation in subzero temperatures, snow and ice  Cost of manufacture costs captured through production test runs  Cost/watt competitive at TR-10 configuration (1. kW)  Cost/watt advantages at TR-20 (5.6kW), TR-40 (25kW) and TR-80 (100kW) configurations

10  Positive Aesthetic/Consumer Differentiators:  Near silent operation with minimal structural vibration enables urban, suburban and rural deployment  Visually appealing design  Low tower+blade height  Fits onto standard towers (monopole, tri-pole)

11  Designed for Distributed Worldwide Manufacturing and Use  Non-exotic materials and airfoil design  Simple manufacture, machining, assembly and installation  Scalability enables multiple deployment options:  Stand-alone  Multiple use/community grid  Tandem, over-under (with utility grade turbines)  Off-grid and grid-tie compatible  Technology Available for License, Acquisition or Investment

12 Please contact Russell Case to learn more about:  Opportunities to manufacture, distribute, acquire or invest in the Blackhawk patented VAWT/AR technology  Investing in Idaho innovation through the US EB-5 investment program  The advantageous business and living environment that exists in the State of Idaho  The extensive technical and scientific expertise offered by the Idaho National Laboratory, the Center for Advanced Energy Studies and the Idaho university system Russell Case +1.208.321.2520 +1.208.991.8317

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