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MOTORWAVE ® CALIFORNIA OIL RIG CONVERSION Hydrogen Production from Wave Energy.

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1 MOTORWAVE ® CALIFORNIA OIL RIG CONVERSION Hydrogen Production from Wave Energy

2 California’s Hydrogen Project (CHP) This project will convert an existing oil rig (or new platform) into a hydrogen production center, with 100% clean, renewable energy. The Pure Hydrogen Economy needs two things to get started: 1) Cheaply produced hydrogen 2) Hydrogen made from sources that are 100% clean and renewable – not fossil fuels

3 CLEAN OPPORTUNITY The CHP Project offers a unique, safe way to use wave energy to produce very inexpensive hydrogen that can fuel power plants. What will it take to convince power plants to switch to Hydrogen? Today, some power plants are using natural gas (methane). They pay approx 0.3 US$ per kg. For the same weight, hydrogen has 3 times more energetic power. 1kg of Hydrogen = 140 Mj 1 kg of methane = 40 Mj Today, 1 kg of hydrogen = 4 US$ (with existing production methods), so it has not been viable in power plants. Motorwave produced hydrogen will cost less than $1 per kg

4 CHP’s Needs An unused oil rig, platform or barge Set of Motorwave machines that create mechanical energy with the potential energy from waves Hydrogen liquification equipment set on top of the rig or platform Transportation by boat with high pressure tanks Landing site near a powerplant that can be easily converted to use hydrogen as the prime fuel source

5 Hydrogen Market Current Barriers to market acceptance: Electricity is needed to create electrolysis process for separating hydrogen High electricity costs = high hydrogen costs If costs come down, fuel cells are more likely to be introduced to the mass market In tandem with fuel cells and storage, come the infrastructure needs for distribution

6 Hydrogen Market Advantages of Hydrogen: Hydrogen has a natural compatibility with fuel cells. The higher efficiency of fuel cells—currently 60% compared to 22% for gasoline or 45% for diesel internal combustion engines—would dramatically improve the efficiency of future energy use. 100% pollution free (if created from renewable energy) Stationary energy plants can be converted to use hydrogen, (today – without the need to wait for the rest of they hydrogen-economy’s infrastructure to catch up) resulting in 2-3 times better efficiency than current electricity production.

7 Wave energy has always existed on this planet, but until now, the cost of collecting this energy has been more expensive than by using conventional fossil fuels. Renewable energy has always been viewed as being unreliable. Comparative Production Costs: 1 kWh of coal = US$ 0.0153 1 kWh from natural gas = US$ 0.0256 1 kWh from hydroelectric = US$ 0.0014 1 kWh from the Motorwave = US$ 0.005 Equipment costs for the Motorwave are estimated to be under $250,000 per megawatt of production capacity

8 Power of the Waves Each wave has 2 energy levels a) potential energy P= Mg H b) kinetic energy P=1/2 MV2 Energy levels can be from 20 to 100 kW / meter There are approximately 2 gigawatts of energy per every square km of sea

9 Characteristics of the MotorWave Each Motorwave is composed of about 70 modules, with a length of about 300m. Each float is about 4 cubic meters Each Motorwave can pump to 50m in height at 4 cubic meters per second. Motorwaves can be linked to be several kilometers long


11 Drawing of a MotorWave and floating dam offshore

12 California’s Hydrogen Project (CHP) This project offers an opportunity to accelerate the move into a pure hydrogen economy. It solves the production problem, offers clean fuel to existing plants, and opens the door for more R&D on fuel cells (knowing clean, cheap production is now possible). Most importantly, it also meets the needs of California’s commitment to climate change.

13 CONTACT DETAILS Doug Woodring +852-9020-3949 Hong Kong MOTORWAVE ®

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