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The shoreline OWC wave power plant at the Azores

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1 The shoreline OWC wave power plant at the Azores
Catarina Travassos Nelson Marques Rui Martinho

2 Project Definition EC Non Nuclear Energy Programme JOULE Partners IST
Queen´s University of Belfast University College Cork Empresa de Eletricidade dos Açores EDP EFACEC Profabril

3 Ocean Wave Energy Project
“It has been estimated that if less than 0.1% of the renewable energy available within the oceans could be converted into electricity it would satisfy the present world demand for energy more than five times over” Marine Foresight Panel

4 Wave Power Plant This technology addresses the sustainable production of electrical energy National Interests Reduction of energy dependence from the exterior, particularly in the case of islands. Production of electric energy with little environmental impact. Acquire the knowledge of the integration of the overall system. Acquire more knowledge of civil constructing in the shoreline. Exportability of this knowledge with economical advantages.

5 Wave Power Plant International Interests Winning Groups
Develop new knowledge in the renewable energies field Determination of the critical economical factors of building and operating a small/medium unit. Winning Groups Less environmental impact on the local communities compared to conventional thermo electrical power generation. More energy independence for communities near coastal areas. Electrical Utilities may benefit from operating experience in distributed power systems with renewable energy sources.

6 400 kW of maximum output power
The Technology ... An Oscillating Water Column type - OWC A horizontal Wells turbine A variable speed generator A by-pass relief valve 400 kW of maximum output power

7 The Wells turbines Wells turbines have the unique property of turning in the same direction regardless of which way the air is flowing across the turbine blades.

8 Innovation ... The generator is connected directly to the rotor, eliminating the need for transmission and gearing. The generator's variable-speed allows the turbine rotor to slow down or speed up in response to air flow changes. A power electronics unit converts the variable-frequency, alternating current produced by the generator into constant-frequency, 50-cycle alternating current compatible with the utility grid. Use of different materials namely stainless steel, carbon steel and non-metallic materials in this kind of project.

9 Oscillating Water Column
Wave Energy Devices Up and Down Float Oscillating Water Column Roll Single Roller Connected Floats Impact On Fixed Body On Flexible Body

10 Improvements towards efficiency
Developing and optimizing OWC control strategies Developing more advanced geometry (fixed-pitch) turbine rotor blades Carrying out studies on the integration of wave power plants on small isolated electrical grids

11 Waves are a free and sustainable energy resource

12 Environmental Friendly
Wave energy is a renewable resource The only resources used through its life cycle are for production, set-up and dismantling of the facility The environmental impact is negligible

13 Ready to Operate this Spring

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