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PRE-ADVISING WORKSHOPS Susannah Waldrop Academic Support Center, Director.

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1 PRE-ADVISING WORKSHOPS Susannah Waldrop Academic Support Center, Director

2 “One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes... In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

3 Defining Preparing Promoting Building

4 ADVISEMENT & REGISTRATION Susannah Waldrop Academic Support Center, Director

5 Consider Study Abroad… International Studies 2 nd floor CLC

6 Roles Goals Process FAQ Checklist

7 Role of Advisor Educational Plan

8 Role of Advisor Accurate Information

9 Role of Advisor Maintain records

10 Role of Advisor Refer

11 Role of Advisor Be available

12 Who is my advisor? Myles Alexander: Math, Computer Science, and Communications Rampey Building, Room 115 Wanda Cromer – Biology & Chemistry Rampey Building, Room 116 Sherry McAdams: Education Rampey Building, Room 114 Kathy Horner: Criminal Justice and Sociology Media Building, Room 301 Hannah Terpack: Business The George, Room 153 Susannah Waldrop: Undeclared and Psychology Rampey Building, Room 121 Terri Whitaker: Nursing HEC, Room 3095 If your advisor is not listed, contact the main office of your major

13 Role of Student Goals

14 Role of Student Requirements

15 Role of Student Come with a plan

16 Role of Student Ask questions

17 Role of Student Communicate problems

18 Role of Student Check email

19 Role of Student Know deadlines

20 Role of Student Be prepared and on time

21 Role of Student Take responsibility

22 Advisement October 21 st -November 1 st

23 Priority Registration November 4 th - November 15 th

24 SSC registration screens (

25 Registration Eligibility/Registration Time

26 Finding your advisor’s name





31 FAQ Know LIFE/HOPE scholarship guidelines Withdrawing from a course – Wed. Oct. 30 th Maintaining full-time status – 12 credit hours (i.e. housing, insurance, financial aid, etc.) Financial aid renewal for next year (FAFSA)

32 Log in to SSC (know your id & password) to check your registration appointment time and check for any holds on your registration eligibility Checklist for

33 Review your degree program checklist from the online catalog and decide on courses that are appropriate for your degree Checklist for

34 Make an appointment with your advisor If you have any question about your advisor, you should call or visit the department of your major Checklist for

35 Login to SSC on or after your assigned appointment time and register for your classes Checklist for

36 Spring Registration Checklist Pay fees in advance to avoid cancellation of your class schedule Start spring classes on January 13

37 Where to go for help Student Success Center Rampey Building 503-5392 Records and Registration Health Education Complex –Suite 2081 503-5220

38 Include an ice breaker activity Invite someone from upper division Tie into career center event / career activity Financial aid Other ideas?


40 If you have questions or would like a copy of this presentation, let me know:

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