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Freshman Parent Night Southern School of Energy and Sustainability Fall 2014.

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1 Freshman Parent Night Southern School of Energy and Sustainability Fall 2014

2 Southern Administrators Principal: Mr. Jerome Leathers School Directors Business Management- Mrs. Bullock Computer Technology- Mr. Rollack Infrastructure- Mr. Hackney Biomedical- Mrs. Campbell

3 Southern Student Services Counselors Business- Ms. Braxton Computer Tech- Ms. Hill Lead Counselor Infrastructure- Ms. Haith Biomedical- Mr. Geter Additional Support College Advisor- Ms. Matthews Graduation Coach- Ms. Crews Career Counselor- Ms. Garmon Social Worker- Ms. Mangum Nurse- Ms. Howard Registrar- Ms. Ramsey Attendance- Ms. Anderson Data Manager- Mrs. Satterfield

4 The Nuts and Bolts of Graduating June 2019

5 June 2019 = 28 Credits

6 The Structure of the Class Schedule 4 X 4 Block ( Block Schedule) 4 courses per semester @ 1 credit each 2 semesters per year 4 years of High School= 32 credits (potential) Actual Credits Needed = 28 credits

7 Graduation Requirements 4 English Credits (English I, II, III, IV) 4 Mathematics Credits ( CCMI, CCM2, CCM3, and Math beyond CCM3) 4 Social Studies (World, American History I and II, and Civics and Economics) 3 Science Credits (Earth, Biology, and Physical Science) 1 Health and PE 5 Credits from one of the speciality schools (Business, Biomedical, Computer Technology, and Infrastructure) 7 Credits Remaining

8 End Of Course Tests The following courses currently have an EOC: English II Common Core Math I Biology EOC’s count as 25% of the final course grade! Students must pass the EOC test, in addition to passing the course to meet Durham Public Schools graduation requirements.

9 Final Exams for Non EOC Courses… All courses have some type of cumulative final exam (EOC, NC Final Exam, Teacher Made, or VOCAT) These are final exams are very important! Exams equal to 20-25% of the Final Grade of a Course. The only grades that show on a transcript are the FINAL GRADES It is VERY IMPORTANT for your child to do their best on these test!

10 Promotion from Year to Year 9 th Grade to 10 th Grade= 6 Credits 10 th Grade to 11 th Grade= 12 Credits 11 th Grade to 12 th Grade= 20 credits 28 credits = GRADUATION How many classes does a student need to be promoted to the next year?


12 How can your child’s School Counselor Assist you and your child/children during the 4 years at Southern? Counselors Assist With Academic: Needs, Planning, Scheduling Career: Goals, Options, Skills Personal/Social: Goals, Balance, Coping Counselors meet with students individually to help meet their needs

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