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Freshman Year at CLU Carla Guzman. 3.September.2004 We went to Steph’s house to use the hot tub and she forgot her key! So, we sent Kelli up on the roof.

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1 Freshman Year at CLU Carla Guzman

2 3.September.2004 We went to Steph’s house to use the hot tub and she forgot her key! So, we sent Kelli up on the roof to try to “break in” through the bathroom window. Steph’s parents came home soon, which was good because Kelli couldn’t get the window open. It was definitely a nice way to end the week! Orientation was fun! We “painted” the CLU rocks, had a little Hawaiian thing, and Playfair. A lot of getting to know you games which was pretty cool – sometimes I wish I could talk to people for more than 30 seconds though. Froshfest was a blast too! Each peer group paired with another and we got to make-up and perform a skit. Our theme was Dumb and Dumber and something else. I thought we were top three…however, the judges disagreed.

3 10.September.2004 Watching Kelli’s car get towed. We had our handy dandy mechanic from across the hall (Nate) check everything out first so the guy couldn’t over price us. Zulema and me after the Hollywood Bowl! First week of classes…wow! I think my physics class is going to be way easy, which really isn’t a bad thing. Humtut is crazy! Its one of those classes that you probably wouldn’t take if you knew from the beginning what you were getting into. History is good – tons of writing. Religion is pretty easy too. We have lecture for all the Religion 100 classes on Wednesdays and looking over the list, I think there are some awesome ones coming up!

4 17.September.2004 Last weekend J, Steph, Johanna and I went to a Dodger game!! Of course, the Dodger won – woohoo! Uncle Bobby and Kev came and picked me up to go see Lisa’s play on Sunday night. It was awesome seeing them all again! As far as school goes, I’ve been getting all my homework done before dinner. It rocks! Hopefully I can keep it up for the rest of the semester. It’s nice having the night free. I also had my meeting with Dr. Reaves and I’m definitely changing my major to Spanish – officially! Stoked about that! In other news: I went and threw disc on Thursday and standing throw was between 75 and 90 feet! Ow ow! Our hall started assassins and I have no idea who I’m supposed to kill 9.17.04: Hooters in Santa Monica with a broken shoe

5 24.September.2004 Crazy things have happened. Somehow I managed to get myself on a flag football team. That should be pretty interesting, especially since none of us have ever played before and really don’t know what we’re doing. I’ve also been playing my guitar more. Not that I’m good, but I’m getting better. Improvement is key! Wednesday night maybe six of us went out and watched the stars in Kingsmen Park. It was so beautiful! Really nice to just lay down and look at the stars. The whole time we were afraid that the sprinklers were going to go off and completely drench us. Thank goodness that didn’t happen!

6 1.October.2004 We had our first flag football game the 26 th ! It was super exciting too. We played the second best team from last year and got completely creamed! I have a feeling this is how the rest of the season is going to continue. It’ll be good times! Had my first history exam. I wasn’t too nervous about the material. Freshman year in high school, my teacher was the best and we spent the longest time on India and basically the majority of things that were on the test. I was jazzed that I remembered it all. Thanks Ms. Mullen! First Humtut paper was due this past week too. I have no idea what they wanted from me so I am 100% scared about what that grade is going to be. NOT A FIRST!: I got massive power from my Subliminal-Lime shirt and this delicious Cactus Cooler that I had with lunch on Thursday! Steph (center) with her game face on! Kyle, our rockin’ QB! Sergio (above) and Eddie (below) – the masterminds Randy: the “captain” Johanna, one of our speedy fast runners – muy importante

7 10.October.2004 Spent last weekend at my dad’s with my sisters. Went to the last Dodger game of the season – and yes, by then they were the National League West Division 2004 Champions! I got to watch my brother take his first steps which is probably one of the coolest things in the entire world. He is the cutest ever! School Recap: Had my Physics mid-term on Wednesday got 49/50! So I decided to treat myself for high score in the class and I bought a skirt. I got a C+ on my history exam which I’m dealing with, and I did really bad on my Humtut paper – thank goodness for unlimited revisions! Other than that, I finally got my surfing posters in the mail so those are hanging up. I’ve found that playing the guitar is a wonderful way to procrastinate because its just so relaxing – completely no worries. We have a long weekend for fall holiday, so I flew home. On the plane I met a guy from school who lives a town over which is so neato! I went on an adventure in Apple Hill and to my high school’s homecomming game. I also got to hang out with friends. I didn’t realize how much I missed them all! Definitely good times!

8 15.October.2004 The discussion in freshman seminar today was interesting. We were given stats about CLU and percentages about drinking and sex that goes on. I wasn’t so surprised by the drinking, however the sex stats were a bit higher than I expected. The presentation really brings it home and makes you think about what is going on, how much you know or don’t know about it, and how much you really just wish you didn’t know.

9 22.October.2004 Last weekend was homecomming. I’ve never really been big on dances and school stuff, but I went to Midnight Madness to watch Kelli dance– shes the greatest! I also went to the football game basically to support friends. Somehow my roommates also convinced me to go to the dance. The greatest part was standing out in the rain and watching the lightning. There was a music thing that was going on too that I went to. I realized that no matter what, I fall asleep in religion lecture and sometimes history, yet I can sit through 2 hours of music and not even feel the least bit tired. Getting our second couch! Johanna (above): pre- dance Kelli, Steph, Carla (below): during the dance Zulema (above): all cute at the dance! Cico and J (below): laughing it up Awww! Cute sleepy roomies…this is WHY we need the second couch

10 29.October.2004 The best day of my week was definitely Thursday. That morning I ate breakfast with Plato, I helped a friend with his lab (I love being teacher-like), I taught Jason Soyster how to use Excel, I was rescued form the “two old guys” by Mike, and told to visit the “cool side of campus” more often. Then there was The Thompson Mash and everyone dressed up and went downstairs in the lounge and had a great time. TUESDAY I GOT A KEY! I’m do excited that I can go play the piano any time I want Its the best feeling ever to just walk out of my room at 2 am, go across the street, and just play as loud and for as long as I want. Friday Zulema and I went and ate by the swings and then visited a friend over in North. I just love the swings. Thought I should mention that. Colter loves us!

11 5.November.2004 Johanna and I went home with Kelli to Torrance! We went shopping for our room secret santa’s – I think Kelli was the only one to get something. We got bacon fried rice and a snow cone from this Hawaiian food place. Then, we went to the CLU/Whittier football game! It was freezing!! The next morning we all went to church together and I loved that! I don’t think I’ve been to church really since I’ve been here – which really makes me sad. Hawaiian snow cone: Vanilla ice cream on bottom – Shaved ice on top…YUM! Nate, Kelli, and George <- the Whittier man we went to see play

12 19. November.2004 Yes, we may be in college now, but no one said that means we have to act like it. Zulema and I go to the swings just about every Friday afternoon when she’s done with work. Sometimes Vero comes with us – but either way, it’s a nice way to wind down and just chill outside and talk. I love my roommates – but sometimes you just need an escape. I hung out a ton with Michelle this weekend and I agreed to let her straighten my hair…somehow I also ended up agreeing to letting her do more than that…like cutting it! AHH! Good think I trust her! Its cute short – but the next few days I realized that I’ve been trying to grow it out for the past 4 years and I think I’m back to where I was then. Meelee and Zulema got back and they both had gotten their hair cut too! We all matched. It was a surprise and shocking and everything all at once. I was so scared to see how short it was going to shrink once it was curly, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Got lots of compliments so it can’t be all bad, ya? SWINGS!! Before… After Zulema’s birthday was the 6 th ! Yay! She’s 18! Well Monday, the 8 th, I got my Humtut paper back…and I got a B-! Really exciting for me. I got to see my friend Grant on the 11 th while he was on a tour of the school. I went to the lacrosse game on the 13 th. It was awesome! This week I had a Humtut paper due on Wednesday, a physics presentation on Catapults Thursday, and then my first draft of my history paper due Friday. It has been insane!

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