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Rising 9 th Grade Parent Night Class of 2013.  Ryan Cummings, Dean of Student Services  Felicia Moore, Counselor (A-E)  Justin Kearns, Counselor (F-L)

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1 Rising 9 th Grade Parent Night Class of 2013

2  Ryan Cummings, Dean of Student Services  Felicia Moore, Counselor (A-E)  Justin Kearns, Counselor (F-L)  A.C. Stone, Counselor (M-P)  Janelle Sharp, Counselor (Q-Z)  Susan Taylor, Intervention Coordinator  Glenn Bass, Career Development Coordinator  Nartarshia Sharpe, SAP Counselor

3  The SAP Counselor works with students whose school success is impacted by social/emotional issues. This could include peer conflicts, relationship difficulties, experiencing a crisis, unstable housing, mental health issues, recent losses or other traumatic events, substance abuse, attendance, drop-out prevention etc. Services include individual and group counseling, parent contacts, parent workshops and referrals to outside agencies.

4  To learn about the new Future Ready Core high school graduation requirements  To understand courses your student must take to meet the new graduation requirements  To better understand the rigor of high school  To lessen the stress and anxiety of high school transition time  To learn about the North Carolina Graduation Project.  Meet with teachers to ask subject specific questions.

5 "The Future-Ready Core will help ensure that students graduate with the academic foundation they need for success in the global economy"

6  Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II  4 th Math Course to be aligned with the student's post high school plans  In the rare instance a student is unable to complete the math requirements, upon principal approval they may be exempt.

7 Course 1Course 2Course 3Course 4Course 5Course 6 Sequence A Intro Math (elective) Algebra I Part 1 (elective) Algebra I Part 2 GeometryAlgebra II Discrete Math Sequence B Algebra I Part 1 (elective) Algebra I Part 2 GeometryAlgebra IIDiscrete Math Advanced Functions & Modeling Sequence C Geometry Honors Algebra II Honors Pre- Calculus AP Statistics AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC

8  English I, II, III, & IV

9  Biology  Earth/Environmental Science  Physical Science (Chemistry, Physics, etc.)

10  World History  Civics and Economics  U.S. History

11  Not required, but highly recommended to take freshman year!

12  2 elective credits of any combination from either Career and Technical Education, Arts Education, Second Languages. Four elective credits strongly recommended from one of the following: Career and Technical Education, Arts Education, and any other subject area (Math, Science, Social Studies, English.)

13  Not required for graduation, but required for admission to the UNC system.

14  No requirement, although students must score proficient on the Computer Skills test.


16  Students are encouraged to use four elective credits to concentrate in an area of special interest.  To qualify as a CTE Concentrator for graduation, students must earn four credits within one of the career clusters.

17  Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources  Architecture and Construction  Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications  Business Management and Administration  Hospitality and Tourism  Information Technology  Marketing  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

18  EOC tests are required for: ◦ Algebra 1* ◦ Biology ** - Denotes the “Big Five” ◦ Civics and Economics *that students must score ◦ English 1 *at least a level 3 on in ◦ U.S. History *order to graduate. ◦ Geometry ◦ Algebra II ◦ Chemistry ◦ Physics ◦ Physical Science  Students MUST PASS the Computer Skills test (Test is initially taken in 8 th grade, retests are scheduled during high school if needed.)  EOC’s count as 25% of the final course grade!

19  English 1  Math  Science  Social Studies  Healthful Living  Additional Course (Elective*) *Electives are courses you “choose” to take. You can take a core course as an elective.

20 GPA & Quality Points Grade Standard HonorsAP Courses A 4 5 6 B 3 4 5 C 2 3 4 D 1 2 3 F 0 0 0

21  A Second Language is generally not recommended for 9 th graders unless taking Honors English: ◦ You can pick-up a second foreign language—one in 9 th and 10 th, second in 11 th and 12 th, or show 5 to 6 years in the same language ◦ Spanish, French, and Latin are offered at PCHS

22  Wake County policy dictates that a student absent for more than 10 days in a semester class or 20 days in a yearlong class can be assigned a grade of FF indicating failure due to excessive absences. This includes both excused and unexcused absences.  2 absences in a block scheduled class is like missing 4 days of learning.

23  Students must pass 70% of courses (3 out of 4 on a block schedule) to be able to obtain or maintain their drivers license!

24  All incoming freshmen are eligible for athletics fall semester of their freshman year.  After first semester of their freshman year, students are eligible if they pass three of their four classes during the semester previous to the sport they wish to play.

25  Recommendations by current teachers for 9th grade  The block schedule pace is fast. Each block is 425 minutes per week.  Think carefully about high school activities and how much time they will take (band, athletics, drama, etc.)  Ask yourself—would I have time to do all of this?  Students do not get to select which courses they get each semester.  Students could get 3 honors classes in the same semester.

26 Semester 1  English I Honors  World History Honors  Visual Arts I  Healthful Living Semester 2  Algebra I  Computer Apps I  Earth Science  Interior Design * We do try to balance a student’s schedule. However, sometimes it is not possible.

27 Semester 1  English I Honors  W History Honors  Computer Apps I  Spanish I Semester 2  Healthful Living  Biology Honors  Geometry Honors  Spanish II

28  Schedules will only be changed for the following reasons: ◦ Student has already received credit for the course. ◦ Student has not met the prerequisite for the scheduled course. ◦ Student has an incomplete schedule. ◦ Student previously failed the course with the same teacher. ◦ Student needs specific course to meet graduation requirements (priority is given to seniors and students with non-elective graduation requirement issues). ◦ Student wants to increase rigor. ◦ Student’s schedule must be changed for administrative reasons (class size, etc).

29 Be sure to check your child’s SPAN account regularly. All teachers at PCHS are required to maintain a Blackboard website. This is where they will post the class schedule (tests, projects, assignments, homework, etc), provide resources for extra help, and communicate in other ways.

30  College Admission Offices pay careful attention to the following: ◦ Grade Point Average (GPA) ◦ Difficulty of course load ◦ SAT/ACT scores ◦ Class rank ◦ High school and community activities ◦ Recommendations  IT’S VERY IMPORTANT TO START PLANNING IN 9 TH GRADE IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!!!  Please visit or for high school planning timelines.

31  Student/Parent Access Network is designed to give WCPSS high school students and parents access to their records, including schedules, attendance, and grades.  Students will select 8 primary (1st choice) credit courses AND 3 alternate elective (2nd choice) credit courses.  Choose CAREFULLY because many 9th graders will have alternates in their final schedule.

32  Numerous resources for high school/college planning.  Access CFNC, check out the high school planner tab for more information

33 North Carolina Graduation Project is a high school exit requirement that allows students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have accumulated throughout their school career. Students in the graduating class of 2010 and every class thereafter are required to pass the Graduation Project in order to receive a diploma.

34  The project provides an opportunity for a student to choose an area of interest, conduct in-depth research, and articulate independent learning skills.  The project consists of four components: a research paper, a product, a portfolio, and an oral presentation

35 Freshmen year- Transition to high school; course work will include GP skills (research, writing, inquiry, etc.) Sophomore year- Assigned a GP advisor during the second semester; submit topic proposal Junior year- Complete research paper; complete product prior to the start of senior year Senior year- Present to community panel and submit portfolio

36  Freshman Orientation – August 12, 2009 ◦ ½ day of orientation for incoming freshmen ◦ Check PCHS website for registration information (


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