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The Victorian Era 1832 - 1900.

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1 The Victorian Era

2 Queen Victoria Reigned 1837 – 1901 Longest reign in British history
This queen maintained a sense of dignity and decorum that restored the average person’s high opinion of the monarch after a series of ineffective leaders.

3 The Time Period Shift from ownership of land to a modern urban economy based on trade and manufacturing The Industrial Revolution Economic and social change Democratization Challenges to religious faith Advancements of scientific knowledge Changes in the role of women

4 The Victorian Novel Realistic portrayal of social life
Social relevance Plain style Narrative of an individuals’ inner thoughts Women’s rights Poverty A voice to the voiceless

5 Charlotte Brontë Currer Bell Born: 1816 Died: 1855
Masculine  less like to be dismissed as unimportant Born: 1816 Died: 1855 Age 38 of complications during her 1st pregnancy. Sisters Anne and Emily (Wuthering Heights) were also novelists.

6 Jane Eyre Victorian Novel Gothic Novel  mysteries, supernatural
Coming-of-age story  protagonist goes against the pressures and expectations of society. Characters represent different social and economic classes. Themes of reform: better political representation, working conditions, and education. Meta-literature  addressing the reader

7 Themes Need for Love Family Independence Social class and rules
Gender roles Religion Staying true to yourself Importance of Education

8 Novel Elements Imagery Personification Symbols Fire & Ice The Red-Room
Eyes Food Ghosts

9 Discussion Questions In a recent adaptation of the novel for television, the story began with Jane’s running into Mr. Rochester. Are chapters unnecessary? How does our understanding of Jane’s childhood and child self contribute to our understanding of her as an adult?

10 Discussion Questions What is the significance of specific houses and characters’ relationships to them? Gateshead, Lowood, Thornfield, Ferndean What is the significance of homes and domesticity generally throughout the novel?

11 Discussion Questions In what ways, and for what reasons, is Jane portrayed as an outsider? Consider Jane and Rochester’s relationship: What do they have in common; How do they establish a relationship; Is their relationship reasonable?

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