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Bram Stoker Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Thomas Hardy Lewis Carroll.

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2 Bram Stoker Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Thomas Hardy Lewis Carroll

3  During Queen Victoria’s reign.  Bridges between the Romantic Era and Modernism.  Common themes – hard work, love, marriage, luck.  Many poets/writers of the time were related either by marriage or they were siblings.  Many novels were released by chapter so Victorians had to buy each part of the novel each week/month.  Paid someone who could read, to read novels/poetry.  The Victorian novels were mainly about the society, individuals, sexes and communities.

4  Middle-class family.  Associated as a lower class citizen.  His parents neglected him.  First successful in 1835.  His parents neglected him.  He wrote novels, short stories, plays etc about the social classes and more values of his time.

5  Charlotte Brontë’s notable works – Jane Eyre, Villette.  Emily Brontë’s notable works – Wuthering Heights.  Charlotte's first attempt at the novel was entitled The Professor, but the story was rejected by publishers.  Charlotte Brontë was seen as a heroine who was courageous and independent.

6  Could speak five languages by the age of fourteen.  Dramatic Romances and lyrics was another collection of his poems which was known as the finest after a year.  He was overshadowed by his wife Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  Browning explored the human psychology through his characters and the dramatic situations he presented.

7  His writing style was more of tragedy than comic.  Influenced by a lot of the writers around him.  His writing style was fairly typical of the period.  He wrote a great deal of poetry, most of it went unpublished until after 1898.  His novels are set in the imaginary world of Wessex.

8  Dominant form in Victorian literature.  Victorian novels seek to represent a large and comprehensive social world, with a variety of classes.  Victorian novels are realistic.  Major theme is the place of the individual in society, the aspiration of the hero or heroine for love or social position.  The protagonist’s search for fulfillment is emblematic of the human condition.  For the first time, women were major writers: the Brontë's, Elizabeth Gaskell and George Eliot.  The Victorian novel was a principal form of entertainment.

9 Victorian poetry developed in the context of the novel. Poets sought new ways of telling stories in verse Dramatic monologue – the idea of creating a lyric poem in the voice of a speaker ironically distinct from the poet is the great achievement of Victorian poetry. Victorian poetry is pictorial; poets use detail to construct visual images that represent the emotion or situation the poem concerns. Conflict between private poetic self and public social role.

10  The theater was a flourishing and popular institution during the Victorian period.  The popularity of theater influenced other genres.


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