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A story about a tree Inspired by “The giving tree”, Sheldon Silverstein.

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1 A story about a tree Inspired by “The giving tree”, Sheldon Silverstein

2 Once there was a tree. It reached age 70 and its branches grew very high. But the tree wanted to reach heaven

3 One day it was cut down together with many other trees, but only those that were allowed to be cut according to the European standards for forestry protection

4 It was cut into boards that were dried in the pleasant breezes on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It waited in the harbor for a long time

5 And finally it traveled across the Sea

6 Until it reached the Port of Haifa, in the Land of Israel

7 Loaded on a long truck it arrived at Kibbutz Lavi in the Galilee, entering the wood storehouse of Lavi Furniture Industries

8 After a time, it was closed up for one week in a sealed room where it went through a controlled process of slow drying, until the moisture of the wood was about 8%. The process also killed insects and fungi, without use of chemicals.

9 It was then cut into small pieces, keeping it from changing its form for many years.

10 From now on it slowly began a new life: At first it was glued into stable boards

11 It was then processed by a computerized machine that gave it the final form according to the design that was programmed by professionals in the technical department of the factory

12 And was stained in a large industrial spraying machine

13 Finally it was assembled, received a cushion and upholstery, and turned into a chair for people to sit on while praying.

14 From Lavi it was sent to a synagogue in Israel, or in The U.S.A, Canada, Australia, England, France, Sweden, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Germany, Brazil, Chile, or to somewhere else in the world

15 People were sitting on the chairs while praying, and sometimes, at times of Mercy, their prayers reached as far as heaven

16 And the tree was happy

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