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Team 1 Proudly Presents The Bath Cloud.

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1 Team 1 Proudly Presents The Bath Cloud

2 From the original minds of
Renee Ryborz Andrea Schuette Jimmy Lane Khaled Abualrejal

3 Abstract The ultimate relaxation device used to lay oneself gently and comfortably at the base of the tub that is as soft and comfortable as a cloud. Covered in the finest of bath materials that will assist in securing that perfect position accompanied by small suction devices to adhere to the tub edges. Compact enough to place at the back of the tub so to allow showers to continue without the hassle of storing the precious cloud outside of the tub Renee

4 Claims We clam: 1- A bath tub or spa cushion that offers full body support. a. a foldable cushion with a head and neck pillow and lower back support. b. folding in the middle, with complimentary indentations in the lower half to accommodate the upper half higher points c. when folded two Velcro tabs will keep the apparatus folded.. d. the head and neck cushion can be moved for greater comfort. Renee

5 2- The apparatus in claim 1, uses suction cups to attach to the inner lining of the bathtub to keep the cushion from moving. Renee

6 3- The apparatus in claim 1, is made of a polyester material called poly-fiber that does not retain water after its use. 4- The apparatus in claim 1, has several holes that allow for water drainage Renee

7 Materials and Functions
This invention pertains to apparatus for offering full body support while in the bathtub or spa. The invention is a soft cushion that that contours the body by offering head and neck support along with lower back support. Renee

8 The material the invention is made out of allows for water to be drained out of it after use.
Suction cups attached to the bottom of the apparatus keep the apparatus in place while in use. Velcro tabs on the side of the apparatus keep it folded so it can be left in the bathtub at all times while not being in the way. Renee

9 Background There are products such as a bath pillow are available through numerous companies, including Target and Wal-Mart. jimmy

10 Similar Patents Currently there are five patents for bath tub pillows. All the patents so far are only for a neck support. U.S. Patent numbers for such pillows are; *D279,344, *D298,716, *5,014,373, *5,140,713, *D492, jimmy

11 Rough Drawing Sketch Renee

12 Technical Diagrams **Prof. Lin,
Due to technical difficulties, the diagrams are included on a word document for viewing instead of the power point. Sorry for the inconvenience. Team 1 Khaled

13 Invention Summary The Bath Cloud is a form of a bath mat manipulated into a small cushiony lounge chair that fits at the back of a standard full shower. Renee

14 The mat can also be used in an individual shower as a chair or can also be used in a spa. It is a compact device to avoid the need of storage and can be left in the tub at all times for future use. Renee

15 The device is lined in all-cotton terry cloth to keep one from slipping and has small suctions to adhere to the sides of the tub to hold device in desired position. Renee

16 The Cloud has a contoured surface to snug the body’s natural curves and an adjustable pillow for neck and head support so it will fill like an oversized pillow. Renee

17 The Cloud is stuffed with a fluffy poly-fiber filling that avoids inflating and deflating the device so the mat is always ready for use. The thickness of the mat is 3” to allow easy folding and transporting for travel purposes.

18 Anticipated Costs of Manufacturing
Relation: 6 Items Similar within the Manufacturing Realm Target Bath Pillow * Inflatable Bath Cushion 6L x 13W x 3D ~5 times smaller L x 18W ~3 times smaller $9.99 x 5 = $ $10.00 x 3 = $30.00 Bath Pillow (high-density foam) * Multi-Use Bathing Cushion 11L x 10W x 5 ½ D ~3 times smaller ~ 3 times smaller $14.99 x 3 = $ $15.95 x 3 = $47.85 Griptex Bath & Spa Pillow * Ensolite Premier Pool Float 11W x 7H ~ 6 times smaller L x 27W x 1.5D ~1/3 bigger $9.99 x 6 = $ $69.99 x .3 = $21.00 Andrea Schuette $ $21.00 = $48.95

19 Direct Manufacturing Cost
Manufacturing cont. Sum = $ / 6 = $46.95 Take Sum and Divide by 10 $46.95 / 10 = $4.70 / Bath Cloud (Produce 500,000 / Year) x $4.70 / unit = $2,350,000 Direct Manufacturing Cost White, James E., Andrea Schuette

20 Marketing Costs Website Yellow Pages Advantages: Cost = FREE
Purpose: * Advertise Product * Sell Product Online * Provide Information Decision: Use Graphic and Desktop Design Knowledge to Prepare a Website by our Inventive Team Cost = FREE Andrea Schuette Yellow Pages Advantages: Ad lasts one full year Cost = average $15,000 / year

21 Market Base National: United States Target Demographic:
Ages 15 + (both sexes) = 79.3% of population * Katherine Herrup Survey Middle to Upper Class ~ 95% of Population Current U.S. Pop. = 293,027,571 Target Pop. = 293,027,571 x 79.3% = 232,370,863 Andrea Schuette

22 Client Base Website Consumers 4,800 Stores Andrea Schuette 575 Stores

23 Projected Profits Minimum: Projected Yearly Sale to Break Even
Maximum: Sell all Products Shelf Price = $46.95 Andrea Schuette

24 Best Case = Sell All Total in Sales = Amount Produced x Shelf Price
Subtract Costs: Manufacturing: $2,350,000 Yellow Pages: $15,000 Shipping/ Warehouse Costs: (500,000 x 2.00) = $1,000,000 Subcontractor-Manufacturer’s Price: $500,000 Packaging Costs: (500,000 x 1.00) = $500,000 Patent Pricing: Application: $249 Gov. Filing Fee: $80 Client Percentage (40%) = 19,109,671 x 40% = $7,643,868 x 2 Client = $15,287,736 Total Net Profit = $3,821,935 Andrea Schuette

25 Resources Herrup, Katherine, “Do high school students prefer to take baths or Showers”, White, James E., “ patent pricing”, “population”, “population”, “Wal Mart”, “Bed Bath and Beyond”,

26 Enjoy your Bath Cloud

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