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Team CADAK Andrea Fletes Amika Hebert Christy Nguyen Kelly Yee Derek Yip HAMPER ound.

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1 Team CADAK Andrea Fletes Amika Hebert Christy Nguyen Kelly Yee Derek Yip HAMPER ound

2 Abstract The “HAMPERound” Sphere shaped laundry hamper Transports and stores easily Unique item Inexpensive to manufacture Profitable Intended to be used by children

3 Claims Andrea Fletes Transportation and storage of dirty clothes Collapsable, spherical Can be pushed, pulled, or kicked to transport Easy to load and unload with zipper top No assambing required

4 Materials & Function Andrea Fletes Laundry hamper made with sturdy, washable canvas material Material comes in various colors and themes fit for children Durable plastic zipper opens the top of the hamper Strap attached near opening for convenient pulling Collapsible, comprised of a flexible wire to maintain its shape Convenient and fun for kids to transport laundry or store other items

5 Related Patents Andrea Fletes 6,691,879 - Laundry Cart System 6,637,938 - Laundry apparatus 6,481,591 - Laundry roll hamper 6,227,398 - Collapsible hamper 5,735,608 - Totable hamper

6 The HAMPERound is a safe and durable contraption that allows for fun when doing children’s laundry. Kids 6 years of age and older can enjoy rolling and folding the ball all around the house. The best thing is that it keeps their room neat and the the kids occupied. Invention Summary Kelly Yee

7 Diagrams Kelly Yee

8 Product Analysis Product Attributes- –Spherical hamper that expands upon opening –Easy and fun for children to use. –Different colors and themes for children. –Collapsible for easy storage Product Packaging- –Product will be packaged and shipped to customers in a flattened box Product Positioning- –The product will be perceived as an easy to use, sturdy, and mobile laundry hamper that will be enjoyed by children Product Line –In the future, the line will expand into different sizes and colors to fit the needs of the whole family Christy Nguyen

9 Pricing Manufacturing costs- ( for one ball) white canvas : $2.00 per yard x 2.163yds »= $4.32 each zipper (38”) : $0.50 each Velcro (16”) : $5.00 for 25 yards »= about 56.25 pieces »16” = $0.09 Aluminum wire: $1.50 each –Total Variable Costs = $6.41each Fixed Costs Advertising Costs = $300,000 per year Administration Costs = $150,000 per year –Total Fixed Costs = $450,000 per year Christy Nguyen

10 Fixed Cost = $450,000 Variable cost = $6.41 per unit Unit Contribution = $12.54 per unit Price = $18.95 per unit BE Units = 35,885 BE Dollars = $680,024 Christy Nguyen Break Even Analysis

11 Expected unit sales = 50,000 units Total variable cost = $6.41 x 50,000 units = $320,500.00 Total costs = $320,500.00 + $450,000.00 = $770,500.00 Net Sales = $18.95 x 50,000 units = $947,500.00 Profit = $947,500.00 - $770,500.00 = $177,000.00 Christy Nguyen Expected Profit

12 Marketing Strategy Target Market Distribution –Website (customers are able to order product online) Promotion –Advertising Commercials on children’s shows and home decorating shows (Home and Garden TV, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, etc) Magazines that mother’s will read for ideas for their homes (Better Homes, Home and Garden, etc.) –Website Benefits to consumers –Customer is able to see all the different sizes, colors and themes at one convenient place –Customer does not have to leave the house, the product comes to them Disadvantages of website –Shipping and handling costs –Customer is not able to see the actual size of the product –Advertising Slogan “Easy as can be. Go on, roll your Hamperound around.” Derek Yip

13 Marketing Strategy Target Market Target Market –Children ages 6+ –Mothers with young children Geographic –United States Target Population –6 to 10 years old 20,549,505 (American factfinder) –Mothers appox. 30-40 years old 21,757,017 (American factfinder) Derek Yip

14 The End

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