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2013 Rosenbauer Engines. Pierce EnginesRosenbauer Engines.

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1 2013 Rosenbauer Engines

2 Pierce EnginesRosenbauer Engines

3  Due to equipment layout and body design, you will discover that there is slightly less space in the Rosenbauer compartment than you are used to having in the Pierce engines for storing the cover.  To avoid changing the storage location, a different folding method is needed to ensure that it fits easily into the standard location.

4 36”+

5 34”


7  Of course there are numerous methods to fold, store and deploy the salvage cover.  To save time and assist with standardization, may we offer a suggestion?  The method shown will: ◦ Aid you in quickly folding the cover ◦ Provide ease of storing the cover in the Rosenbauer engine for a perfect fit in the specified location ◦ Provide for easy deployment when needed

8 Step 1 - Lay cover out flat on the ground. Standard salvage cover measures 12’ x 18’

9 Step 2 - Fold outside edge of cover in approximately 1 foot on each side to narrow the overall width. Width will now been narrowed from 12’ to 10’

10 Step 3 -Now fold the outside edge of each side of the reduced width cover to the middle.

11 Step 4 - Repeat step 3. Cover should look like this when finished.

12 Folded cover should be approximately 30” wide.

13 Step 5 - Accordion fold the cover into flakes approximately 10” wide.

14 The finished cover should look like this and be approximately 30” wide x 10” deep.

15 Perfect, every time!

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