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Life Response in Work at the VITAL Level Pt.3 4/2/2015 8:24:37 AM.

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1 Life Response in Work at the VITAL Level Pt.3 4/2/2015 8:24:37 AM

2 The Vital/Emotional Plane of Our Being Beyond the physical plane of our being, i.e. our bodies, there is an animated life plane This is the Vital plane It is where our emotional energies express Our vital energies express through our- – Needs – Wants – Desires – Emotions – Feelings – Attitudes – Interactions with others – etc.

3 Vital Attitudes and Life Response  Among all of these vital aspects, we have found that ATTITUDES have a powerful correlation to life response.  As we all know certain of our Attitudes leave something to be desired.  However, if we shift away from that negative attitude, we are likely to quickly evoke positive response from life.  E.g. when I worked at the store that weekend and attracted vast sales results, it was a result of a shift from a negative to a positive attitude  Our research and experience shows us that overcoming a negative attitude is one of the great keys for evoking good fortune!  Let’s then examine a list of several of these attitudes, so we know what to avoid.

4 Example Negative Attitudes  “I don’t want to work weekends”  “I don’t like my work: I want to work elsewhere”  “I don’t like that manager”  “I don’t like what he did to me”  “I hope she fails”  “I hate that company”  “Why are they holding up the line?”  “What’s the matter with this organization?”  “He’s to blame for the situation”  “Why can’t she be organized like I am”  “I won’t sell worldwide; only here”  “We will never sell that type of thing”  “He/she’s such a dumbbell”  “I’m upset he didn’t he show up!”  “It’s a hopeless situation”  “I feel so hopeless”  If we shift out of any of these, sudden good fortune immediate rushes to us!  Let’s examine a true life example.

5 --Overcoming Disdainful Attitude Towards Client’s Staffer Attracts Overwhelmingly Bill, the owner of a $300,000 manufacturing company hated only one person in the world. His enemy happened to be the purchasing officer of Bill's largest customer. Though he felt ample justification for his dislike, one day Bill decided to reverse it. During the next one year, the sales of Bill's company rose to $1.2 million, almost entirely due to increased business from that one customer. What happened is that Bill changes his attitude, and in turn life changed his career!

6 The Nature of Attitudes Why then does life respond so powerfully to a shift in our attitudes? Attitudes are our deep-seated feelings about things. – They are conscious or subconscious thoughts that express our emotions about people, life, and our own selves. In the story Bill had a deep seated negative feeling about the purchasing manager. But then he changed his feeling and attitude. As a result of that shift, a positive vibration of energy when out into the field of life. It aligned with and attracted back positive conditions from the client company that them as well as Bill. Attitudes are full of vital energy; and when they are raised to a higher level, vibration, consciousness, they then to quickly call to corresponding positive conditions from life.

7 Types of Attitude If we know more about what attitudes there are, it would make it easier to identify problematic ones in our nature. One problem in identifying attitudes is that there are so many of them! However, we have identified at least three major Groupings of those attitudes: They are- 1.Attitudes toward OTHERS Positive example – I really hope Bill does well in his career. He has what it takes. Negative example -- I hope Bill doesn’t move up in his career, as I deserve it more. 2.Attitudes toward WORK Positive example – I’m going to bring my very best to this project I’m assigned to. Negative example -- I don’t really care what happens on the project. Just get it over. 3.Attitudes toward Life, Ourselves Positive example – I feel this is going to work out fine. Negative example – I‘m sure this is going to turn out to be a disaster. Let’s begin by reviewing some real world experiences involving Attitudes about OTHERS. – That will reveal some of the variety of attitudes we possess.

8 -Overcoming Negative Attitude Toward OTHERS Attracts Positively Perhaps the most visceral attitudes we have ae our feelings toward others. When our feelings are positive, then we generally attract positive conditions. When they are negative they attract the opposite. One encouraging phenomenon we have seen is that if you have a negative attitude or feeling toward another, and reverse it, good things happen. – That’s what happened to Bill in the earlier example. Let’s then review other real world examples of this dynamic:

9 --Overcoming Long-term Resentment toward Another, Even Wishing for the Best Attracts Overwhelming, Creative Result A man was cheated by his cousin 20 years back, by which he lost all his rights over the properties he was about to inherit. Though he is well off now, he has always had a grudge and fro a very long time he used to fume whenever he would think of that, and even went so far as to say that he should have killed him. Last week when school final results came, when the whole of that Indian state received very good marks and passing percentages, the cousin’s sons failed to pass. The man upon learning of this was so happy feeling that his “curse” brought the result, as that boy was normally more than average. After a moment, he suddenly started thinking to himself that what has the poor boy have to do with the things the father has done. “Why am I like this,” he wondered; “after all, Life who has given me more than what I had lost. Now I pray the boy should pass when they re-total the scores.” After a week when he was visiting a bank where he applied a loan for a project, the man met another person who applied for a similar project. They then engaged in further discussion about the possibility of collaborating in their undertaking. At one point when the man was learning the background of this person, he found that he was the relative of the person who cheated him 20 years back! He also learned that investments that his cousins had gotten from his family and elsewhere turned out to be four times than what the cousin thought he would get. Plus his son had received good marks when the re-totaling took place ! The man then thought to himself that when we change our attitude, extraordinary things happen!

10 --Overcoming Long-term Resentment toward Another, Even Wishing for the Best Attracts Overwhelming, Creative Result This astonishing story indeed shows the power of reversing a long-term negative attitude, here an intense resentment even to the point of hoping for that best for those persons, thereby attracting startling good fortune toward that individual, as well as others’ around him. By shifting from ill-will, a negative attitude, to goodwill, we open up the floodgates of positive developments in life for others, as well as ourselves.

11 --Several Negative Attitudes Toward Others  From this experience as well as the earlier one, we see several negative attitudes at play, including illwill, and resentment  Fortunately, both negative attitudes were overcome, eliciting the positive life responses  In fact, we have identified a number of attitudes towards others when overcome attract extraordinary results. Among the are- Ill-will Hatred Resentment Jealousy, Envy Callousness Suspicion Arrogance Deception Disloyal Competitiveness Uncommunicative Etc.

12 -Negative Attitude Toward OTHERS Attracts Negatively We have explored the Life Response power of overcoming a negative attitude, such as towards others. There is another situation; which is the tendency to attract negative life response by engaging in negative attitudes. E.g. you feel hostile towards someone, and quickly thereafter something untoward happens. – That’s what happened to an employee at a company Christmas Party. When it was announced that a woman she did not care for won one of the big prizes, the woman got very upset. A few minutes later she got a call from her son that he was in some serious trouble. Her negative feelings when out as vibrations of negative energy that aligned with negative conditions with someone she was related to. Had she caught her ill-will she might have attracted extraordinary positive results as we saw in the earlier cases. Let’s review several other real life examples where having negative attitude steward others attracting negatively conditions as it relates to work.

13 --Broadcaster Broadcasts Ill-Will toward Company that Attracts Negative Conditions for Show at the Studio A man was watching a favorite podcast technology-oriented show on Twit TV. In this case the show actually allows the viewers to watch the hour or so of preparation of the show before it comes on for its two hour duration. While watching the before-show activity, the very good-natured and extremely knowledgeable host (and also founder of the very popular station) came into the studio set and immediately shouted out that he hated X, America’s largest provider of internet and TV services. Never known for its great service, the host then railed into the company whose services his podcast organization (of about 30 people) used on a regular basis to broadcast their two dozen or so technologically-oriented shows around the world. Now that the show was about to begin, the three remote guests needed to broadcast themselves so viewers like myself tuned in could see each on their corresponding monitors surrounding the host who was live in the studio. Yet when two of the guests broadcast themselves, they immediately encountered serious technical difficulties. This frustrated the host/station founder to no end, which could be clearly seen by thousands of people like myself who were watching. For a half hour he was hand-wringing and simmering as technical issues prevented the show from getting under way. Finally, one of the guests had to drop out completely because her audio and video was poor, and a second was barely audible because of another weak connection. Now the show was ready to begin, but I sensed that this was not the show to watch based on these developments.

14 --Broadcaster Broadcasts Ill-Will toward Company that Attracts Negative Conditions for Show at the Studio  This was a classic case of life responding negatively to negative attitude.  Because the host called out “I hate X!”, the company providing his company’s audio and video internet connection, everything started going wrong for his guests with their connections to the show.  The end result was the loss of an intelligent and influential guest, a poor connection for another one, as well as other issues.  It was clear that the show in general had gotten off on the wrong foot!  Let’s examine several other examples-

15 --More Examples of How Negative Attitudes toward OTHERS attract Negative Circumstance - 1 Man’s Argument with Another Loses Him Accounts A man got embroiled in an argument with another person at work, which caused him to lose focus. As he was preoccupied with that matter, other sales rep and rival stepped in and took over one of his critical accounts, a terrible blow to the argumentative sales rep. His negative attitudes and feelings in the form of anger and hostility toward another quickly attracted a negative outcome for himself. Here’s another example that was narrated to us: Individual’s Irritation with Another Exacerbates the Delay “I and a dozen others were in a line waiting for our photo to be taken for our driver's license at the state offices. A few minutes into the wait, there was a slowdown up front due to the fact that a woman was trying to help her autistic son stand and smile properly for the picture. It turned out that the picture had to be retaken three or four times because the young man was not responding quite normally and the mother insisted he do things correctly, which he did accomplish in the end. As a result, the line was stalled for a good five minutes. Upon completion of this episode a man behind me complained to me that the woman should have given the autistic child more slack and allowed him to be himself, even if it meant being imperfectly photographed. While there was merit to his claim, it was also true that he was unaware of the fact that his own irritation toward the woman and her son was attracting the continued delay in the line.” We do not see that we perpetuate the difficulties around us by taking to anger, hostility, irritability and other negative feelings and attitudes. A careful observation of the world around us will reveal these and other subtle life truths.

16 --More Examples of How Negative Attitudes toward OTHERS attract Negative Circumstance - 2 Interrupting Another Attracts Negatively Just as the negative attitude of [mention previous entries] can attract the negative, so can interrupting another person in mid-sentence. It is example of an ego movement that cuts us off from the right flow of life, thereby attracting the negative. Eg a woman on a hybrid radio/tv show prevented the host from fully expressing the wonderful experience he had on his recent trip to Scandinavia. Five minutes later when she began her presentation to the international viewing audience, she realizes that the service she was demonstrating did not include important features, causing her to become upset while on the air.

17 -Overcoming Negative Attitude Towards WORK Attracts Positively  In addition to attitudes toward others, we also have attitudes towards our Work.  They too can express positively and negatively. Negative examples are:  “why should I work weekends”  “I am not going to allow them to use our product”  “I don’t like the work I am doing”  “I feel we are going nowhere in the work”  “This work is doomed to failure”  There is no way this is going to succeed  I don’t want to be bothered with that task.  I don’t want to sell globally, only what works locally.  Etc.  And yet at each point where we give up our limiting negative attitudes and beliefs toward work, we see powerful positive conditions present themselves.  Let’s explore one true life incident:

18 Overcoming Negative Attitude About Work Environment Attracts A man was concerned about his business as he wasn’t getting the orders he usually received. He then began reading negative news about his area of business and before long he had convinced myself that everything was a disaster and it would only get worse! So he meditated - and then focused and said to himself ‘My business is incredibly successful, money and opportunities constantly flow in’. He then further focused on an excellent review his business got in the local newspaper, and other positive aspects of his work. Within minutes of concluding this approach, he felt so much better. Later that afternoon he received an email telling him how amazing his service was, and thereafter three orders came in at once! He didn’t ask for benefits in words - but the Universe clearly ‘heard’ his shift in consciousness – and quickly gave him what he was secretly after. That is the Life Response power of having a more positive attitude towards the work.

19 -Constrictive vs. Expansive Attitude toward Work  A common negative attitude people have revolves around what one believes can be accomplished in a work.  Some people have a very constricted attitude of what is possible, while others are more open and expansive.  One person might see a limited market; where another perceives a wide open one to be grasped.  One person feels anything is possible, while another has a set of biases that constrict his point of view.  This difference between a Constructive and Expansiveness of Attitude can be the difference between things remaining the same and life taking over and attracting the world to you.  Let’s see several life response examples of how overcoming constrictive attitude toward work attracted powerful positive conditions.

20 --Businessperson Overcomes Limited View, Becomes Expansive, and Sales Takes Off. A businessperson wanted to expand his business. He developed a plan to do so, and focused only on the US market, while others suggested the market could be wider than that. However, after six months of his approach he was having no success. He then switched his view and began selling his wares globally, as was suggested earlier but which he had shunned. From that point his business took off and he far exceeded his sales goals. By shifting his attitude to a more expansive view of the market, life responded with good fortune. Let’s look at another example:

21 -- Expansive View of Labor Shortage in India Attracts Workers When there was a acute labour problem for a business owner in India -- including high attrition rates for painfully trained workers -- the commons sense way is to pay more, or keep that person by retaining part of wages, by delaying his certifications, make a contractual obligation etc. However rather than continue with his negative attitude grudge toward the labor situation, the owner was asked to give it up and instead look at things in from a more expansive perspective Specifically, the consultant asked the owner to consider the fact that he was having this labour problem because his country India was beginning to prosper, and should he share in that good feeling instead of the negative attitude, good things would happen. He now changed his view, and held it deeply inside. Not long after this incident, the owner found himself in a situation where he was able to obtain workers already fully trained, plus for the first time his firm was given the opportunity to engage in an environmental project that enabled the business to expand into huge new areas. Because he shifted away from a negative attitude from the external condition of the rising labor shortage and higher labor costs) and instead embraced the needs and changes in the society, life responded and offered him an enormous opportunity at the social level.

22 -- Larry the Salesperson and Going after Big Client A salesperson named Larry was intimidated about meeting a very large customer. He felt that the effort was a waste of time since he believed the company was too large to penetrate. As a result, he was unable to secure that or any other sale with the large client. However, a number of months later, he changed his attitude about working with such large accounts. The very next day, he was stunned when out of the blue that very same large customer, who earlier turned him down, placed a huge order! Overcoming his limited view and attitude that he could not secure larger customers attracted a sudden, overwhelming positive result!

23 --Steve Jobs (overcoming “hell freezes over” with ITunes for Windows) Steve Jobs of Apple said it would be “before hell freezes over” that he would allow the PC with Windows to run ITunes and thus give access to the Apple IPod music player. But then he switched views, which immediately increased the market 20 times, and led to all of Apple’s enormous successes since then. This was arguably the single event that saved Apple and propelled it to the stars after Jobs’ return to the company. By shifting his attitude in work from contrition to a wider market, he changed the course of business history.

24 -Overcoming Negative Attitude About LIFE, OURSELVES Attracts Positively We have studied Life Response in terms of our Attitudes towards Others, as well as towards Work. We can also consider the effect of our Attitudes towards Ourselves, as well as Life itself. Once again, we have seen that when these are positive, life responds positively; and when they are negative life responds negatively. Perhaps the best place to start is to see the enormous life response power of overcoming a negative attitude toward one’s self and life.

25 --Shedding Negative Attitude towards Self, Life in Baggar Vance (video) "The Legend of Bagger Vance" is a simple but powerful sporting tale that reveals very important truths about work success. Its main thrust his that our thoughts and attitudes determine the results of our actions. That our Mind is the determinant of our successes and our failures. That includes the negative attitudes we have about ourselves and life. [[Watch this video clip where Bagger Vance imparts this important lesson to Junah.]] Till that point Junah been failing. He was so focused on his ego and how the other players were so far ahead of him, and the bitterness he felt inside and a mindless urge to catch up. Because his attitude had been so negative, he attracted negative. However, he succeeded when he forgot about himself and concentrated totally on performing the work at hand; i.e. by totally identifying himself with the field in which he was acting; not being distracted by wanting attitudes he harbored. So too in our own work lives WE can discover any negative attitudes we feel about the external conditions or about ourselves, catch them, and toss them aside. When we do, overwhelming good fortune will quickly descend on us. What are the negative feelings you have about yourself and life, and what can you do to overcome them?

26 --Overcoming Ego Attracts Positively Most of our negative attitudes have their roots in Ego- i.e. the sense that we are the center of the universe, and that is what matters. Ego-based attitude is separative consciousness that divides us from others and the world. However, if we catch our negative attitudes and behaviors in the course of the day we can eliminate attracting so many negative circumstance, or quickly replace difficult conditions with positive ones. Let’s examine several examples:

27 --Dee Hock Overcomes Ego In Garbage Incident & Attracts Trillion Dollar Business! In Dee Hock's book Birth of the Chaordic Age, he describes an extraordinary situation where many years ago, he was trying to get a new concept -- the credit card -- established. At one point things apparently were not going well in his life, as he was reduced to learning franchise banking at a mere branch office. One time while working in the bank, he and his assistant were unable to balance the books at the end of the day. The brusque assistant suggested that the missing deposit was likely in the basement in the garbage. Dee was now utterly humiliated by this turn of fortune in his life, considering his previous position as a major BofA executive; but shakes that off as pride, and goes through 10 barrels of garbage to find the missing slip! At one point his co-worker arrives on the scene and indicates that she has found it, solving the problem. Hock then narrates that only a few days later an official contacted and informed him that Bank of America had decided to go ahead and franchise the BankAmericard credit card scheme he had worked so hard to develop, and his help was also needed in the implementation. This was a great moment in Dee's life, and in the history of the credit card. Essentially on that day the VISA credit card and corporation were formed. Dee Hock has overcome his ego in the garbage incident and attracted a trillion dollar business!

28 --Withdrawing Broadcasting of Friend at Prestigious Conference In Dee Hock’s case he caught his ego-feelings when asked to do something that he didn’t want to do, that he found humiliating. There are other instances where withdrawing ego means not doing something that involves some form of egotism. Well in this case too, when you withdraw taking an action that props up your ego, that which you desired tends to quickly occur on its own For example, an individual wanted to broadcast that a friend of his had a successful meeting at a prestigious conference. To do that, he had to add some additional information about his friend to the post. It had in essence elevated the man’s ego to point out the success of a close acquaintance. Realizing the ego-related principle involved, he withdrew the added information. Twenty minutes later a new entry was broadcast by the organization with his friend prominently featured!

29 --Withdrawing Ego Driven Action Attracts Praise & Potential Future Association Here's another example. One time I was about to engage in an a hasty action involving an unaware contact of mine. Fortunately I quickly realized that it would be an act that would prop up my own ego. As a result, I withdrew the ideas. And yet as soon as I did, someone else INSTANTLY appeared offering great praise for me concerning my book on Life Response he was now reading. He also indicate the possibility of our association in future. I hadn’t received an offer like this concerning the book in months, if ever. It simply came out of the blue almost instantaneous to dropping my ego movement seeking praise for my own self. It was a mirror image in reverse of my original misguided act. That is the power of becoming aware of a rising ego movement and stopping it in its tracks. The world begins to adore you!

30 Attitudes Summary  We have looked at the life response power of Attitudes from a number of angles. How squelching negative attitudes attracts positive attitudes. And how engaging in them attracts negative response.  Let’s then sum up some of the most common attitudes in a SCALE from negative to positive

31 Scale of Attitudes (from negative to positives)  Unwillingness to Willingness  Arrogance to Humility  Self-Importance to Respect for Others  Impatience to Patience  Suspicious to Accepting/Trusting  Doubt to Faith  Unreliable to Reliable  Pessimistic to Optimism  Defensive to Expansive  Insecure to Self-Confident  Closed Minded to Open-Minded  Self-Satisfied to Aspiring  Resentful to Goodwill  Sarcasm to Sincerity

32 Maintaining a Positive Attitude Attracts Positively [editing point] Aside from a wide variety of negative attitudes, one can simply have an Overall Positive Attitude. A Positive Attitude can express in a variety of ways, among them- To remain positive in all circumstances, no matter how difficult is the simplest and most effective way to attract the best conditions. Pollyanna's Positive Attitude In the wonderful English story 'Pollyanna,' a young girl sees everything in a positive light, and as a result, everyone around her from the stodgy, grumpy, and cynical are charmed. In fact, their lives are suddenly turned around through the wisdom of this happy individual. That is the power of having a continuous positive attitude; that can-do spirit; that observance of life from the brighter and truer side. It even sees negative as positives in disguise; as great positive potential ready to burst forth. Let’s examine several real life incidents Being optimistic Having a sunny disposition Being cheerful in all circumstance Maintaining one’s poise Having an open, expansive view Sees the utility of everything Sees opportunities everywhere, even where there are problems!

33 --Positive, Expansive Attitude Secures the Job For example, a professional woman I know of in Europe hoped to secure a new job. At the same time, she needed to purchase an expensive new computer. Because she had to deal with both issues simultaneously, she found herself in a pressure-filled situation. And yet she had a unique ability to maintain her poise and retain a positive attitude in these sorts of circumstance. And so the first thing she decided to do was apply for the job; which she then followed up by purchasing the computer. Well almost immediately after buying the machine, she received word that she had secured the job she was after. Because her attitudes were positive and expansive -- boldly taking up the challenge without complaint in a difficult situation -- life instantly cooperated, bringing her precisely what she had hoped for.

34 --Edison’s Cheerfulness in Face of Disaster Attracts In 1914, Thomas Edison's factory in West Orange, New Jersey, was virtually destroyed by fire. Although the damage exceeded $2 million, the buildings were insured for only $238,000 because they were made of concrete and were thought to be fireproof. Much of Edison's life work went up in smoke and flames that December night. At the height of the fire, Edison's 24-year-old son, Charles, searched frantically for his father. He finally found Edison, calmly watching the fire, his face glowing in the reflection, his white hair blowing in the wind. "My heart ached for him," said Charles. He was 67 - no longer a young man - and everything was going up in flames. When he saw me, he shouted, "Charles, where's your mother?" When I told him I didn't know, he said, "Find her. Bring her here. She will never see anything like this as long as she lives." The next morning, Edison looked at the ruins and said, "There is great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burned up. Thank God we can start anew." Three weeks after the fire, Edison managed to deliver the first phonograph.

35 --Evie’s Positive Attitude in ‘House of Elliott’ Here is an example of the life response power of expressing a cheerful, positive attitude when it comes to one’s work. In the 34-part British TV series The House of Eliot, two sisters have built up a high-end dress- designing business in 1920s London. As you might expect, periodically they encountered difficulties; sometimes involving a recalcitrant and problematic employee; other times, unscrupulous individuals seeking to take advantage of them. In such circumstance, there was ample reason to feel wronged, angry, or hold a grudge against the offending party. And yet Evie -- the younger of the two sisters -- had this unique ability to look at these sorts of situations in a positive light. As a result, every time she expressed her cheerfulness and positive attitude amidst the problem, good fortune would quickly follow; often in the form of as a spike in sales or the sudden arrival of a most unexpected opportunity. When you maintain a positive attitude; remaining cheerful, enthusiastic, and upbeat when difficulties arise, life quickly moves in your favor! There is no more powerful secret to life’s success.

36 Power of Positive Attitude in ‘City of Joy’ Another way to evoke powerful life response through one’s attitude is by maintaining a generally positive one. This is especially true if conditions are very difficult. If for example, you are straining to accomplish something in your life, and yet you maintain a positive attitude that things will work out fine; that you will succeed, bringing a solid confidence to your efforts, life will conspire and give you all that you wished for and more. There is a wonderful example of this life principle and dynamic in the American film City of Joy, which is set in India. In the story, Hasari Pal, an Indian farmer, arrives in Calcutta with his family, desperately seeking work. Lost in the teeming masses as they move about the city streets, Hasari is not only frantically looking for shelter, but is hoping to find any type of work to support his family. At one point, Hasari is alone with one of his three children, and in a tender and inspiring moment one of them asks if he will ever find work. Hasari responds that he is fully confident he will find employment soon, despite what looks like a desperate situation. Quickly a series of dramatic events transpire, the end result of which is that within 24 hours he finds employment as a cart driver (a “human horse”), which gives him a source of employment for years to come, fulfilling his earlier wish and then some. It turns out that Hasari’s employment not only takes him off the street -- providing a comfortable place to live for his family -- but enable him to save for his daughter’s dowry, who will marry into greater fortune for the family. In addition, through his job he is put in position to help overcome the wickedness of the local mafia boss and his cronies who dominate that part of the city, including the cab company he works for. In other words, Hasari’s focused intention in a desperate situation married to an enormously positive attitude attracts a result within a day that changes his life forever, affecting not only himself but the collective he is part of. That is the power of taking to and maintaining a generally positive attitude towards the conditions one encounters. Life then instantly moves in favor, overcoming obstacles, while fulfilling your fondest dreams.

37 Replacing Psychological Weakness with Strength Attracts SM added: One type of attitude that powerfully evokes life response is psychological strength Overcoming weakness evokes powerful positive response. Psychological strength accomplishes; determines the result; attracts positively. Psychological strength is one of the determinants of life response. Life will respond to that strength. A negative situation approached with the necessary psychological strength can attract overwhelmingly positive conditions in and outside of that domain.

38 --Bill Gets To Heart Of Matter With Potential Client Bill, a man trying to put together a huge deal in the construction business was not getting results to a proposal he made of a higher up in the prospective financial client. After trying different approaches, he decided to find out what was really going on. He was not afraid to upset the apple court as he realized now that he had nothing to lose. When he made the call to Bob an important, but lesser higher up, Neil was there, who then explained that the entire matter had been help up because of his own actions. By getting at the matter and calling Bob, Bill had attracted Neil being there at that very moment who explained the cause of the six month delay in that company getting back to Bill. It’s an example of strength and determination to get at the heart of the matter, and not let things drift any further.

39 --’Strength that Brought Relief’ One day many years ago, my company GuruSoftware was contacted to look into the feasibility of developing a software application for one of America’s leading technology companies. The individual who called me was not a representative of that large firm, but rather an agent from a smaller company who served as an intermediary for the project. The idea was that GuruSoftware would build the program for the agent company, who would then resell it to that multi-national corporation, as well as any other organization who might be interested. When I first met with the agent to discuss the project, I let her know that though we were eager to proceed, the database language that GuruSoftware ordinarily developed its applications in might not be suitable. Because of this uncertainly, we decided that the best way to proceed was to first build a prototype to determine if our tool was the right one. Once we developed the model, we would test it at the client’s site to determine if we were on the right track. If so, we would then create the actual full-blown application. With little else said on the matter, we began to carry out the plan. Though it took considerable time and effort on our part, over the next several months GuruSoftware began developing the prototype. At one point, however, I decided that before going any further, we should test what we had created to see if we were moving in the right direction. And so several weeks later, I made the one-hour drive to the company’s corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley to make my presentation. When I arrived, I was met by one of the representatives of the firm who escorted me to the location in the building where I would perform the test. Though I was able to explain the benefits and features of the program to her, I was unfortunately unable to demonstrate it in a live environment. The problem was that they failed to provide me with a proper work area to demonstrate and test the application. Though the contact later indicated that she appreciated the work and effort GuruSoftware had put in, I had the not so subtle feeling that things were just not right. Though we continued to work on the model application for several more months, it gradually dawned on me that the project had gotten out of control. After all, we had spent so much time and effort building something that might not even work -- and we were not being compensated for our efforts. After considerable hand wringing, I finally decided to take a stand. My feeling was that we should at least receive some remuneration for the great amount of time and effort we put in. And so I called the agent who was the intermediary on the project and arranged for a meeting at her office. Unfortunately, when I presented my proposal several days later, she immediately launched into an emotional tirade, claiming that we had never agreed on any compensation for the development work. She insisted that she had simply agreed that GuruSoftware would build a prototype to determine if a real product was feasible -- and that was all there was to it! When I then questioned her on this point, she stormed around the room, shouting that I had some nerve to come in now and demand compensation! I had obviously touched a nerve. After a very pregnant pause, I again reiterated that we had put in months’ worth of good faith effort, yet had nothing to show for it. I then explained that things could go on indefinitely this way, but that we did not have unlimited resources. With her emotions now searing, she emphatically restated her position. It was obvious that we had reached an impasse. In fact, the room was so charged with electricity that I could feel myself shaking. A moment later, when we resumed our “discussion,” we simply restated our entrenched positions. Unfortunately, the conversation degenerated further when accusations were made on both sides about one another’s integrity and ethical behavior. At that point, we had clearly reached bottom. Though we found ourselves at a nasty little impasse, I was still determined to arrive at a conclusion about the project, since the well-being of my company was at stake. Though I made a foolish verbal agreement -- or rather, non-agreement -- months earlier, I also knew that I needed to resolve the current stalemate if GuruSoftware was going to continue working on the job. So I gathered up my strength, took a deep breath, and told her straight away that if we were to continue, we needed to be compensated in some way. Not unexpectedly, she refused to back down from her position. And so a moment later, I took another deep breath, stood up, and left her office without an agreement -- which meant, in essence, that not only would we receive no payment for our past efforts, but we would no longer be working on the project in the future. As I walked out onto the street still shaken from the passion and emotions of that meeting, I was now resigned to the fact that the project we had worked on so assiduously for all these months had now come to an end. Then it happened. As I sat in my car and began to focus on other matters, I noticed something unusual. I realized that the extreme neck pain I had been suffering from for the past six months had suddenly disappeared! I sat there stunned that the ceaseless throbbing that had hounded me for so long -- even before this project began -- had now completely vanished. As a result, I felt a wonderful physical ease -- an almost blissful feeling in my neck and body now that I was relieved of the persistent pain. It then dawned on me that this sudden and most marvelous turn of events had come as a response to my effort to resolve the compensation issue. Rather than allow that intolerable situation to continue, I summoned up the strength and courage to confront it head on. Because I stood up to the other party and demanded payment, not only did I clarify the future direction of the project, but I elicited a response that instantaneously relieved a six-month neck pain. That is the life response power of shifting from psychological weakness to strength.

40 --’Standing up to a Partner’ Over the years, I have been privy to a number of situations where a shift to inner strength precipitated a powerful response. These incidents crossed a wide spectrum of life -- from the sports world to the world of politics and business. For example, in sports I have seen instances where a weak coach was forced to take a tough stand that not only resolved an immediate problem, but quickly attracted other positive results -- such as the sudden availability of a talented player or the unexpected decline of a competitor. Likewise, I have seen situations where public leaders were forced to marshal new levels of psychological strength that not resolved a current dilemma, but attracted positive outcomes, such as the freeing up of moribund legislation, unexpected revenues flowing into state coffers, and the sudden allegiance of a bitter rival. I have also seen the same phenomenon in business, where executives changed their ways and made tough decisions that attracted a sudden burst in sales, or an unexpected financial windfall, or the sudden loyalty of previously indifferent staff. For example, several years ago, I learned of a life response incident involving a business friend of mine who ran a $17 million chain of audio-video stores in Canada. It turns out that he once had a partner who was difficult, outspoken, and crude. Though my friend -- the “good” partner -- was conscientious, well mannered, and intelligent, he lacked a certain toughness and strength that his partner had. In fact, my friend often cowered before his difficult and tough-minded colleague. One day, our friend realized that what he himself lacked, the partner had in spades: an innate ability to stand up to adversity, and when necessary, take control. As a result, my friend decided that he too would like to have these qualities. And so in the days that followed, he began to examine his own character to determine how he could change. Eventually, he identified several strength- related personal attributes that were wanting, and then made a personal commitment to overcome them. In fact, the very first decision he made was to stand up to his partner! As a result of that courageous act, not only did his colleague stop his abusive behavior, but he began to cower before our once-weak friend! In addition, a burst of positive news followed, including a sudden increase in the enthusiasm of the staff, as well as an unexpected surge in company sales. As we see, when we shift from weakness to psychological strength, not only do we create practical positive results, but we attract powerful life response ones as well. When I shed my weakness and stood up to my agent in the compensation debacle, not only was the uncertainty surrounding the project resolved, but a six-month neck pain suddenly disappeared. Likewise, when our business friend stood up to his difficult partner, not only did it put a break on his cohort’s abusive behavior, but it energized the staff and attracted a sudden and most unexpected spike in revenues. That is exactly what happens when you take to greater psychological strength. Positive conditions immediately rush in!

41 --Summoning Strength to Tell Another the Truth One man we know of developed and handed in some content for a project that was getting under way. He did not know yet what the evaluator thought of it. It was the content provider’s very first submission for the project. In fact, the very first submission among all the content providers! When discussing other matters with this same evaluator, our content provider friend was asked by the evaluator if he (the evaluator) should pursue a certain course of action with a new client. The content provided felt a little uncomfortable discussing this subject as it involved serious personal issues. However, he overcame his hesitation, welled up the psychological strength, and stated his opinion on the matter. One minute after doing so, the evaluator told him that by the way the content he had provided earlier to kick off the project was wonderful! The content provider was naturally thrilled to hear this news! He also understood that because he earlier overcame his hesitation to discuss a tense issue and acted from strength by giving his asked for opinion on the matter, he attracted the wonderful news about the content from the evaluator. As a result the project had now gotten off to a tremendous start! We see that when we overcome our hesitation and weakness and exercise our fortitude and inner strength, we attract the infinite potentials of life.

42 --Money Ball And Removal Of Troublesome Employee Overcoming a Disturbing Influence in Organization Eliminate one key negative element or party creating mischief or otherwise blocking harmony in a struggling organization, and fortunes will quickly turn around. In the powerful American baseball film of last year 'Money Ball," the team was doing very poorly. The manager of the players was not prone to fire people, as he had a somewhat soft heart. However, he saw that one staffer was rebellious and a clear trouble maker to many. He garnered the inner strength and then released the player. Now Life took over and the team suddenly soared near to the championship level! That is the power of an organization ridding itself of one problem worker. He can be at any level, subordinate, peer, or boss.

43 --From Avoidance Due to Strain of Nerves to Acceptance through Strength that Attracted Often we take to avoiding situations, such as meeting with other in order to create more harmony with them. But this is not True Harmony but avoidance harmony. I have seen this problem myself up front in dealing with perspective partners for new ventures. It is easy to step back from disharmony and avoid it. It is better still to find the inner limitation in one's self and change it, or discover the related inner change necessary that matches another’s' negativity. Either way, we develop the inner strength to move to the resolution of the contradiction. Also taking this tact will enable life to respond. E.g. when I returned to the sessions after several months of reluctance due to strain and disharmony I was shocked to see how far life had progressed. It was like a hyper jump from what I expected; and something told me that my higher conscious return was synchronous and in alignment with it. My inner shift to true harmony rather than avoidance harmony attracted tremendous results.

44 --Medical Transcriber Stands Up to Boss by Doing Nothing! (Sue’s Story) Explain

45 --Imposition of Discipline at Chrysler through Strength The effort which Lee Iacocca made to save Chrysler in the early 1980s was also predominantly physical. Here, of course, the basic constituents of the five components were already in place, but the energies of the company were stifled and scattered in all directions. Iacocca had to release and redirect those energies more effectively and efficiently to improve the performance of the company. Under the impending threat of corporate bankruptcy and the even more imminent fear to the workers of losing their jobs, he had to restore discipline among an assertive and intractable unionized work force. In actuality, 34 vice presidents, countless white collar workers and tens of thousands of blue collar workers did lose their jobs. He had to impose coordination between isolated and narrow- minded departments. He had to 182 He literally force design engineers, production engineers and marketing people to talk with one another and produce a car which was well-designed and well-built. He even had to threaten Congress with the political consequences of letting the company sink. The magnitude of Iacocca's effort and achievement were heroic. He transformed a bankrupt, comatose giant, which every financial analyst in the country had already pronounced dead, into a dynamic, responsive, very much alive, and rapidly growing company, which not only became highly profitable, but actually doubled in size over the next five years.

46 Proper Attitudes Toward, Handling of Money Attracts What is Money? Attitudes Toward Money How you handle it, your attitudes about it, etc. will determine the amount of money you have, including your ability to attract lots of it. Things like collecting money’s overdue, or paying on debts ignored, or taking to higher levels of cleanliness all have the tendency to evoke sudden good fortune in the form of more money or other related benefits, such as more or better work, or other opportunities. Let’s go through some of the things that attract money, as well as what repels it.

47 -What Attracts Money - 1 Attention It a basic law of life that everything, whether a physical object or a human being, responds to attention. Money is no exception. The best way to give attention to money is to account for it accurately and in a timely manner. For example, keeping precise and up-to-date accounts of money is a powerful way to evoke more of it. One small business owner decided to give greater attention to his neglected accounting system by balancing eight months of data over a weekend, and suddenly attracted $5000 out of nowhere. Circulation Like any force, money works at its best and produces greatest results when it circulates. Holding back on paying what’s due, or otherwise hoarding money prevents its free flow. E.g., when you give up your hesitation to spend on things that are necessary or deserved, a sudden, unexpected inflow of cash follows. One individual overcame his hesitation to spend a good sum of money on a deserving friend, and immediately attracted the exact amount -- down to the penny -- from an unexpected source. In another episode, when that same individual shifted from reluctance to committing to pay a large medical bill, within ten seconds he received word of a large sale that came at a critical juncture for his company. When you allow money to circulate, it comes back to you in buckets! Long-term Debt Very often those who suffer from money problems have borrowed in the past, and have forgotten to repay -- even when they had the opportunity to do so. One individual I know of owed a friend a considerable amount of money for over twenty years. An instant after he committed to paying off that old debt, he received news about a new, improved living situation that changed his lifestyle forever. That is the power of paying off long-neglected moneys due. Sums Owed to You In addition to paying off old debts, it is also important to collect all moneys owed to you -- even the smallest of sums. When you make the effort to collect those funds, money immediately moves in your direction. One proprietor’s funds were nearly exhausted, and he did not know where the next penny was coming from. He then remembered that if you collect every cent owed, money will quickly arrive. With that in mind, he contacted the sole debt he had on his books, which turned out to be a six year old past due account. The next morning after contacting that individual, his company received a most unexpected sale, instantly resolving his financial quandary. That is the power of collecting all sums due to you. Cleanliness, Orderliness Perhaps the simplest and most dramatic way to attract money is to raise the level of cleanliness and orderliness of your surroundings. Many individuals and businesses -- including many of our clients -- have followed this principle, and seen money quickly rush in from all sides. E.g., there was the case of the client company of ours who organized their messy stockyard of tools, and quickly attracted an avalanche of cash-generating orders, as well as other improvements in their financial position. And of course there was the cleaning of the filthy refrigerator that attracted months of work, resolving a serious financial crisis for an individual without work.

48 -What Attracts Money - 2 Avoid Wasting Money Any serious effort to avoid wasting money tends to attract more of it. E.g., one woman consciously decided not to spend lavishly on gift items at a resort as she had done in the past. The next day when she returned to work, she learned that she had received a 5% raise -- the only non-annual raise she received in her 7-year tenure at the firm! Overcoming Wanting Attitudes Any effort to overcome a wanting attitude, such as hostility towards another or some form of reluctance, or any other negative feeling towards others, life, work, or self will surely attract positive conditions that will directly impact one’s financial well-being. Even an intense desire to rid one’s self of all negative attitudes in life can attract powerful results. One consultant tried the latter approach and suddenly received a call from a client who owed him more money than anyone in his entire life, after months of ignoring his pleas. Energy Wasting Activities Anything that increases energy attracts money; while anything reducing it repels it. Interestingly, when we take to certain energy depleting activities, such as excessive speech or intense sexual activity, money tends to move away from us. It often takes such forms as stolen goods, reduced amount on a payment to you, unexpected new expenses, cancellation of an order, etc. It is simple enough to explain. These activities deplete our vital energies, which attract negative vital conditions from the field of life. Other Factors that Attract, Repel Money Attract -- Goodwill, Hard Work, Enterprise and Risk-taking, Honesty, Harmony, Perfect timing, Trust, Discipline. Repel -- Ill-Will, Idleness, Indolence Refusal to take risk, Dishonesty, Disharmony, Imperfect timing, Distrust, Indiscipline, True Nature of Money Perhaps the main obstacle we have when it comes to money is that we don’t know what it is. We ordinarily view money as a means of exchange; a way of gaining purchasing power. But money is more than that. It is a universal force capable of flowing in any direction, making itself available to anyone who perceives that power. Thus, if we want to experience continuous prosperity, we need to break out of our limited view of money, and perceive its infinite-like nature. When we do, money will constantly be our friend.

49 --Cleanliness Attracts Money We have seen repeatedly that taking to higher levels of cleanliness and orderliness attract money from seemingly out of nowhere. A messy area formerly ignored, now cleaned evokes instant response: After a minor accident that left a cup shattered on the floor, a man noticed how filthy the floor was and decided to clean it up there and then, not waiting for the maid to arrive. Within a minute of completing that task his friend came over to him and showed him through her phone that a very important, large payment, not expected for a day or two had suddenly and most unexpectedly arrived early. It was a joyous experience for both, occurring on Christmas Eve, and indicating once again the overwhelming power of higher levels of cleanliness to evoke good fortune, often related to money.

50 --Attention to Accounts Attracts Money for Business Owner It is a basic law of life that everything -- whether it is a physical object or a human being -- responds to greater attention. Money is no exception. The best way to give attention to money is to account for it accurately and in a timely manner. Keeping precise and up-to-date accounts of money is a powerful mechanism for suddenly attracting more of it. One small business owner balanced eight months of back bank statements in a weekend, and received $5000 from nowhere the next day.

51 -Collecting Outstanding Debts Attracts We have seen that collecting all debts owed, especially those long outstanding attracts positive conditions. Even collecting a tiny amount can have this same effect. I am taking "Business Ethics" for my students this academic year and I was going through a study guide from IAM UK. It was so interesting and was offering me some new insights in the field of ethics. I started comparing it with the Values of Business put forth by Garry Jacobs and Inner Outer Correspondence view by Roy Posner and it had given me a kind of silence this morning. I was really seeing at least for a moment the importance of ethics and its connectivity with the sustainability of a firm. I came out of my thoughts with a call from Vinay, a Bangalore based person whom I had done a business some 6 months back and was yet to make a payment.., which I never asked. I was exactly understanding the concept of prompt payments as a Value for progress and sustainability through my readings and the moment I realised the concept in depth for my class to students, Mr Vinay offered me Rs 25,000/- (just now). Comment: Wonderful. Deeply appreciating the subtle money value of collecting all outstandings due. When it moves from the mind to the emotions, the ideal is energized, and thus attracts the result. The response from the person who owed you and from whom you did not demand (as I understand it) was the result. Your behavior towards him was at an even higher level than the money value perceived. It was as patient witness that is spiritual.

52 --A Giving Waitress Whose Attitude toward Money Repelled It THE WAITRESS There was very good, self-giving waitress who noticed that every time she was nice to people she got low tips, but when she was not so nice she got high tips! She came to the conclusion that it's best to be mean or indifferent to people....Actually the deeper truth was that she was possessive of tips. When she was nice to people she expected to get big tips. And when she didn't, she got upset. On the other hand, when she was indifferent to customers, she didn't care about tips and therefore got more! The key for her was not to think about tips at all, which would almost certainly cause tips to come pouring in. It is a subtle principle of life, often referred to as "detachment." Naturally this principle applies to each of us when it comes to money - in our work and elsewhere.

53 --Contemplating Value of Prompt Payments, Evokes Payment Out of Nowhere I am taking "Business Ethics" for my students this academic year and I was going through a study guide from IAM UK. It was so interesting and was offering me some new insights in the field of ethics. I started comparing it with the Values of Business put forth by Garry Jacobs and Inner Outer Correspondence view by Roy Posner and it had given me a kind of silence this morning. I was really seeing at least for a moment the importance of ethics and its connectivity with the sustainability of a firm. I came out of my thoughts with a call from Vinay, a Bangalore based person whom I had done a business some 6 months back and was yet to make a payment.., which I never asked. I was exactly understanding the concept of prompt payments as a Value for progress and sustainability through my readings and the moment I realised the concept in depth for my class to students, Mr. Vinay offered me Rs 25,000/- (just now). (Sreejith) Comment: Wonderful. Deeply appreciating the value of ethics elicited the response. When it moves from the mind to the emotions, the ideal is energized, and thus attracts the result. The response from the person who owed you and from whom you did not demand (as I understand it) was the result. Your behavior towards him was at an even higher level than ethics. It was as patient witness that is spiritual. Author: Yes., I never demanded my share and true that I was very patient and was genuinely appreciating Mr. Vinay's efforts in that business. I had understood couple of methods in full and were experiential. (Sreejith. Note he invited Garry and I to do his Nov. 2014 seminar.)

54 --Individual Getting Back Exactly The Amount One Did Not Waste Once again I had the experience of the phenomenon of getting back exactly the amount one did not waste. I came to a coffee shop/restaurant, but decided not to needlessly spend money on a particular thing I desired. The next day I looked at my bank account and noticed that a deposit was made there from a book publisher of mine that was EXACTLY equal to the amount I decided not to needlessly spend the previous day. This has been a persistent theme in my life: don't spend wastefully on something you desire, and you will quickly receive that same amount back in return from seemingly out of nowhere. And very often down to the very penny! It’s the life response power of non-wastage, one of the keys to attracting money and opportunity into your life.

55 Review of Life Response in Work at the VITAL Level  The Vital plane is that of emotions, wants, needs, and attitudes  Attitudes can express towards others, work, ourselves, and life  Attitudes express positively or negatively  Attitudes that express positively attract positive response  Attitudes that express negatively attract negative response  When we overcome a wanting attitude we attract positive conditions  Maintaining a generally positive attitude attracts positively  Overcoming ego attracts  Replacing psychological weakness with strength attract  There are a number of Ways to Attracts Money, including cleanliness, orderliness, collecting and paying debts, and others

56 Addendum: To Be Incorporated  In Presenter Notes below

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