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Business Building vs. “Get Rich Quick”

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1 Business Building vs. “Get Rich Quick”

2 An Uncomfortable Truth….
Building a Profitable Successful Business is…. HARD!

3 It’s Natural to Want the Easy Way
It’s completely normal to desire an easy way to make the amount of money you want, in a way that fulfills you personally. This is WHY the vast majority of marketers will play to that desire. “Just follow this system and your business will be successful….” Well, we’re NOT going to tell you that because….

4 It Is NOT Easy Statistics back up just how difficult it is to create a successful business. Only a small percentage of small businesses survive over a 10 year period.

5 Don’t Buy the Gimmicks Anyone telling you that they have finally discovered the “SECRET” is trying to sell you a gimmick. Don’t bite. The “I got rich quick” success stories are very rare, like winning the lottery. We’re not going to tell you that growing your jewelry making business profitably will be easy because….

6 It Will Make You Give Up Too Easily!
When the "it will be easy" fantasy fails to pan out, people become frustrated, or lose confidence, and throw in the towel. If your EXPECTATIONS are that transforming your jewelry business into a profitable venture will be one of the most difficult things you have ever done, then you are in the right frame of mind. Then you will be prepared to fight to make your business successful. AND when you make it happen you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you stuck it out and made it happen.

7 An Important Question With that out of the way….
Here’s an important question for you. Your honest answer to this question is probably the most important thing determining whether or not your jewelry making business will succeed. Here it is…..

8 to do what it takes to make your jewelry business succeed?
Are You WILLING to do what it takes to make your jewelry business succeed?

9 If you answered “YES!”… Congratulations! But before we move on a couple of questions for you…. If you needed to dedicate a few hours more per day to your business to make it succeed, could you or would you do it? If you needed to significantly cut personal expenses so that you could have more money to invest in your business, could you or would you do it?

10 Yes, Actions do Speak Louder than Words
Many will say they are committed, but…. When you look at their actions, most importantly how they use their TIME and MONEY, it becomes clear that their TRUE PRIORITIES lie elsewhere. If we are honest with ourselves, many things that we commit time and money to aren’t truly necessary (even though we may think they are).

11 Identify Time and Money Sinks
Audit your actions and write down in a typical day how much time you spend on what activities, and how much money you spend on what things. Honestly assess what you can cut out so that those time and money resources can be redirected to helping you grow your business. This exercise is NOT easy, but it will give you insights into whether you are spending your time and money on things that really matter, or not.

12 So What Are Your REAL Priorities?
Seriously... What are you willing to give up, and not give up, and why? This will tell you about what your Real priorities are, not what you think they are. We humans have a great capacity to fool ourselves in our thoughts, especially when evaluating ourselves, but our actions tell the real story. At this point you may discover that….

13 NOT Your Jewelry Making Business is
as important to you as you thought it was. If so….that’s GREAT! Having clarity around your priorities is one of the most freeing experiences you can have. But if you discovered that your jewelry making business is a TOP PRIORITY for you….

14 Are You Motivated to Give it Your All until you Succeed?
The fire to make this happen MUST come from within you. Ultimately, the only one responsible for making your jewelry making business successful is….YOU. Remember that many forces (your loved ones, society, etc.) will try, either intentionally or unintentionally, to make their priorities into your priorities. You MUST….

15 Make Sure They Know Your Priorities!
Don’t assume that everyone will understand how important your business is to you. Talk with them about it. Make it clear. If possible, and if they are willing, ask them to make one of their priorities supporting your business building efforts. Show them how they would benefit. Understand that you may run into resistance….

16 Failure is Good! Huh?? OK. So now you’ve made your business a top priority, you’re motivated and fired up. Everything should go well, right? Well, not exactly. Of course, you should use ALL the talents you have in the best way you can, always giving your best effort, but even then…. You WILL make mistakes.

17 How will YOU react to Failure?
You can play the Blame game. You can give up on your business and throw in the towel. OR You can take responsibility for the failure and look upon it as simply discovering “one way that didn’t work.” And then get back up on your horse and keep going.

18 Failure makes you Smarter and Tougher
Most people that win at business have had their fair share of failures. That’s how they gained the smarts and toughness to learn how to win. Look at nature as an example. The toughest trees and plants are the ones that adapted to surviving in harsh environments like extreme cold or heat.

19 Get Some Inspiration Every business owner needs a little “pick me up” now and then, especially when things aren’t going great. Find some inspirational sayings and read them often. Read stories of people who succeeded against long odds. Find a friend or loved one who will cheer you on, and won’t let you get too low.

20 But What if You don’t have enough Talent to Succeed?
YES. Talent does matter. But many people use that as an EXCUSE to let themselves fail. Differences in talent can be overcome by hard work. What takes someone 1 year to master may take you 2 years or more to master, but so what? Just commit to mastering it and when you achieve that it won’t matter that someone else had more natural talent. They still may do something better than you, but only marginally.

21 Honesty about Strengths and Weaknesses
As you learn the critical factors for making your business successful, honestly assess your Strengths and Weaknesses in those areas. Write them down. Create a Plan and Commit to strengthening your weaknesses, but also becoming even stronger in your strengths.

22 One Area Where We Can ALL become Stronger
There is one Critical Success factor that you can start working on immediately that will play a huge role in the success of your business if you master it. It’s not a fancy business technique. In fact, it’s completely in your control, starting from this very moment if you choose. It’s simple, but definitely NOT easy. It is….

23 Making Your Business about GIVING instead of about GETTING.
If your thoughts and plans tend towards "what can I get out of people?" your business will struggle. People can smell when "it's all about you." When you make it "all about them" they will help you get what you want. If your focus is on "what can I do to help? how can my products/services improve other people's lives?" you will move more quickly onto the path of success.

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