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Ch.4-5 Greece and Rome Leandra Mathew Neethu Thampy.

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1 Ch.4-5 Greece and Rome Leandra Mathew Neethu Thampy

2 Athenian Democracy ○ › Voting ○ › 1-3 Times a month ○ › Pnyx hill – 6000 people ○ › Nine presidents (proedroi) – voted ○ › Food, military, Finance, ect. ○ › Decision was final

3 Athenian Democracy ○ › Men – 18+ ○ › Magistrates and Jurors – 30+ ○ › NO women, slaves, foreigners ○ › Paid periods for travelors. ○boulē - small groups - 500

4 Athenian Democracy ○10-20% in polis ○3,000 actively participated ○100 dominated - wealthiest ○Met in secret ○People could be swayed ○Socrates ○Oligarchy after defeat at Sicily

5 Greek Innovations ○Direct Democracy ○Theater ○Tragedy ○Comedy ○Epic poems ○Illiad ○Odyssey

6 Greek Innovations ○Architecture ○Parthenon - Athena ○Columns ○Doric ○Corinthian ○Ionic ○Olympics ○Abacus ○Alphabet

7 Roman Innovations ○Paintings ○Domes ○Mastered Aqueducts ○Concrete ○Bound books

8 Roman Innovations ○Roads and Highways ○Julian Calendar ○The Twelve Tables and Corpus Juris Civilis ○Medical Procedures ○C-section ○Battlefield Surgery

9 Hellenistic Period ●Hellenistic period is referred to the time after the reign of Alexander the Great and the advancements of Greek culture. ●Spread through trade routes and allowed the cultures to mix.

10 Hellenistic Greek Advancements ○Diverse cultures ○Development of new kingdoms ○Women gain power ○Art, architecture, intellectual advancements ○Art and literature become more realistic ○more human life and emotions

11 Hellenistic Greece ○Philosophers like stoics, skeptics - schools ○more complex architecture ○Euclid's geometry ○Epic poems

12 Roman Republic 1.First ruled by kings 2.gather as an assembly to elect officials 3.Roman law a.Punished if unlawful 4.The twelve tables of law a. foundation of roman law b. basic procedural rights for each citizen

13 Roman Republic ○Wealthy class dominated ○Both men and women were citizens ○only men could vote ● Elected representatives on behalf of the people

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