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Online Class by Satyadhar Joshi

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1 Online Class by Satyadhar Joshi

2  List of Idioms and Phrases  Idiomatic Phrasal Verbs  Idioms with comparison  Comparison with like  Verbs  Applications in various areas of AWA and RCs  Conclusion  References

3  This class is important for essay writing  Also important for the new GRE which will use them more than the current GRE  And MBA entrance exams where you application of these idioms  Furthermore in the reading comprehension these are used to conclude or start the paragraphs  Thus very important part of the exam preparations

4  All sixes and sevens  Between scylla and charybdis (between devil and deep sea)  Cat’s paw = A person used a tool by another person  To catch a tartar = To attack one who turns out to be stranger than expected  Dutch courage = Courage or bravado brought about the wine  Hosbon’s choice = The pretence of a choice, a choice which is actually not a choice  Far cry = remote from  Jaundiced mind = A prejudiced mind  The last straw = A single event when combined by others caused a big loss  Keep abreast of = to keep oneself informed  To look before on leaps= To consider all circumstances before taking action

5  The last straw  To look before one leaps  To mince matters = to state bluntly  Penny wise and pound foolish =  A rainy day = A period of financial distress  To rest on one’s laurels = To bask ones past glory  To sow one’s wild oats = To lead a dissipated life in one's youth  Storm in teacup = great excitement for a trivial matter  A swan song = The last performance of a great man  To throw down the gauntlet = To challenge someone

6  At six or seven = in the state of confusion  Back stair influence = Improper Influence  Beat a retreat = to withdraw quickly  To bid one’s time= wait patiently  A bold from the blue= An unexpected calamitous blow  To burry the hatchet= To forget the past

7  As cool as cucumber = calm and controlled  As bald as coot = completely bald  As blind as bat  As bold as brass  As clear as mud  As fit as fiddle = in good physical condition  As near as dammit  As pleased as punched = delighted  As tough as old boots  As true as steel

8  Like a bear = bad tempered  Like a bull in china shop = clumsy and rough mannered  Like a cat on hot bricks = restless and nervous  Like a clapper = with great energy and speed  But out like a light = fall quickly into deep sleep  Drink like fish = drink large quantities of alcohol  Like a shot = immediately  Get on like a house on fire = friendly and compatible  Work like a Trojan = work very hard

9  Throw one over = get rid of  Hang upon = to depend upon

10  E-rater  MBA exams

11  In essays  Makes Reading comprehension easy

12  A brief introduction to idioms  Quick revision  For any doubts email me at  For more details check out

13  Chandresh Agrawal CAT Hardcover Indore

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