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Fabrication of Fishtank Reservoir ENGR 121 living with the lab.

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1 Fabrication of Fishtank Reservoir ENGR 121 living with the lab

2 2 The content of this presentation is for informational purposes only and is intended only for students attending Louisiana Tech University. The author of this information does not make any claims as to the validity or accuracy of the information or methods presented. Any procedures demonstrated here are potentially dangerous and could result in injury or damage. Louisiana Tech University and the State of Louisiana, their officers, employees, agents or volunteers, are not liable or responsible for any injuries, illness, damage or losses which may result from your using the materials or ideas, or from your performing the experiments or procedures depicted in this presentation. If you do not agree, then do not view this content. The copyright label, the Louisiana Tech logo, and the “living with the lab” identifier should not be removed from this presentation. You may modify this work for your own purposes as long as attribution is clearly provided. DISCLAIMER & USAGE

3 xy table Milling Machine: Prepare Machine for Use Clean and inspect the machine. Inform your instructor if you find any potential damage. To clean, apply a small amount of oil to the x-y table and vise surfaces, and wipe them down with a clean cloth. The oil will keep the unpainted steel surfaces from rusting and will reduce wear on the moving surfaces of the vise. milling vise living with the lab

4 crank handle for x-translation x-direction y-direction z-direction crank handle for y-translation crank handle for z-translation of entire cutting head assembly digital readout (DRO) – used to monitor the x, y and z positions due to turning the 3 crank handles spindle handle for z-translation of spindle only (drill chuck only) (DOES NOT AFFECT DRO READOUT) z-direction Milling Machine: Operating Digital Readout (DRO) Practice moving each handle back and forth with the machine turned off until you understand and feel comfortable with machine movements. Make sure lock bolt for x-direction stage is unlocked an turned upward so that it won’t interfere with table movement (or it could break off) living with the lab

5 Milling Machine: Operation of Digital Readout (DRO) The z-direction readout on the DRO is used to tell you how deep you are drilling. The x- and y-direction readouts can help you accurately position the holes in the faceplate and the pump exit hole. Note that the crank handles for the x, y and z directions cause the DRO values to change, but the spindle handle does not influence DRO readout. To clear the x-reading on the DRO, press followed by ; do likewise for the y and z directions. clear button (the one being pushed) living with the lab

6 Safety Shield: Do not start machine if this shield is not in place. Be sure that there is adequate clearance between the bottom of this shield and the top of the milling vise before adjusting the crank handle for z-translation of the cutting head assembly. emergency stop (hit this button to quickly stop machine) Spindle Speed Control: Use the speeds recommended for each drilling operation Milling Machine: Safety Features and Operation With the safety shield closed and your safety glasses on, practice turning the machine on and off (turn off with both the off button and the emergency stop). Practice changing the speed of the spindle. red off button green on button living with the lab

7 Loading Workpiece into Vise and Tool into Chuck Place the parallels into the vise followed by the workpiece. Then, use the vise handle to tighten the slide on the milling machine. Make sure the workpiece is securely clamped in the vise before beginning work. load drill bit or other tool into chuck and tighten with key vise handle nut for locking down x stage of x-y table (be careful not to move the y-stage if this nut is downward (make sure it’s pointing upward), or you could break off the nut. Don’t forget to Remove key from chuck! living with the lab

8 Safety Rules for Freshman Labs 1.Do not operate any machine unless you have completed a hold harmless form been trained to operate the machine been authorized to do so by the instructor or lab monitor 2.When using rotating equipment such as milling machines, drills and lathes, securely tie long hair back to remove the possibility of it falling below your face do not wear loose clothing remove lanyards or jewelry hanging from your neck or wrist 3.When using power tools like milling machines, drills and lathes, clamp the workpiece in a vise or chuck before drilling or cutting never hold or restrain the workpiece with your hand make sure all safety guards are closed before powering up machine never leave a running tool unattended 4.When working in the lab, always wear approved eye protection take common sense precautions & avoid “horse play” keep work area clean & organized never use your own power tools only use lab facilities to complete activities required for ENGR 120, 121 and 122 report damaged equipment, unsafe activities and accidents to the instructor Do not begin to fabricate your pump until you have carefully read the operating and safety instructions above and agree to operate the equipment in a responsible manner. You must sign the safety contract before beginning fabrication. living with the lab

9 Parts for Fish Tank 3 inch segment of 1.5 inch diameter schedule 40 PVC pipe 1.5 inch diameter schedule 40 PVC cap 5 straight nylon barbed fittings 4 for 3/16” ID tube (1/8” NPT male threads) 1 for ¼” ID tube (1/8” NPT male threads)

10 3 inch PVC segment of 1.5 inch schedule 40 pipe 1.5 inch cap PVC Parts and Glue PVC cleaner PVC glue living with the lab

11 Applying the Cleaner living with the lab Download “2_PVC_cleaning.wmv” video. Store video in the same directory as this presentation. Click on the picture to play video.

12 Applying the Glue living with the lab Download “2_PVCgluing.wmv” video. Store video in the same directory as this presentation. Click on the picture to play video.

13 tank outlet (to pump) Hole Locations living with the lab tank drain tank inlet solenoid valve

14 tank drain (connects to ¼ inch ID tubing) Hole Locations living with the lab Install tank drain a little lower than the other three upper fittings. The tank drain will set the water level in the tank. Since the other fittings are higher, you will be able to see the water from the pump and solenoid valves enter the tank. further from top of tank

15 Drill Holes Don’t tighten the assembly too tightly in the vise - the PVC may break! NOTE: Use a speed of 40 for all drilling operations. Q bit living with the lab

16 Tapping Holes for Fittings (1/8 inch NPT tap) living with the lab

17 Congratulations – You’re Done! living with the lab

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