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Why won’t my Arduino work???? living with the lab © 2012 David Hall.

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1 why won’t my Arduino work???? living with the lab © 2012 David Hall

2 living with the lab 2 The content of this presentation is for informational purposes only and is intended only for students attending Louisiana Tech University. The author of this information does not make any claims as to the validity or accuracy of the information or methods presented. Any procedures demonstrated here are potentially dangerous and could result in injury or damage. Louisiana Tech University and the State of Louisiana, their officers, employees, agents or volunteers, are not liable or responsible for any injuries, illness, damage or losses which may result from your using the materials or ideas, or from your performing the experiments or procedures depicted in this presentation. If you do not agree, then do not view this content. The copyright label, the Louisiana Tech logo, and the “living with the lab” identifier should not be removed from this presentation. DISCLAIMER & USAGE

3 1. Is the Arduino plugged in??? 3 living with the lab Is the green indicator light illuminated... is the Arduino receiving power from the computer through the USB cable?

4 living with the lab 2. Are the Arduino drivers installed? open “Control Panel” and then click on “Hardware and Sound”

5 living with the lab click on “Device Manager” 2. Are the Arduino drivers installed?

6 living with the lab If you see this, then your Arduino driver or IDE (integrated development environment) has probably not been properly installed Refer to an earlier presentation tells how to install the Arduino IDE and drivers You should see something like this 2. Are the Arduino drivers installed?

7 living with the lab 3. Does the Arduino IDE “see” the Arduino through a COM port? If the COM port is not checked, then try to check it with your mouse If it won’t check, then your Arduino IDE is not seeing the Arduino. Try these steps: unplug the Arduino and close the Arduino IDE plug the Arduino back in and start the Arduino IDE again wait a few seconds and then check your COM port again (as shown above) if this still doesn’t work, reboot your computer and repeat the above procedure if it still doesn’t work, try another Arduino (your instructor has another one)

8 living with the lab 4. Be sure that you are using the right hardware (there are different versions of the Arduino microcontroller)

9 living with the lab 5. Try running a program that you know works? For example, load and run the blink program. The built-in LED should flash on and off; change the values in the delay(1000) command from 1000 to 200 to make sure it works properly (it should blink faster).

10 6. If you are still having trouble getting your Arduino to work, then it is important that you get some help: Helpdesk in Bogard Hall 130 Sunday through Thursday 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Your Teacher go see him or her during office hours living with the lab

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