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Fabrication of Fishtank Platform ENGR 121 living with the lab.

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1 Fabrication of Fishtank Platform ENGR 121 living with the lab

2 2 The content of this presentation is for informational purposes only and is intended only for students attending Louisiana Tech University. The author of this information does not make any claims as to the validity or accuracy of the information or methods presented. The procedures demonstrated here are potentially dangerous and could result in injury or damage. Louisiana Tech University and the State of Louisiana, their officers, employees, agents or volunteers, are not liable or responsible for any injuries, illness, damage or losses which may result from your using the materials or ideas, or from your performing the experiments or procedures depicted in this presentation. If you do not agree, then do not view this content. DISCLAIMER

3 Materials living with the lab Six ¾ inch, #8 wood screws to attach bracket Eight 1.5 in drywall screws to fasten wooden pieces together Steel corner bracket (McMaster) (2.5 in sides, 1.5 in width) 3

4 Dimensions living with the lab 2.75 in 2 in 3.5 in 1.5 in 3.5 in ~1/8 in 0.75 in 6 in 10 in 18 in 3.5 in 2 x 1-15/16 in 4

5 living with the lab Safety Rules for Freshman Labs 1.Do not operate any machine unless you have completed a hold harmless form been trained to operate the machine been authorized to do so by the instructor or lab monitor 2.When using rotating equipment such as milling machines, drills and lathes, securely tie long hair back to remove the possibility of it falling below your face do not wear loose clothing remove lanyards or jewelry hanging from your neck or wrist 3.When using power tools like milling machines, drills and lathes, clamp the workpiece in a vise or chuck before drilling or cutting never hold or restrain the workpiece with your hand make sure all safety guards are closed before powering up machine never leave a running tool unattended 4.When working in the lab, always wear approved eye protection take common sense precautions & avoid “horse play” keep work area clean & organized never use your own power tools only use lab facilities to complete activities required for ENGR 120, 121 and 122 report damaged equipment, unsafe activities and accidents to the instructor Do not begin to fabricate your pump until you have carefully read the operating and safety instructions above and agree to operate the equipment in a responsible manner. You must sign the safety contract before beginning fabrication. 5

6 Additional Guidelines for Using the Hand Drill 1.Apply pressure in a straight line with the bit. Use enough pressure to keep the drill bit biting, but do not push hard enough to stall the motor or deflect the bit. 2.Hold the drill firmly with one hand on the grip and the other hand on the bottom of the battery pack to control its twisting action. 3.If the drill stalls, release the trigger immediately and determine the cause of stalling. 4.Keep the motor running when pulling the bit back out of a drilled hole to prevent jamming. 5.Be careful not to have hands or other items (such as the counter top) on the other side of the hole you are drilling. The drill can “break through” rapidly and other unexpected things may happen, such as the drill bit breaking, the person who is drilling may trip,... living with the lab 6

7 Mark Hole Locations for Top Shelf Draw center lines to help locate hole positions. Use the speed square and a ruler to assist with layout 1 15/16 inch living with the lab 7

8 Drill Reservoir Drain Holes into Top Shelf Drill your reservoir drainage holes in the top shelf (the 6-inch long piece). Use a ½ inch spade bit Be sure not to apply too much forward- drilling force both for safety and to prevent splintering of the wood as your bit breaks the back surface Also, try to keep the bit as perpendicular to the board as possible DO NOT DRILL INTO WORKPIECE UNLESS IT IS FIRMLY CLAMPED IN YOUR VISE living with the lab 8

9 Mark Pilot Hole Locations on Feet living with the lab 2 ¾ in ¾ in pilot hole locations 9

10 Drill Pilot Holes in Feet living with the lab Drill holes using the #42 bit (0.0935 in). Pilot holes reduce the chance that the wood will split when installing the screws, and they make assembly easier DO NOT DRILL INTO WORKPIECE UNLESS IT IS FIRMLY CLAMPED IN YOUR VISE 10

11 Countersink Pilot Holes living with the lab Countersinking allows the screw head to better seat into the wood, producing a cleaner job. Countersinking also helps prevent splitting. The N bit works well (N=0.302 in) drill a very shallow hole using the larger bit countersink receives tapered part of screw DO NOT DRILL INTO WORKPIECE UNLESS IT IS FIRMLY CLAMPED IN YOUR VISE 11

12 Attaching the Feet Attach the feet by installing screws through the pilot holes drilled earlier living with the lab KEEP YOUR FINGERS (AND ANY BODY ELSE’S FINGERS) AWAY FROM THE SCREW. THE SCREWDRIVER BIT MAY SLIP OFF THE SCREW HEAD AND HIT HURT A FINGER. Use speed square to align foot with vertical riser before screwing in 2 nd screw It is helpful if your partner holds the wood in place 12

13 2 ¾ inches Attach 2 nd Foot to Vertical Riser Attach 2 nd foot with device standing to assure feet are parallel and fishtank doesn’t “rock” KEEP YOUR FINGERS (AND ANY BODY ELSE’S FINGERS) AWAY FROM THE SCREW. THE SCREWDRIVER BIT MAY SLIP OFF THE SCREW HEAD AND HIT HURT A FINGER. living with the lab 13

14 Attach Fishtank Shelf drill pilot holes for screwsuse two screws on each side Orient the shelf to make the feet as parallel as possible; alert your instructor if your feet are significantly out of line with one another. living with the lab 14

15 Attach Shelf for Reservoirs 2 inches Use the speed square to get the shelf straight. use the ¾ inch long, #8 wood screws for the six holes in the mounting bracket living with the lab 15

16 Paint Fishtank (for homework) PLEASE be careful not to damage your room, the parking lot or any other property by dripping paint. Have fun... and be creative living with the lab 16

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