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Vertical Mill Parts and Operation. Mill Accidents This is why we study safety….

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1 Vertical Mill Parts and Operation

2 Mill Accidents This is why we study safety….

3 You might as well do this if safety is not important to you…

4 Mill Safety Safety Glasses Confine long hair Confine loose clothing Keep body parts and clothing away from the moving cutters Remove rings, bracelets, earings, wristwatches, and all other jewelry Right hand injured from improper use

5 Mill Safety (II) See that all guards are in place Always keep the table clean and dry Be sure that the bases of work-holding accessories or workpieces are wiped clean before fastening to table. Mount the workpieces securely. Use a soft-face hammer to seat the work in the vise.

6 Mill Safety (III) Securely mount the proper cutters that are for the machine. Make sure the cutter revolves in the proper direction. Use the wrenches that are meant for the machine. Don’t leave tools on the mill bed. Use your charts and calculation to determine spindle speeds. Use only the proper spindle speeds, feeds, and depth of cut. Adjust the spindle speed as stated for that specific machine. Stop the machine for adjustments.

7 Mill Safety (IV) Disengage the manual feed hand wheels when using automatic feeds. Stop the machine to take measurements. Loosen any table and knee clamps when making set-up adjustments. Make sure unauthorized people are outside the safety zone when operating. Keep clear of the revolving cutter. Do not reach over the cutter.

8 Accidents (V) Stop the cutter to remove chips Use a chip brush to remove chip only Don’t remove chips with your hands or compressed air Metal in the eyeball from using compressed air

9 Accidents (VI) Release all automatic feed controls when job is complete. Keep the floors clean and free from chips oil, grease, cutting fluid, and obstructions. When done return all tools to their designated locations. Brush and clean the machine when finished. Do not use the machine bed as a work table. Small nicks will affect the accuracy.

10 A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. Label each of the following Parts of the mill. Use the word bank A B C D E G F H Word Bank A.Vertical Head B.Digital Readout C.Cross Feed Hand Wheel D.Table Hand Wheel E.Table F.Spindle G.Ram H.Vertical Feed Crank / Table Bed Crank

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