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New Harvard Peristaltic Pumps R. Pelletier, September 2012.

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1 New Harvard Peristaltic Pumps R. Pelletier, September 2012

2 What is a Peristaltic Pump Positive displacement pump Fluid is contained within a flexible tube fitted inside a circular pump casing A rotor with a number of "rollers", attached to the external circumference compresses the flexible tube. As the rotor turns, the part of tube under compression is pinched closed forcing the fluid to be pumped to move through the tube. Flow Rate depends on tubing I.D., length of tubing, and motor rpm.

3 Peristaltic vs. Syringe Pumps ParameterSyringe PumpPeristaltic Pump AccuracyHigh (<0.25%)Low (>1%) PrecisionHighVariable ReliabilityHigh Needs RefillYes (unless using valves)No PressureHigh (>1,000 psi)Low (<50 psi) Flow TypePulselessPulsatile MultichannelYes Market Size<$50 M/year>$200 M/year Year Developed1950's1880's

4 Peristaltic Markets Academic Life Science Pharmaceutical & Biotech Food & Flavors Chemical Industry Semiconductor Near Term HA targets are Life Science and Pharmaceutical Sectors Fluid Transfer & Volume/Time Dispensing in:

5 Application Areas Large Volume Infusion Sample Preparation Recirculating Baths Organ/Tissue Perfusion Dosing/Filling Dispensing Cell Culture Media Large Volume Dispensing

6 The Harvard Peristaltic Pump Unique Architecture – Remote configuration Interchangeable motor/heads – Versatility and wide range of flow rates Digital Control - accuracy Space Saving – use in incubators and hoods

7 Flow Rate Ranges - 1 P-70 Motor/Head – Low Flow perfusion and small volume dispensing 5 Fluid Channels 8 Rollers (smooth flow) Flow from 0.001 to 70 mL/min per channel Uses 3 collar tubing (0.13-2.79 mm ID)

8 Flow Rate Ranges - 2 P-230/Head – Organ/Tissue/Cellular Perfusion 4 Fluid Channels 8 Rollers (smooth flow) Flow from 0.001 to 230 mL/min per channel Uses 2 collar tubing (0.13-3.17 mm ID)

9 Flow Rate Ranges - 3 P-1500/Head – Bulk Fluid Transfer/Dispensing 1 Fluid Channel 4 Rollers Flow from 0.01 to 1,500 mL/min Uses straight tubing (0.8-8.0 mm ID)

10 Controller Features HA Touch Pad User Interface Ease of Use Tubing Library Calibration Timed or Volume Dispense/Delivery Flow Ramps Method Storage Combine channels function for setting total flow Constant Pressure Mode

11 Quick Start Menu

12 Pump Settings Settings allow for interchangeable drives/heads on one control unit

13 Tubing Selection Built in library allows for the selection of HA supplied tubing or tubing of the customer’s choice Icon indicates combined number of channels for flow rate. For example, P- 70 with 2 channels selected will have maximum flow of 140 mL/min

14 Timed or Volume Dispense Set Dispense by time or Volume

15 Method Profiles Methods may be linked as well as stored Advanced Options allow for methods to be tied to I/O events and time delays

16 Calibration Pump calibration may be for single channel, or combined flow from multiple channels

17 Run Screen Method Preview Method when running showing status

18 Advanced Options & I/O Capabilities Allow for timed start/stop Remote start Signal in or out at start/during/end of run I/O Ports – Back Panel

19 Competition - 2 General Types of Peristaltic Pumps Type 1 - Analog (similar to HA MP-II) Sell for $500 - $1,200 Older design electronics Flow rates are approximate No modern features Difficult to calibrate Limited I/O capability

20 Competition Type 2 Digital – Sell for $1,500 to $4,000 Advanced electronics Allow for calibration and direct setting of flow

21 Competition Main Competitors – Digital Cole Parmer Ismatec/Reglo Watson Marlow Wheaton Scientific

22 Competition Cole Parmer mainly 1-2 channel systems Ismatec/Reglo multichannel systems, but low level electronics. Sold through distributors. Watson Marlow mainly OEM supplier of pump heads. Wheaton uses WM heads.

23 Competition Compete on capabilities and application – Start with number of channels and flow rates Digital capabilities Product Configuration options Know the competitive product and be sure you are making a valid comparison.

24 Competition HA Pricing is competitive For P-70, HA ILP=$2,990, Competitive range is $2,900- $3,200. For P-230, HA ILP=$3,162, Competitive range is $3,000- $3,300 For P-1500, HA ILP=$2,474, Competitive Range is $2,200-$2600

25 Not Direct Competition - low capability and low price HA MP-II Reglo Analog Ismatec Ecoline Masterflex CL Series Masterflex IP Series

26 Competition - Direct Ismatec Digital Drive Ismatec Compact Digital Masterflex Digital Drive Masterflex LS Series Wheaton Omispense/Unispense

27 Accessories Optimized tubing sets available for all HA Models Customers can use their own tubing Tubing sales can be a repeat business opportunity

28 HA Marketing Activities Shipments to begin in November Brochure and web site promotion/eBlast in October New Pump Catalog with Peristaltics in October Exhibit at Neuroscience meeting in October Demo pricing of 50% from ILP for distributors

29 Distributor Activities Prepare web site content Identify local beta users Plan promotional activities

30 New HA Peristaltics PNDescriptionILP 70-7000Complete with P-70 Head $ 2,990 70-7001Complete with P-230 Head $ 3,162 70-7002Complete with P-1500 Head $ 2,472 70-7003P-70 Head/Motor Only $ 2,070 70-7004P-230 Head/Motor Only $ 2,185 70-7005P-1500 Head/Motor Only $ 1,725 70-7006Controller only $ 1,092


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