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26/2704 Vacuum Feature What is vacuum Vacuum in industry

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1 26/2704 Vacuum Feature What is vacuum Vacuum in industry
Why use vacuum Current solutions Features of 2704 Block Selling benefits Cameron Large 26/2704 Product Manager

2 What is Vacuum Definition: A Space entirely void of matter
Gauge pressure(atmosphere) : 1013mB(760Torr) Absolute pressure : 0mB(0Torr) : 1 mB = 0.75Torr Absolute 0mB Gauge 1013mB Increasing Pressure Increasing vacuum High Pressure Low Vacuum High Vacuum Low Pressure

3 Vacuum in Industry Applications; Vacuum heat treatment
Annealing,melting,casting,sintering,brazing etc Chemical Processes Distillation, freeze drying Semiconductor Diffusion,MBE,CVD Environmental test Altitude simulation Composite curing autoclaves High quality ceramics Research & development Lots more!!!

4 Why use Vacuum Creates pure atmosphere for heat treatment
No oxidisation of component surfaces Vacuum brazing requires no flux Ability to process special alloys Prevents atmosphere reacting with the process Allows particles to move without collision Removable of water vapour from organic substances by sublimation Simulation of space conditions Reduced distillation process time

5 Vacuum Measurement Various vacuum sensor technologies
Pirani,Penning,Active Inverted Magnetron(AIM) Modern gauges output 2-10vdc, calibrated for air Output signal is usually logarithmic Every gauge has a different curve Some wide range gauges are being introduced 2vdc 10vdc AIM or Penning measurement range Pirani measurement range 10vdc 2vdc 1.0-E08 Increasing vacuum(mB) 1.0+E03 1.0-E06 1.0-E04 1.0-E02 1.0+E00

6 Traditional Heat Treatment Furnace
Main control components Temperature programmer(High performance) Possible slave temperature controllers Vacuum controller(Not PID) with multiple setpoints PLC: Size depends on application Lots of cable PLC Temp Programmer Vacuum Controller Temp Input Control Output Vacuum Inputs Process Start Vacuum pumps & valves Setpoint outputs Digital status information

7 The Vacuum Sequence Traditional vacuum controller
Main suppliers Edwards, Leybold, Pfeiffer and Varian Price range £700-£1300 dependent on No of inputs 3 inputs common in heat treatment Function as alarm units providing relay outputs to switch pumps and valves Provides no PID or logic control functions Isolation Valve Diffusion Pump Furnace Roughing Pump Vacuum Low vac High vac Backing vac PLC

8 Why Introduce a Vacuum Feature
Vacuum furnaces require high performance temperature control Eurotherm are already strong in this market Excellent knowledge of potential customers Traditional competitors do not have this feature Existing vacuum controllers cannot do temperature Provides Ideal machine control applications It gives us real user benefits to promote We can command large selling margins

9 Main Issues to Resolve Non-Linear inputs
Use Poly-fit to generate curves All gauge manufactures have different curves Curves will be stored in iTools Vacuum display must be in scientific notation New resolution type has been introduced(SCI) Multiple On/Off setpoints required Introduction of unique features Combine Temp/Vacuum in one unit Reduce system cost

10 2704 Vacuum Block Application Software Option Block Features
V1 = 1 gauge input V3 = 3 gauge input PID loop not required Block Features 1 or 3 gauge input Scientific display in mB,Torr,Pascal Hi/Lo Vac gauge switchover 6 On/Off setpoint outputs High vacuum gauge enable signal Roughing pump timer Leak detection routine

11 Vacuum Heat Treatment C Vacuum Function Block Heating Control Sensor
Hi Vac Gauge Temperature Control Loop Heating Cooling Setpoint Programmer mB Vacuum Function Block Temp SP Program Events Run Hold Reset Control Sensor C Lo Vac Gauge Backing Gauge SP1 SP6 Vacuum outputs Combinational Logic Wait Alarms Load Sensors

12 Our Selling Benefits Temperature & Vacuum in one unit
Massive advantage over companies like Honeywell, Yokogawa, Edwards, Leybold etc Control of diffusion pump temperature Totalise running time and provide alarm Provide additional maths & PLC functions Reduces the size, or removes the PLC Offer unique features Automatic gauge switch-over Roughing pump timer leak detection Interface to any “Active Type” gauge Not tied to one manufacturer Reduce total system cost Increase our sales and margins

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