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TimeForce Compliance. Topics Covered Today Employee Responsibilities Supervisor Responsibilities Overtime TimeForce Reports.

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1 TimeForce Compliance

2 Topics Covered Today Employee Responsibilities Supervisor Responsibilities Overtime TimeForce Reports

3 Employee Responsibilities 1.Complies with College-wide policies on code of ethics; reporting suspected or known fraud, abuse and other improprieties; hours of work policy; leave policy; overtime policy and all other College-wide personnel, payroll and benefits policies and procedures. 2.Clocks in using either a time clock, online web access, or manual timecards. a.Hours physically worked will be recorded on the date it actually occurred. b.Manual timecards are only used by employees who don’t have access to a time clock or STC network computer on a regular basis 3.Responsible for punching in/out at the time clock location nearest to their workstation or their assigned computers.

4 Employee Responsibilities 4.Reviews timecard for missing hours causing total work week hours to be less than 40 (non-exempt salaried employees only) a.Time Adjustment Request Form (BO-7700) must be submitted to supervisor for all corrections made to the online timecard. b.Employee Leave Form must be submitted to supervisor for appropriate absence. 5.Verifies online timecard. a.In the event employee cannot verify online timecard a printout of the timecard must be signed by the employee. 6.Ensures supervisor checks off the “Supervisor” verification box.

5 Supervisor Responsibilities 1.Complies with College-wide policies on code of ethics; reporting suspected or known fraud, abuse and other improprieties; hours of work policy; leave policy; overtime policy and all other College-wide personnel, payroll and benefits policies and procedures. 2.All respective employees are set up under their department. 3.Review TimeForce drop down list to ensure all employees are actual and current employees. a.If there are employees that must be added and/or deleted from their drop down list, supervisors must submit the TimeForce Access Authorization Form (BO-7710).

6 Supervisor Responsibilities (Cont’d) 3.Audits and enters missing punches from BO-7700 form submitted by employee, enters absences, and verifies the employee’s online timecard. a.Time worked must be reported to the nearest quarter hour (1/4, 1/2, & 3/4). When entering a punch, “round punch” must be checked. b.Verifies that total hours worked by employee are not under 40 for each work week (non-exempt salaried employees only). 4.Ensures all corrected punches have a BO-7700 form on file signed by the employee and supervisor. a.The BO-7700 form must be filed by the department and made available for audit purposes.

7 Supervisor Responsibilities (Cont’d) 5.Ensures that timecard verification is made by the due date (2 business days after the end of the pay period). 6.If employee is not available to verify timecard, then the supervisor may print the timecard and verify as “supervisor” without the “employee’s” verification. A written statement explaining the reason the employee did not verify must be kept for audit purposes. 7.Makes sure NOE’s for new hires, changes, and terminations are submitted timely to the Office of Human Resources

8 Overtime Policy MANUAL OF POLICY Compensation for Overtime 4520 Requests for overtime work for non-exempt employees may only be authorized by the appropriate supervisor with approval of the President. Exceptions may be granted in emergency situations. All overtime worked must be properly authorized including hours to be worked and an explanation of the reason for the overtime. Employees working unauthorized hours may be subject to disciplinary action.

9 Overtime/Straight Time Request & Approval Process All non-exempt employees must have prior written approval when working overtime and/or straight time hours. – Supervisors must submit the request for OT/ST hours using the “Request for Overtime” form (BO-7721) in the month prior to it being worked. – Employees are not required to work all the hours stated on Form BO-7721. The hours are only an estimate. BO-7721 must be completed regardless of the number of overtime hours anticipated to be worked.

10 Sample Form BO-7721 Form should be approved in the month prior to the month the overtime hours are being requested

11 Estimating an Employee’s Future Overtime Historical Data – Use TimeForce “Overtime Summary” report and the “Weekly Hours Detail” report under the Reports tab (on your online account) Projections – Determine employee’s workload or staffing needs that may impact an employee’s overtime hours

12 Estimating an Employee’s Future Overtime (cont.’d) Constant Monitoring – FM’s must monitor employees’ overtime on a monthly basis – Requested hours are based on each employee’s upcoming workload – Requested hours are not to be utilized by employees if not necessary Note: OT pay is not encumbered and is reduced in your organization’s available balance each month. If not closely monitored it may cause a negative available balance.

13 TimeForce Duties Posting Absences Timecard Adjustments Timecard Verification TimeForce Authorization

14 Posting an Absence in TimeForce IMPORTANT: Never enter an absence without the approved leave form. Form required is the STC Employee Leave Form.STC Employee Leave Form TimeForce Instructions: 1.Click on Enter Absence (a window will pop up) 2.Make sure to select the correct date 3.Enter total hours 4.Use arrow to select the corresponding leave type (e.g. sick, vacation, etc.) 5.Notes - write the “Reason for Absence” provided by the employee 6.Press Enter 7.Always click on the “Recalculate Employee” button.

15 Example – Posting an Absence 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

16 Time Card Adjustments Time Adjustment Request Form, BO-7700: 1.It is used to enter missed punches or corrections 2.It must be prepared and submitted by the employee to his/her supervisor for approval as soon as the employee notices the discrepancy and before time the cards need to be verified. 3.Supervisor must sign BO-7700 if approval is granted and enter the time adjustment or give to designee to enter the time adjustment. 4.The person entering the adjustment (supervisor/designee) must sign the last portion of the form. 5.Information requested in this portion must also be provided by the person entering the adjustment.

17 Posting a Punch in TimeForce IMPORTANT: Never enter a missed punch or an adjustment without the approved “Time Adjustment Request Form” (BO-7700). TimeForce Instructions: 1.Click on Enter Punch (a window will pop up) 2.Enter punch (military time only) 3.Make sure to enter the correct date. 4.Always check “Round Punch”. Punch Type must always be “NORMAL” 5.Notes - write the “Justification for Punch Adjustment” provided by the employee. 6.Click on “Submit” 7.Always click on the “Recalculate Employee” button.

18 Example – Posting a Punch 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

19 TimeForce Access Authorization Form (BO-7710) Form serves two purposes: 1.Create or delete supervisors/designees TimeForce accounts. 2.Add/remove employees from supervisors/designees drop down lists. Supervisors are responsible for submitting this form when: 1.An employee transfers to/from another department. 2.An employee resigns Delays in submitting this form will create inaccuracies in the employees’ department and/or supervisor information. TimeForce Authorization Form BO-7710

20 BO-7710 Instructions The first portion of the form is only used to create/delete supervisors and/or designees TimeForce accounts. Do not use this portion to add or remove employees from a supervisor/designee drop down list. See example below.

21 BO-7710 Instructions The second portion of this form is only used to add or remove assigned employees from a supervisor and/or designee drop down list. Always indicate a justification checking the corresponding box (es). See example below.

22 BO-7710 Instructions Please read the “Statement of Compliance” located on the form. Required signature approvals: 1.Financial manager signature is always required. No forms will be accepted without this signature. 2.Designees are required to sign any time there is a change in their account access and their supervisors must sign to approve the change. 3.If a new supervisor account is requested, the new supervisor must sign and his/her respective immediate supervisor must approve the account creation by signing the form too (both signatures must be in the supervisor signature line separated by a slash). Note: Supervisors/designees must sign in the correct section. Supervisors must not sign in the designee signature line and designees must not sign in the supervisor signature line.

23 Timecard Verification At the end of the pay period by employee and supervisor Done after correcting errors such as: 1.Incorrect punches, missing, or double punches – (Form 7700) 2.Entering absences, vacation and sick hours – (STC Leave Form) Important: The “recalculate employee” button must be clicked after doing either of these corrections. 1 2

24 TimeForce Reports 1.Overtime Summary Report 2.Weekly Hours Detail Report 3.Punch Detail Report 4.Exceptions Report 5.Under Hours Report

25 Overtime Summary Report Used to Determine Overtime Hours 1.In TimeForce go to the “Reports” tab. 2.Under “Time Report”, click on the “Overtime Summary” link. 3.Select employees accordingly to their pay period by moving them from the “Unassigned/Unselected” box to “Assigned/Selected” box. 4.Select date range Note: This report does NOT include straight time hours

26 Overtime Summary Report 5.On “Average Type” select “Week”. 6.For “Pay Period“, select “monthly” or “semi-monthly”. 7.On “Sort by” select “Department” then “Employee Name”. 8.Select the following : Employee ID, Employee Name, Dept., Overtime 1, and Supervisor. 9.Click on “Display Report” to view results. Note: This report does NOT include straight time hours

27 Weekly Hours Detail Report Used to Calculate Straight Time 1.Go to “Reports” Tab 2.Under “Time Reports” click on the “Weekly Hours Detail” report link. 3.Select employees accordingly to their pay period by moving them from the “Unassigned/Unselected” box to “Assigned/Selected” box. 4.Select the “Date Range”: Select the most appropriate date range depending on the split weeks. *Split weeks will be analyzed separately using the “Hours Summary Report”. 5.Select “Employee Type”: default. 6.Select Pay Period”: Monthly. 7.Select “Schedule Rule/Supervisor”: default. 8.Sort by: Department then Employee Name. 9.Select the information to be included in the report: Employee ID, Employee Name, Include Absences, Include Holidays, Overtime1, Page Break, Regular Hours, and Total Hours.

28 Weekly Hours Detail Report Example

29 Weekly Hours Detail Report Click on Display Report. The report will look like the illustration below. This report is used to calculate straight time pay hours. We will be analyzing the regular hours column in order to get the straight time accrued by an employee. If an employee has more than 40 regular hours, the excess of 40 is considered straight time.

30 Weekly Hours Detail Report If an employee has over 40 regular hours in a week but the report shows “Leave Without Pay (LWP)” in that same week, do not record the straight time hours up to the amount of “Leave Without Pay”. If straight time hours exceed the number LWP, then include the difference in the sum of straight time for the month. See example. Note: Split weeks must be analyzed before getting the straight time hours from the Weekly Hour Detail. You may need to subtract straight time hours from a specific week. Add the total straight time hours for all weeks the employee exceeded 40 hours for each employee to the OT hours to calculate the total OT hours. No Straight Time Pay

31 Punch Detail Report To Determine Where Employee Clocks In and Out 1.Go to the “REPORTS” tab. 2.Click on “Audit” reports 3.Select the “Punch Detail” link to access report. 4.Select the date range for your report. 5.Select options: Employee Card, Employee ID, Employee Name, Clock ID, Created Time, Department, Supervisor, User 6.Check off “Launch in Separate Window” 7.Click on “Display Report”

32 Punch Detail Report Example

33 Punch Detail Report Results

34 Other TimeForce Reports Exceptions Report – Helps supervisors verify the completeness of the end of pay period time cards. – Displays timecard errors that need to be fixed before the Payroll department runs the payroll. Under Hours Report – Displays all non-exempt salaried employees that did not complete 40 hours in a work week.

35 DO Clock in/out using the time clock in your department’s building or your assigned STC computer when entering or leaving work. Properly clock in/out at appropriate time to begin/finish work. Use STC Time Adjustment Request Form (BO-7700) when correcting a punch. Use STC Employee Leave Form when requesting sick, vacation, leave w/out pay, funeral or personal leave. Note: Any forms of abuse are considered acts of fraud. Auditors review exceptions and request justifications. DON’T Share your TimeForce online web access username and password. Abuse working hours.  Clock in/out or authorize another individual to clock you in/out for non-working hours.  Clock in/out in a building you don’t work in to adjust your arrival/departure time.  Clock in, go park your car, and then go back to work.  Clock in/out of another building when going to lunch or returning from lunch.  Clock in and use working time for personal use.  Overuse the STC Time Adjustment Request Form (BO-7700) to adjust your working hours. Frequent use of this form, which will be displayed in your timecard, may cause audit issues. Do’s and Don’ts for Clocking In/Out

36 THANK YOU! Vanessa Sifuentes, Accountant Email: vsifuentes@southtexascollege.eduPhone: (956) Lidia Romo, Accounting Specialist Email: romol@southtexascollege.eduPhone: (956) Blanca Sanchez, Accounting Assistant (Monthly Payroll Processing) Email: Phone: (956) Sandra Ortega, Payroll Assistant (Semi-Monthly Payroll Processing) Email: sortega_5815@southtexascollege.eduPhone: (956) Annie Ochoa, Payroll Assistant (TimeForce Management) Email: aochoa@southtexascollege.eduPhone: (956) Delia Orellana, Accounting Group Supervisor Email: Phone: (956)

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