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Classroom Supervisor Orientation January 27 and February 3, 2011.

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1 Classroom Supervisor Orientation January 27 and February 3, 2011

2 Responsibilities of Classroom Supervisors Interpret to school’s philosophy, policies and special rules and regulations that may be in effect. Help the student teacher to understand the operation of the school program as a whole and know the role s/he is to play in it. Insure the safety and welfare of students. Inform the student teacher on such matters as the faculty lounge, the cafeteria, special rooms, and school equipment with special reference to the conditions under which the student teacher is to use them. Inform the student teacher of the library facilities and encourage the use of technology teaching. Assist in scheduling observations in other schools and classrooms.

3 Responsibilities of Classroom Supervisors Arrange conferences with the student teacher as needed to plan for teaching and to discuss problems that arise. Maintain membership in appropriate professional organizations and make the student teacher aware of the benefits to be realized from such affiliations. Convey to student teacher by example an attitude of understanding and empathy with all students. Is available for consultation and moral support when needed. Helps the student teacher set goals and formulate educational philosophy. Shares in planning with student teacher. Originates and suggests new ideas without dominating the student teacher’s thoughts and actions.

4 Responsibilities of Classroom Supervisors Establishes a feeling of security on the part of the student teacher by clarifying responsibilities throughout the student teaching period. Offers continuous, specific, and constructive criticism in a sympathetic manner. Helps the student teacher develop understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses in an attempt to build a healthy self ‐ concept. Invites the student teacher to participate in the professional activities of the faculty. Shows willingness to consider new and different techniques in an open ‐ minded manner.

5 Responsibilities of Classroom Supervisors Gradually allows the student teacher to accept increasing responsibility until full teaching responsibility is assumed. Enhances the status of the student teacher in the eyes of students and avoids interrupting the student teacher to correct a mistake when the student teacher is in charge of the class. Helps the student teacher understand teaching in relation to the entire school program. Assists the student teacher in recognizing theories in such fields as child development, psychological principles, and curriculum changes.

6 Responsibilities of Classroom Supervisors Sets a good example for the student teacher in personal appearance, grooming, speech, and appropriate mannerisms; Makes rational judgments, takes appropriate actions, and accepts responsibility for the consequences. Knows own strengths and weaknesses and accepts self. Reflects a positive professional attitude and a real liking and respect for teaching. Exhibits interest in continuous self ‐ improvement and educational advancement. Reflects maturity, enthusiasm, and interest.

7 Student Teaching Policies The Louisiana Legislature mandated through House Bill 733 that students must student teach all day. The law specifically states the following:  applicant shall have spent a minimum of 270 clock hours in student teaching  at least 180 of such hours spent in actual teaching The student teacher is expected to spend all day, five days per week, in the cooperating school. One or two weeks should be devoted to full ‐ time (all ‐ day) teaching or “solo ‐ teaching”. An “Early Release” is possible only in the event that the student teacher is being hired in a teaching position  In order for an early release to be granted, the Coordinator of Field Experiences and Teacher Candidacy must verify with the university supervisor that all clock hours, direct teaching hours, and TaskStream assignments are completed.

8 Activity Logs Student teachers complete Activity Logs each week of the student teaching semester (pg. 3) Example on page  Participation: Assisting the teacher in any phase of duty except direct teaching or ULM sponsored meetings which require the student’s attendance  Conference: Meetings with the classroom supervisor, cooperating principal, university supervisor, or the Coordinator of Field Experiences and Teacher Candidacy  Observation: Watching a teaching ‐ learning situation.  Teaching: Assuming the responsibility of planning and instructing. Must be documented with lesson plan. CRS must verify accuracy and initial each day

9 Student Teacher as a Substitute The student teacher cannot be used in lieu of a paid substitute in the absence of the classroom supervisor or any other teacher in the school. The student teacher can fill in for the classroom supervisor if an emergency arises and/or if the classroom supervisor must be out of the room for a brief period of time during the school day.

10 Lesson Plans Student teachers are required to have a written plan for each lesson taught. Must be written in detail and approved several days in advance by the classroom supervisor. Must be in ULM lesson plan format Lesson plans are to be kept in the Professional Notebook

11 Attendance Requirements The student teacher is to report at the designated time each day and is to remain at the school until the end of the school day. Is expected to accompany/assist the classroom supervisor throughout the school day. It is the responsibility of the classroom supervisor to supervise the student teacher in all non ‐ teaching activities, such as duty. Follows the cooperating school’s calendar rather than ULM Unexcused absences are not permitted. Should be informed of cooperating school’s policy for emergencies comply with it. Excused absences include:  University required activities  Individually arranged interviews for job placements (limited in number)  Emergencies including personal illness, death or illness in the immediate family  Official closing of cooperating school for an emergency.

12 Professional Notebook A record of all experiences during the student teaching semester. Supervisors are requested to inspect these notebooks regularly

13 TaskStream Accounts Student teachers are to submit artifacts, surveys, and other materials to their TaskStream accounts TaskStream Portal IV contents (pg. 5)

14 Daily Lesson Plans Required to have a written plan for every lesson taught. Plans should be submitted to the classroom supervisor several days prior to the teaching of the lesson to allow for revisions to be made. CRS is responsible for ensuring correct content is taught and activities are appropriate. ULM lesson plan format example (pg. 7-9)

15 Observations by the Student Teacher During the Semester The student teacher must also complete a minimum of five outside observations during student teaching At least three should be in multi ‐ cultural classroom settings outside of the school site in which they are assigned.  three different teachers in three different schools The remaining two observations may be completed within their assigned school site with classroom teachers other than their assigned supervisor. (Other student teachers are not to be observed as a part of this activity.) Suggested these be scheduled during the first two months of student teaching.

16 Suggested Schedule (pg 10) First Few Days  Observation of Classroom Supervisor (primary observation) First Full Week  2 hours planning  2 hours assisting  2 hours teaching Remaining Weeks  Second Month – 5 Outside Observations  Third Month – Solo Week  Fourth Month – Second Solo Week (if needed)  Fifth Month – Return to teaching 2 hours a day

17 Your TaskStream Responsibilities Classroom Supervisor Demographics  General information about your qualifications for our documentation Classroom Supervisor Observations Candidate Dispositions (CRS)  Pg 11-13 Final Assessment (CRS) (Scoring instructions and schedule in handouts)

18 Classroom Supervisor Observations Four formal observations required Complete ULM observation rubrics (see handouts)  Give copy to student teacher for Professional Notebook Discuss observations with student teacher and give feedback Enter rubric ratings into TaskStream

19 Student Teacher Grades TaskStream Field Experience Final Assessment (Handouts pg. 17)

20 Supervisor Resources Electronic copies of Student Teacher Handbook and observations forms can be downloaded from

21 WRAP UP/QUESTIONS Tina Allen 342-1271 Strauss 228

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