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College of Education & Human Development Spring 2011 Be sure you have signed in and picked up handouts Welcome ULM Student Teachers.

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1 College of Education & Human Development Spring 2011 Be sure you have signed in and picked up handouts Welcome ULM Student Teachers

2 Congratulations!

3 Handouts  Agenda for today’s seminar  (you will need this to submit in TaskStream for PD Activities 1)  Schedule of Meetings and Important Dates  Student Teaching Calendar  Professional Organization Information


5 Responsibilities and Expectations  Handbook for Clinical & Field Experiences  Page 1 – 3 contain general policies  ULM Conceptual Framework (pg. 4)  Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions (pg. 5)  Essential elements of teacher preparation and teacher quality  More on these this afternoon  6 – 15 deal with things prior to today  Flip to page 16

6 Student Teaching Policies and Activities  Handbook Page 16  Legislative Requirements for Teacher Candidates in Undergraduate Degree Programs

7 Student Teacher Activity Log  Blank Activity Log form on page 35 of Appendix  Hours logged in 5 categories  Participation  Conference  Observation  Teaching  Other  Signed weekly by CRS and kept in Professional Notebook

8 Substitute for Classroom Teacher  Cannot be used for CRS or other teaching in lieu of paid sub  Can fill in if emergency arises for brief period of time

9 Professional Liability Insurance ***Must be a member of an organization within 14 days. ***Must turn in documentation to Tina Allen by February 8th.  Ouachita Association of Educators (OAE)–establishing student chapter on campus  Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana (APEL)– student chapter currently active on campus  National Education Association (NEA)  American Federation of Teachers (AFT)  Professional Liability Coverage through Personal Homeowner’s Policy

10 Lesson Plans  Should be one written in ULM format for EVERY lesson  Should be written in detail and approved by CRS in advance  Hard copy placed in professional notebook daily. Notebook should always be available in classroom. **These will be addressed more in the seminar tomorrow.

11 Attendance  Report at designed time and remain until end of school day  Follow the cooperating schools calendar  if the school is in session you are expected to be there  this includes state testing week  Unexcused absences are not permitted  See page 19 for excusable absences  Report all absences to me by email

12 Professional Notebook  List of required contents is on Appendix Page 15  Cover Sheet is on Appendix Page 16  Must be available in classroom at all times

13 TaskStream  Field and Clinical Experiences program area  Weekly Activity Logs  Primary and Outside Observations  Content program area  Various other assignments throughout semester  Will be discussed after lunch All assignments in TaskStream must be submitted and graded by the last day of classes. Students who have not submitted all assignments will receive a grade of “I” for the course.

14 Responsibilities of Student Teachers  Behave in a professional ethical manner  Adhere to all policies of cooperating school & ULM  Attend all seminars  Demonstrate mastery of content  Provide US with schedule of classes  Classroom supervisor has final decision in your teaching schedule  Meet attendance requirements of cooperating school  Provide time beyond scheduled teaching for conferences  Be evaluated by supervisors and/or other professional staff  Prepare daily lesson plans which meet Louisiana Teacher Standards

15 Daily Lesson Plans  Required to have a written plan for every lesson taught  Submit to classroom supervisor several days prior to allow revisions to be made if necessary  Must be in ULM format  All lesson plans should be kept in Professional Notebook  More on lesson plans at tomorrow’s seminar

16 Video Taping  Must video tape one lesson during the semester  You are responsible for securing video camera  Video will be uploaded to TaskStream

17 Responsibilities of... ... the classroom supervisor  pg. 20 - 22 ... the university supervisor  pg. 22 – 23 ... the coordinator of field experiences  pg. 23  Read through these responsibilities before Thursday

18 Observations by Student Teacher (Directions & Form Appendix pg 32 - 34)  Primary Observation  This week on your classroom supervisor  Students with 2 placements will also do another on second CRS during first week of second placement  Outside Observations  You will do 5  Cannot be done on your classroom supervisor  2 can be done on another teacher in your school  Remaining 3 must be done at other schools that are diversely difference from placement

19 Suggested Semester Schedule  First Few Days  Observation of Classroom Supervisor (primary observation)  First Full Week  Daily Schedule  Remaining Weeks  Second Month – 5 Outside Observations  Third Month – Solo Week  Fourth Month – Second Solo Week (if needed)  Fifth Month – Return to teaching 2 hours a day

20 Suggested Daily Schedule Two Hours Assisting Two Hours Planning Two Hours Teaching

21 Sign and Turn in Student Teacher Agreement 15 minute break

22 Ms. Tina Allen Coordinator of Field Experiences & Teacher Candidacy Strauss 228 342-1271

23 ULM Conceptual Framework  (handbook pg 4)

24 Knowledge, Skills, & Dispositions (Handbook Page 5 Appendix Page 37) Knowledge, skills and dispositions are embraced within the standards of NCATE (National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education). These three are essential elements of teacher preparation and teacher quality.

25 Knowledge Plan & Manage (lesson plans, technology usage) Know Content (know what you are teaching) Enhance Learning (include meaningful strategies) Evaluate (Know how to assess what is being taught) Accommodate & Collaborate (meet needs of ALL learners) Specialize (standards, principles, legal policies

26 Skills  The skills should parallel to the knowledge bases.  These are simply behaviors that demonstrate your ability to put your knowledge into practice.

27 Dispositions  NCATE defines dispositions as values and commitments that define teacher performance.  Dispositions are a combination of values, beliefs, attitudes, characteristics, professional behaviors and qualities, ethics, and perceptions.

28 Effective Instructional Lesson Plan Seminar  All Block Professors  Wednesday, January 20th  Location: SUB Ballroom  9:00 – 11:30 We will have all materials copied and ready for you to use. Bring extra paper for note taking.

29 Observations by Supervisors (Handbook page 23 Appendix page 24)  4 by Classroom Supervisor  4 by University Supervisor  Secondary Students also 1 additional by Content Supervisor

30 LaTAAP  Louisiana Teacher Assistance and Assessment Program  Seminar: February Seminar  A reminder will be sent on Moodle with listed links for printout materials.

31 Secondary Student Teachers (Appendix page 30)  Report of Student Teacher’s Performance by Content Area Supervisor for Secondary Majors only.

32 Final Grades Final grades will be calculated based on points earned from TaskStream submissions Total Points Possible – 186 Grading Scale 155 – 186 points = A 124 – 154 points = B 93 – 123 points = C 62 – 92 points = D Below 62 points = F

33 Program Assessment  Teacher Warranty (Handbook P. 10)  Exit Survey  Evaluation of University Supervisor  Evaluation of Classroom Supervisor **These will all be evaluated on TaskStream at the end of the semester.

34 Forms To Complete and Turn In  Student Teacher Agreement – turn in today  Contract for TaskStream Submissions – turn in today  Classroom Supervisor TaskStream Account  Take this to CRS and have them fax to 342-1299  Need this by Friday, January 22  Forms to complete after lunch  Graduation Application  Teacher Certification Information Form


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