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University of Central Missouri College of Education Office of Clinical Services and Certification.

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1 University of Central Missouri College of Education Office of Clinical Services and Certification


3 o We appreciate your participation! o You are a valuable member of our team! o Your influence will be a part of your student teacher for their entire career! o We couldn’t do it without you!

4 o A person who has: o Been admitted to the Teacher Education Program o Has taken the Praxis II Exam o Maintains a minimum GPA of 2.50 o Has been recommended by his/her major department to student teach

5 o Establish your expectations o You are supportive BUT you’ll hold to your standards o Communication o Conference every day o Help student teacher reflect on his/her work o Communicate with University Supervisor o Time Management

6 Download at:

7 o Serve as a mentor and coach – be supportive o Share your ideas, experience, and materials o Communicate openly and honestly with your student – be specific o Expect the Student Teacher to be prepared

8 o Include the student in all of your duties o Students are expected to get a real picture of teaching o Periodically observe and provide a written critique to the student o Make arrangements for your student teacher to observe other teachers o Stay in touch with the University Supervisor

9 o Allow freedom to let the student be him/herself within reason o Complete required paperwork o Recommend grade to University Supervisor See Student Teaching Handbook pp. 21 & 22

10 o Approach student teaching as a full-time job o Be punctual and maintain daily attendance o Dress professionally o Demonstrate flexibility and helpfulness o Demonstrate openness to constructive feedback

11 o Comply with the local district’s rules, policies and procedures o Assume full-time teaching responsibilities when appropriate o Develop cooperative relationships o Exhibit professional and ethical behavior

12 o Observe student teacher a minimum of four (4) times during the semester o Provide feedback in the form of formative and summative evaluations o Collect Teacher Work Sample and other university assignments o Coordinate with District Supervisor to determine student teacher’s performance level o Submit final grade

13 o Student teachers are expected to report regularly and promptly, just as you are o Problems should be immediately reported to the University Supervisor o If needed, the student’s grade will be withheld and his/her semester extended to make up time

14 o Students may be excused for interviews but they must request released time in advance o Students must provide lesson plans to cover for any absence See Student Teaching Handbook p. 24

15 o How soon should my student teacher start teaching? o As soon as you think he/she is ready. Start slow and increase responsibilities. o What kind of lesson plans should I expect? o UCM does not require any one lesson model but allows the format to be determined by the district and the University Supervisor. (Handbook pp. 21 & 22)

16 o Is it reasonable to expect my student teacher to do everything that I do? o Yes, as long as it is a part of your regular duties. Student teachers are excused from duties in which you receive an extra stipend. o What is the biggest problem in working with a student teacher? o Time and Communication. Open and honest communication is a must. o What do I do if things are not going well? o Contact the University Supervisor immediately.

17 o Am I responsible for issuing the student’s grade? o No. The University Supervisor may ask what grade you believe the student should receive, but it is his/her responsibility to assign grades. o Are there forms that I am expected to complete? o Yes. The required forms are available on our website Click on Documents for District Supervisors. The University Supervisor will review the forms and answer any questions that you might have.

18 o May we use the student teacher as a substitute teacher? o We ask that you NOT do this. In an emergency we ask that the student stay with his/her regular class and that you cover the class needing a substitute. (Handbook p. 26) o Will the University Supervisor make unannounced visits? o No. Observations and conferences are scheduled well in advance so everyone can plan accordingly.

19 o How am I to communicate with the University Supervisor? o The University Supervisor will give you his/her phone number and email address.

20 o As a District Supervisor, you have three (3) choices for compensation o See the bottom of the Supervising Teacher Information Form on our website o Stipend: $125 for full semester or $62.50 if you are splitting a student teacher o No Stipend: May be practical for some career ladder programs o Graduate Credit: Look under “Graduate Credit for District Supervisors” on the student teaching website by clicking on Documents for District Supervisors

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