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Orientation for Junior Field Experiences Pre-Student Teaching Courses Revised Fall 2013.

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1 Orientation for Junior Field Experiences Pre-Student Teaching Courses Revised Fall 2013

2 Purpose of the Junior Field Experience Students in this pre-student teaching field experience are placed in their respective certification areas. This is the second or third field experience for these students. Students in this field experience are enrolled in or have taken curriculum and instruction courses including courses on inclusion practices and working with English language learners. The purpose of this experience is to give students multiple opportunities for active engagement in classrooms. The goal is to give Messiah pre-student teachers a variety of teaching-related experiences and to provide a service to the classroom teachers and students with whom they work.

3 Guidelines for School Visits Secondary and K-12 students need to be in school every Tu/Th morning that Messiah is in session and PreK-4, PreK-4-Special Education and Grade 4-8 certification students, every Tu/Wed/Th morning unless otherwise directed by the Interim Field Experience Coordinator (Mrs. Eshbach). Arrive at school before school begins and leave as late as possible to be back for their next class (fall classes start at 11:55; spring classes start at 12:25). Complete course assignments for concurrent courses. Be actively engaged in classroom activities. Maintain attendance log and submit hours via Qualtrics survey to Field Placement Office at the end of the semester.

4 Supervision Requirements: Mentor Teacher Ongoing informal verbal feedback Two teaching observations (large or small group) with written feedback on the Performance Observation Form (hard copy in NCR provided to you by the TEP)Performance Observation Form Supervisor-white copy Student-yellow copy Co-op-pink copy Input into the Final Evaluation during conference with the college supervisor at the end of the semesterFinal Evaluation OPTIONAL: Attend an appreciation dinner on Messiah Colleges campus at the end of the semester.

5 Supervision Requirements: College Mentor Two live observations with written feedback. First using the Initial Visit Performance Observation Form. Second using the Performance Observation Report Form.Initial Visit Performance Observation Form Performance Observation Report Form Supervisor-white copy Student-yellow copy Co-op-pink copy Conference with student after completion of Student Self- Monitoring Video Assignment (Part 3). Mentor may view the video, but this is not required. Final Evaluation With input from the cooperating teacher complete the Messiah College Final Evaluation Form. Messiah College Final Evaluation Form Conference with student and submit forms via MCSquare.

6 Student Responsibilities Attendance Attend school on each required day in a punctual manner. Arrive as early and late as possible Additional Course Requirements TEP 312/316 will have additional course requirements designated by concurrent course professors ICI Self Assessment Inventory Complete the ICI now and submit it in Canvas. Close to the end of the semester, complete the ICI again to share with college mentor in Canvas. This inventory is used as assessment data for TEP at the close of the semester. Weekly Reflective Report Submit a rich reflection in Canvas by midnight on Friday of each week No need to go beyond the boxes, but this needs to include multiple facets of your experience. Portfolio Artifact Select/create an artifact that represents your teaching experience and learning Be creative and ensure that your audience can decipher the learned experience Video/Self monitoring Assignment Video-record teaching two times and complete accompanying reflection forms; upload into Canvas Classroom teaching Be actively engaged in the teaching and learning process Plan for and teach a minimum of three lessons for formal observations Complete assignments for concurrent courses

7 Guidelines for Live Performance Observation Ideally, the college supervisor is observing the pre-student teacher doing at least some whole group instruction. The pre-student teachers written instructional plans for any teaching must be reviewed by the mentor teacher and available for the college supervisor to review at the time of the observation/review of videos.instructional plans

8 Guidelines for Video Student Self-Monitoring Assignment Instruction may be of large or small group instruction. Both videos and self-reflection must be uploaded to Canvas. Due dates for this assignment are indicated on the Semester at a Glance and the field experience calendar. Directions for downloading Directions for uploading The college supervisor will be able to view either video by going into Canvas.

9 Student Planning Expectations Written plans are to follow the Messiah College Instructional Planning Model. (As taught in Instructional Design, Art,HPE, or Music Curriculum & Unit Instruction courses.)Messiah College Instructional Planning Model The mentor teacher is a resource for the pre-student teacher. The teacher may provide the student with preliminary plans, teaching materials, curriculum documents, or other relevant resources to assist the student in effective planning. The pre-student teacher is to submit plans to the mentor teacher 48 hours in advance of teaching. If the plans are not submitted in a timely manner or are not satisfactory by the time the student is to teach, the mentor teacher may not allow the pre-student teacher to teach.

10 Final Evaluation The Final Evaluation Form is to be completed by the college mentor with input from the mentor teacher. The Final Evaluation Form will include a recommendation regarding the students readiness for student teaching. This recommendation will be shared with the student and the students academic department. The Final Evaluation Form is to be submitted by the college mentor to the Teacher Education Program Office via MCSquare at the end of the semester. All forms will be submitted to the Field Placement Office by the end of the semester. The Final Evaluation Form will be available to the student in MCSquare after TEP Office review at the end of the semester.Final Evaluation Form

11 Contact Information Questions about this field experience can be directed to the Interim Field Experience Coordinator, Mrs. Kathleen Eshbach 717-796-5358

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