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Working Effectively with your Supervisor Deputy Deans for Research.

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1 Working Effectively with your Supervisor Deputy Deans for Research

2 What sort of supervisor is your supervisor?

3 TypeDescription Unavailable Is hardly around, and when around inaccessible because he is 'busy, busy, busy'. Magnum opus writer Does not worry about the few years that you have to finish your dissertation: 'look at me, I took 10 years myself to get the thing done'. Critic Nitpicker Tells you in painstaking detail what is wrong with your work, but does not have any clue how to make it right. IndifferentDoes not have very strong opinions, likes everything. Hyperactive Sends you in new directions every week and forgets about consistency and the clear direction a dissertation should possess. Talker Does all the talking in your supervision sessions giving no time for you to clarify the points you are troubled by. ImposerForces you in his/her direction, no deviations permitted. CompetitorFeels threatened by your wit and tries to slow you down. Splendid Accessible, reads your work quickly, makes sensible comments, inspires you, and combines the roles of coach, mentor, and referee ingeniously.

4 What do you expect from your supervisor? 1. It is the supervisor's responsibility to select a research topic The researcher is responsible for selecting their own topic 2. It is the supervisor who decides which methodology is most appropriate Researchers should decide which methodology they wish to use 3. The supervisor should develop an appropriate programme and timetable of research and study for the researcher The supervisor should leave the development of the programme of study to the researcher

5 4. The supervisor should insist on regular meetings with the researcher The researcher should decide when they want to meet with the supervisor 5. The supervisor should check regularly that the researcher is working consistently and on task The researcher should work independently and not have to account for how and where time is spent 6. The supervisor should insist on seeing all drafts of work to ensure that the researcher is on the right track Researchers should submit drafts of work only when they want constructive criticism from the supervisor

6 7. The supervisor should assist in the writing of the thesis if necessary The writing of the thesis should only ever be the researcher's own work 8. The supervisor is responsible for decisions regarding the standard of the thesis The researcher is responsible for decisions concerning the standard of the thesis 9. The supervisor is responsible for introducing the researcher to other researchers in the field, and making sure that they become part of the research community It is the researcher’s responsibility to network with other researchers and to become involved in the research community.

7 10. A warm supportive relationship between supervisor and researcher is important for successful candidature A personal supportive relationship is inadvisable because it may obstruct objectivity for both researcher and supervisor during the candidature 11. The supervisor is responsible for providing emotional support and encouragement to the researcher Personal counselling and support are not the responsibility of the supervisor - researchers should look elsewhere

8 Possible Supervisor-Student Relationships SupervisorStudent Lord SugarApprentice DirectorFollower MasterServant GuruDisciple TeacherPupil ExpertNovice GuideExplorer Project ManagerTeam worker AuditorClient EditorAuthor DoctorPatient Senior PartnerJunior Professional ColleagueColleagueFriend

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