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Supervising Through Motivation Discussion Session #75.

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1 Supervising Through Motivation Discussion Session #75

2 Supervising Through Motivation In this session, you will learn: To develop high morale and enthusiasm among employees To create an environment that allows others to perform to the best of their ability To develop in yourself the qualities that good supervisors possess

3 Leadership and People Develop high morale and enthusiasm among employees Know and understand objectives Keep people informed Know and enforce all company policies and regulations Assign work, overtime, discipline, and rewards on an impartial basis Welcome suggestions

4 Problem areas for new supervisors Poor delegation Wanting to be buddies with your employees Wrong use of authority Being a poor role model

5 Keys to Leadership Communicating an exciting vision Building self confidence in employees Supporting your employees Hiring the right people Setting high standards Establishing policies in writing Making the job satisfying and enjoyable Providing feedback Letting employees participate

6 Assigning Tasks Make the task clear and do-able Demonstrate the task is important and meaningful Challenge workers to stretch their abilities Be honest about tasks

7 Personality Traits of Successful Supervisors Patience Tolerance Sensitivity Decisiveness Sense of Humor Ability to listen

8 The Basic Listening Sequence An overall summary of the issue, ex: Could you tell me about that? The key facts of a situation Any important emotions or feelings that need to be addressed

9 Basic Listening Sequence 1) Open question- Could you tell me what youd like to talk to me about… 2) Closed question- Who was involved with the production line problem? Did you check the main belt? 3) Encouragers-Repetition of key words and restatement of longer phrases 4) Paraphrases- Sounds like youve consulted with almost everyone. 5) Reflection of feeling- I sense youre upset and troubled by Hanks reaction 6) Summarization- Summarize the problem from the client or employees point of view

10 Basic Listening Sequence Now imagine you are a manager talking with an employee who has been late with a critical assignment. Your task is to use the Basic Listening Sequence to find out what the employees explanation is before you take action.

11 Basic Listening Sequence Open question Closed question Encourager Paraphrase Reflection of feeling Summary

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