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BRITE Supervisor Super User Training November 27, 2007.

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1 BRITE Supervisor Super User Training November 27, 2007

2 2 BRITE Supervisor  Have fun and enjoy the opportunities we have to contribute to SBBC’s future success!  Please turn off or silence cell phones and pagers  Please do not read or send email messages during class time  Respect those speaking and asking questions by keeping side discussions to a minimum  Please do not interrupt the person speaking  We will start, break, and end on time  All unanswered questions will be placed in the “Parking Lot” and answers will be distributed later Welcome and Ground Rules

3 3 BRITE SupervisorLogistics Before we get started...

4 4 BRITE Supervisor Concepts Demonstrations Exercises BRITE Classroom Materials (Let Me) (Tell Me) (Show Me)

5 5 BRITE Supervisor At the end of this course, you should be able to:  Describe the various methods for obtaining and receiving Goods  Create Requisitions and Transfer Postings  Perform various SAP functions required for school/ location- based procurement, inventory management, and invoice processing  Perform display and reporting transactions  Search for information pertaining to a Project and WBS Elements. Course Objectives

6 6 BRITE Supervisor SAP Basic Navigation and Fundamentals: Getting Into SAP

7 7 BRITE Supervisor BRITE What is BRITE?  Broward Innovative Tool for Education, will streamline Broward’s business systems  It provides staff with access and real-time data in the latest version of the SAP software.  BRITE brings one business system to Broward Schools.  BRITE is a project of the Enterprise Resource Planning Department, ERP.

8 8 BRITE Supervisor Click this button to Access the BRITE Portal SAP BRITE Website  For end users, SAP will now be accessed through the web.  On Windows-based computers, you will access SAP in Internet Explorer.  There will be a button to access SAP on the ERP Department web page:

9 9 BRITE Supervisor Logging Into the BRITE Portal User Login ID Entry format = P00012345 8 digits starting with the letter p Personnel Number 12345 If personnel number is less than 8 characters, then add leading zero(s) Password (first time users only) Entry format= JA021956 MM = first 2 letters of birth month (JA) DD = 2-digit birth day (02) YYYY = 4-digit year of birth (1956)

10 10 BRITE Supervisor Initial Password Selection You will click here to change your password

11 11 BRITE Supervisor Portal Assistance Select “Get Support” to Request a New Password If you have trouble logging into the Portal, select “Get Support”.

12 12 BRITE Supervisor BRITE Portal Screen  Single sign on access to systems you need to do your work, including SAP (that means one password!)  Tabs in the Portal screen will be customized based on the user’s role  All users will have access to the Home and Employee Self Service (ESS) tabs

13 13 BRITE Supervisor SAP Access via the BRITE Portal You will select this tab

14 14 BRITE Supervisor AP Objectives –Master Data – Coding String, Vendor Series, PO Series –GR/IR Account Maintenance Automatic Clearing (F.13) GR/IR Acct Maintenance (MR11) Reverse GR/IR Account Maintenance (MR11SHOW) –Release Blocked Documents (MRBR) Purchase Order (ME23N) –Display Invoice Information Vendor Line Items (FBL1N) Display your invoices (ZFAP_APDOCLIST) –Specialized AP Transactions Vendor Clear (F-44)

15 15 BRITE Supervisor Navigation Tools in SAP

16 16 BRITE Supervisor FI - Master Data

17 17 BRITE Supervisor Quick Reference Sheet (page 1)

18 18 BRITE Supervisor Quick Reference Sheet page 2

19 19 BRITE Supervisor Vendor Series  TYPE OF VENDOR –Prime Vendors –Ordering Address –Alt Payee &Permitted Payees –Employees –Students  NUMBER RANGE –100000 –200000 –300000 –400000 –700000

20 20 BRITE Supervisor TYPES of PO’s  Standard (online receipt - contracted items) –450800001X  Framework (open/blanket po) –750800001x  Emergency po (used for hurricanes, etc.) –410800001X

21 21 BRITE Supervisor Document Numbers in SAP Type of DocumentNumber begins withNumber of digits GL Document010000XXXX9 Non PO Invoice190000XXXX10 Non PO Credit Memo170000XXXX10 MM540000XXXX10 PO Invoice/Credit Memo 540000XXXX10 Check Number0000010000XX12

22 22 BRITE Supervisor Payment Terms & Payment Methods

23 23 BRITE Supervisor Demonstration & Exercises

24 24 BRITE Supervisor GR/IR Account Maintenance

25 25 BRITE Supervisor Automatic Clearing – F.13

26 26 BRITE Supervisor F.13 Results

27 27 BRITE Supervisor Maintain GR/IR Clearing – MR11

28 28 BRITE Supervisor MR11 Results

29 29 BRITE Supervisor Display/Cancel Account Maintenance - MR11SHOW

30 30 BRITE Supervisor MR11SHOW Results

31 31 BRITE Supervisor Release Blocked Documents

32 32 BRITE Supervisor Release Blocked Documents - MRBR

33 33 BRITE Supervisor Release Blocked Documents - MRBR

34 34 BRITE Supervisor Display a Purchase Order–ME23N

35 35 BRITE Supervisor Display AP Documents

36 36 BRITE Supervisor Run the report for Vendor 100004, Company Code SBBC Vendor Line Item Display – FBL1N

37 37 BRITE Supervisor Display AP Activity by User – ZFAP_APDOCLIST

38 38 BRITE Supervisor Display AP Activity by User - Report

39 39 BRITE Supervisor Specialized AP Transactions

40 40 BRITE Supervisor Clear Vendor – F-44

41 41 BRITE Supervisor Clear Vendor – F-44

42 42 BRITE Supervisor Clear Vendor – F-44

43 43 BRITE SupervisorQUESTIONS

44 44 BRITE Supervisor  HELP DESK 754-321-8120  BRITE Website: web/erp -or-  e-Learning  Context Sensitive Help  CAB Conference  BRITE LITES (By Role) User Support Options  ESS Appraisal  Blackboard Follow-Up

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