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Accounts Payable Training for Direct Pays. AGENDA Is a PO needed Learn When A Direct Pay Is Needed or Learn To Successfully Remove A Direct Pay Making.

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1 Accounts Payable Training for Direct Pays

2 AGENDA Is a PO needed Learn When A Direct Pay Is Needed or Learn To Successfully Remove A Direct Pay Making Contract Payments Learn How To Create A Direct Pay Find out how to fix NSF’s and other changes Additional Notes Making Chartwell Payments

3 When is a Direct Pay Needed? Unauthorized Purchases This is when a PO is not obtained and merchandised is purchased. This is an exception and should not be in lieu of getting a Purchase Order. A letter of Explanation will need to accompany this payment and signed by the VP if over $1000.00 Travel ReimbursementsContracts Memberships Fees, Licenses, Fines Petty Cash

4 When is a PO necessary? PO vs. Direct Pay A Purchase Order is needed for anything tangible. Anything you can hold in your hands but which would also Include:  Bus Rentals  Advertisements

5 What you need BEFORE you begin …. Direct Pay Accounts Payable has 10-14 working days to process documents FOPAL VENDOR’S Z # And the CORRECT Address Invoice / Bill Contract Membership ARRT form

6 Create a Direct Pay 1. Access the Invoice/Credit Memo Form – FAAINVE and Tab to insert Next in the Document # field and select Direct Pay from the pull- down menu. 2. In the Vendor Field, enter a valid code (Z#) or use the pull down menu (Entity Name/Id Search form - FTIIDEN) to search for vendor. 3. Perform a Query by typing in Last Name, always start with a capital letter, type in name (or partial – if using partial add % sign to the end, this acts as a wild card ) and perform an Execute Query.

7 4. Select the correct Vendor / Payee and double click on the name When you have the CORRECT Vendor / Payee…. NEXT BLOCK 5. This screen is the INVOICE HEADER PAGE and needs to be filled out in it’s entirety. 6. It is very important to input the correct invoice date as this drives the payment date. The Transaction Date is the date that the document is opened 7. Verify the mailing address matches the remit to on the invoice and if it does not, use the Sequence drop down arrow to locate the correct one. (If it does not exist, contact Ruth Aide in Purchasing) 8.The discount code populates automatically and the Payment Due date is directly related to the Invoice date and the Discount Code (It can be manually changed if necessary) 9. Bank – Enter 01 – this must be entered!! Always 01 10. The VENDOR INVOICE field MUST be filled in using the actual invoice #. If there is no invoice # and it is a Direct Pay is for a Travel reimbursement or a similar reimbursement, the travel dates may be used in lieu of an invoice #.

8 When the page is complete, NEXT BLOCK You are now on the COMMODITY PAGE - This is the page that is printed and is sent to Accounts Payable for processing along with the required backup. 11. Tab over to the box next to the Commodity box; this is the DESCRIPTION box As much information should be entered here as possible. This will ensure the payment is being applied properly. If it is for a conference or a hotel, the confirmation # can be inserted here as well as ARTV form #s * If you have a check pick up or an enclosure – be sure to write PUC for check pick up or Encl for an enclosure on the Description line. **Check pick -up - An email needs to be sent to AP with your BUM being CC’d requesting a check pick up – this is considered to be an exception ***Enclosure – Please be sure to include a copy with the direct pay

9 Direct pays… continued 12. Enter the monetary amount in the Approved box and tab through and NEXT BLOCK

10 You have now reached the ACCOUNTING PAGE 13. This is where you will insert your FOPAL – The FOPAL is the FUND, ORGANIZATION, ACCOUNT, PROGRAM # 14. Enter in the Bank # 01 and tab through Next Block

11 FINALLY….. Almost Finished 15. Verify the amount is correct 16. Hit the COMPLETE button and Congratulations you have successfully created a Direct Pay!!!!

12 Steps to Create a Direct Pay Go to the screen FAAINVE Under Document Type in Z # - If you don’t know the Z#, you must do a Search NEXT BLOCK Under the Invoice Header Page fill in all necessary information Pay Attention to : Invoice Date, Mailing Address Vendor Invoice # NEXT BLOCK Commodity Page Fill out all information including a description of the direct Pay – send this page to AP NEXT BLOCK NOTE: Enter as much info as possible in the Description Area – Confirmation #, etc Accounting Page Enter the Fopal (Fund, Org, Acct #)to be used, Bank 01, tab through Next Block Please verify the amount is correct, write down the I# if necessary and hit COMPLETE Your Direct Pay is now Finished

13 OOPS! I need to REMOVE the Direct Pay What do I do???  You are only able to remove a direct pay if it has not been Completed or has been Disapproved  If you have completed the document, you must call AP for someone to disapprove the direct pay  First, Go to FAAINVE – Invoice/ Credit Memo  Under Document, type in the I # of the Direct Pay that you wish to remove…. Next Block  This is the Invoice Header page where you can successfully REMOVE the document.  On the top of the page, go to RECORD, scroll down to REMOVE, and then do this a 2 nd time.  A memo saying that this item was removed should populate.  You have successfully removed the document!

14 Contract Payments  When submitting direct pays for Contract Payments, the following needs to be included:  Direct Pay information (Commodity Information Page)  Contract Voucher - form located on the Staff Council Website under Contract Procedures, #9  Contractors Invoice/Bill for payment

15 CHARTWELLS Chartwells does not need a direct pay!! When Chartwells is used and payment needs to be made, you would: Receive the Chartwells Invoice Write the ARE # along with the FOPAL on the invoice Write Ok to Pay with your name Send over to AP where it will be logged on the ARE form A Journal Entry will be done to charge back to the department

16 Making Changes To A Direct Pay Banner is DATE and TIME sensitive this means that the Transaction date needs to be changed anytime there is an error fix or change to a document.  Make all changes to a document in FAAINVE – must re-enter the Transaction date so the new information will be recognized. NSF - If the document is NSF - go into the document, change the transaction date, tab through everything most importantly the Fopal When you get to the last page (Balance and Completion) you can perform a Previous Block to go back and check that the NSF status which was a Y is now an N. Return to Balance and Completions and hit Complete. For all other changes - Go into the document using FAAINVE, change the Transaction date, TAB through, make the necessary change, Tab through entire document and hit complete.

17 Notes  To Fix a NSF (non sufficient funds) – Verify sufficient budget is in the FOPAL. When the document has been DISAPPROVED, change the transaction date to the day you are re-processing, access the accounting distribution, tab through the FOPAL and complete.  If your document has been disapproved for other reasons, ie. 1099, bank code, invoice #, then change the transaction date to the day you are re-processing, access the accounting distribution, tab through the FOPAL, fix the specific problem and hit complete.  If you are paying an individual for goods and services, code for 1099 if the vendor is not coded 1099 in the vendor data base, please contact Purchasing.  Corporations do not get coded 1099  Payments that are not originally coded will be disapproved and need to be changed before payment can be processed If you have a vendor 1099 question, please call Mary Hughes @ x 4784  CHECK REQUESTS – Send email requesting check pick- up to AccountsPayable@, your BUM must be copied – check pick- ups should be exceptions.  Important – Only use 700000 Account codes

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