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Postgraduate Administrative Arrangements Brief for Supervisors Rick Kiralfy Head of the College Postgraduate Office 1 st Floor David Hume Tower George.

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1 Postgraduate Administrative Arrangements Brief for Supervisors Rick Kiralfy Head of the College Postgraduate Office 1 st Floor David Hume Tower George Square

2  Management Information Flow  Key Admin Processes  University Level Support  Useful References  Reminder “Do’s and Don’ts” The timelines shown in the presentation refer to full-time PhD study, and are different for MPhil or part-time study Format….

3 The University has a Senatus PG Studies Committee structure Each College has a Dean of PG Studies, a College PG Studies Committee, and a PG Office Each School has a PG Director and a School PG structure Senate PGSC College PGSCSchool PGS x3 x11 Your School admin focus is through your PG Office, but the College PG Office is also here to help Regulations & Guidance Issues and Proposals

4 Regulations? Guidance? “Playing Space” Regs Guidance Mandatory Discretionary Regulations tell us what is required – no discretion inc: DRPS, Exam Regulations Guidance inform us about best practice based on experience

5 Admissions  Applications come via EUCLID  Communication with student is electronic  At least one supervisor appointed pre-offer  2 nd no later than 2 months in  Nurturing during lead-up to matriculation  Induction phase very important The applicant phase is the start of getting to know your student

6 Interruptions/Extensions  Interruptions “stop the clock”; fees “stop” too  Extensions add extra time; extra fee  Both require a case to be made, with evidence  Cannot be made retrospective  IoS cumulative maximum for PhD is 60 months  Approval authority: College PG Dean ONLY  Request does NOT equal automatic approval  Must have Research Council support if applicable Be alert to your student’s potential lack of progress in good time. Get students to keep you in the picture. Monitor and document progress.

7 Leave of Absence  Leave = work away, NOT a holiday!  Students to be in Edinburgh during PPoS, unless granted leave; PG Director can recommend up to 15 months  Supervisor applies on student’s behalf  Appropriate supervision/facilities must be available to the student whilst on leave  Tell the College Office (standard form), as we need to confirm to student and to Registry Be alert to absence of student from Edinburgh

8 Withdrawals/Terminations  Supervisor can apply on student’s behalf:  Reason for withdrawal must be given  Independent letter from student will be sought if not provided  If as a result of student deciding career choice was wrong, best if happens in first year  Initiated by College Office when:  Student has gone away (ie no contact), fails to submit, fails to make corrections, or fails to resubmit Be alert to lack of expected contact, try to get in touch, tell PG Director and College if none forthcoming

9 Annual Reports  Done towards end of 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd year  Timeliness is essential  Need to identify:  Whether on track or with shortfalls  Plan way ahead  Comment on shortfalls mentioned in previous report  Tell the student - feedback Timely annual reports are vital to monitoring progress and managing remedial actions.

10 Writing Up Year – The Thesis  Expectation is that student will submit well before the 12 month point  Student should aim to complete in 3 years, but with the 4 th year being a contingency period  Supervisor must keep in contact  Arrange how, before writing up period starts  NITS  Before submitting, student should consult with supervisor about adequacy of thesis, BUT this is not compulsory  Student tells college 2 months before submission  College initiates getting examiners and sending thesis.  Head of school nominates examiners, in consultation with supervisors (1 Internal, 1 External Encourage student to submit thesis on time

11 Examination  Student has no right to veto examiners  Examiners review thesis (Part 1 report); and then conduct Viva (Part 2 report)  Internal examiner usually makes arrangements for oral  Supervisor(s) can attend oral as ‘observer’ if student agrees  Non-Examining Chair preferred  College exam committee decides result  Student and supervisor informed College authorises exam result. Do not assume viva recommendations will be final

12 Appeals and Complaints  Students may appeal when they:-  Alert UoE about personal difficulties previously not known  Feel they lacked the resources to complete the project  Feel they have had inadequate supervision  Feel they were not fairly examined  Students may complain when they:-  Would otherwise appeal, but lack the grounds  Miss milestones, fall behind and submit poor work  Fall out with their supervisor  Have a grievance (eg plagiarism)  Have paid money but not got a degree This does not mean that all students must pass, but supervisors must demonstrate due diligence and schools must provide appropriate resources

13 University Level Support:  Disability Office  Careers  Chaplaincy  Health Service  International Office  Scholarships & Student Finance Office  Student’s Association (EUSA)  Advice Place  Student Counselling

14 PGR SUPERVISOR DO’s and Don’ts Please see Handout These tips help you to help the student, and help both of you to steer away from problem areas

15 Guide to PG Administration  Essential information is on the web  Hard to know where they are  Indexed College “links” Page  Alphabetical order  Easy to navigate, links to “Golden Copy”  Routine updates  Can add topics quickly  Available from PG Office Home Page

16 Click Here


18 Click on the Links as required Click on letter to go there

19 The Last Word Although your first point of contact will usually be your own school PG Office, please seek our advice when you need to The College PG Office is here to help College PG Office Web Page: PG Admin Index Page: html

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