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Connecting with Visitors and Turning Them into Long- term, Loyal Customers with Merrill Bonarrigo Co-Founder & Owner Messina Hof Winery and Resort.

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1 Connecting with Visitors and Turning Them into Long- term, Loyal Customers with Merrill Bonarrigo Co-Founder & Owner Messina Hof Winery and Resort

2 U.S. wine grape growing regions

3 #1 California #2 Washington #3 New York #4 Oregon #5 Texas The United States Wine Industry Today

4 Wineries in Texas There are more than 240 wineries in Texas! They are located within 85% of Texas Population and 90 miles of Major Cities

5 Landmark Events in Texas Wine History T.V. Munson of Denison develops the Exhibit of American Grapes at the 1893 Exposition in Chicago and earns the Chevalier du Mérite Agricole in the French Legion of Honor. In 1883, the Val Verde Winery of Del Rio, Texas was established by Frank Qualia, an Italian emigrant. It will be the only Texas winery to survive Prohibition. The history of Texas wine begins in the 1600’s when Spanish missionaries begin cultivating grapes near present- day El Paso. In 1919, Prohibition closes 24 of the 25 existing Texas wineries. Prohibition is repealed in 1933, but it will take decades for the Texas wine industry to recover.

6 The Texas Wine Industry After Prohibition In 1977, Messina Hof continues a 200-year family legacy of winemaking as Paul and Merrill Bonarrigo start their vineyard outside Bryan. Messina Hof develops its first commercial wines in 1983 with the production of 1,300 gallons. Today, there are 240 Texas wineries, producing 2.4 million gallons. Texas is America’s #5 wine producing state with an annual economic impact of $3.5 billion.

7 State of Texas Wine Tourism Industry 90% of Texas Wineries Distribute Primarily at winery Demographic: 25-40 years old represent 60% of Texas wine customers. New World Wine Interest Unified Organization TWGGA with Growers and Wineries representing 70% of industry Cohesive legislative strategy with legislative support Vineyard planting up to 5 acres $50,000 Passport Program for winery visitations 4 million stimulus industry promotion research/marketing/education Extension 4 regional viticulturists 1 state enologist Grow – Produce - Sell 95% in Texas Source: Texas Dept. of Agriculture

8 Messina Hof Mission Statement “Messina Hof is a family owned business based on the 3 cornerstones of family, tradition, & romance, and is dedicated to produce a gold medal wine in every varietal and to maximize opportunities developed from the wines in a tourism destination focused on the best in hospitality, food & customer service.”

9 Messina Hof – Yesterday & Today




13 Sunset Tours every Fridays- Perfect for Date Night!

14 Vineyard Cuisine – fresh garden grown on estate & wine included in every dish


16 Voted Most Romantic

17 The Wine Bar

18 Messina Hof – A Family Tradition

19 Join the Family & Keep the Love Growing 1. Trust & Commitment: Deliver the promise 2. Honesty: Be Authentic 3. Spend time together: Events & Personal Availability 4. Communications: Stay in Touch 5. Listen & Respect: Survey and Act 6. Love A. Do into others as you would have then do unto you B. Care -> In greetings -> In listening

20 Winery Programs Daily Tours (3-6 per day) Wine Trails (5 special events per year, 2-3 weeks per event trail) Events – Weddings, group tours, music events, festivals Onsite Marriage Officiant - Winemaker John 15 Tours – Merrill MOM – Mentor, Organizer, Motivator Employee Recognition Programs

21 Monthly Cooking Parties & Wine Appreciation Classes Sunday, March 27 th -3:00pm White Wines - Their varietals and origins Sunday, April 17 th -3:00pm Red Wines - Their Varietals and origins Sunday, May 22 nd – 3:00pm Consumer's guide to wine and the tools we love to buy! Thursday, March 10 th A Taste of New Orleans Creole Cajun Cuisine at Messina Hof Thursday, April 14 th – 6:30pm Let's Talk Salads, Pasta and Fish Thursday, May 12 th – 6:30pm Let's Talk about All You Can Eat at the Classic Boiled Seafood Bash Events

22 Murder Mystery Dinners Available to customize for private parties. Several different themes to choose from. Great for: Birthday Parties Date Parties Graduation Dinners Fun & Original Dates

23 Harvest Celebration! All day, every weekend, Friday through Sunday, July 22 nd until August 14 th. Come Experience: Grape Picking & Stomping Vineyard Cuisine Luncheons Food & Wine Pairing parties Tours & Tastings Vintner Dinners features Vintners from all over the world Murder Mystery Dinners For full event schedules visit

24 New & Traditional April 2nd-3rd - Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail - Spring Bluebonnet, Wine & Cheese Trail April 9th-10th - Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail - Spring Bluebonnet, Wine & Cheese Trail April 14th - Cooking Party with the Vintage House Chef April 16th - 17th - Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail - Spring Bluebonnet, Wine & Cheese Trail- April 17th - Messina Hof Bridal Show at 12:00-4:00pm April 17th - Wine Appreciation Class - Red Wines - Their Varietals and origins 3:00pm April 23rd - Ambassador Training 9:00am April 23rd - VIP Reception 10:00am-12:00pm April 23rd - Annual Wine & Rose's Festival April 24th - Easter Specials at The Vintage House Restaurant April 27th - May 1st - On the Road - Grand Wine and Food Affair

25 Messina Hof Brings Regional and National Promotions to BCS Customers want to make a difference Let your customers know how you support your neighbors and help those in need.

26 Become a Messina Hof Ambassador Anyone is welcome to be a Messina Hof ambassador and may represent Messina Hof at events. What Do Ambassadors Receive? *To say "Thank You" to our Ambassadors, they accumulate reward points for each event or demo worked. 125 points can be redeemed for a $25 Messina Hof Gift Certificate. Gift Certificates can be used at the following places at Messina Hof Winery & Resort: -Wine Bar -Vintage House -Villa -OR Convert your points to the VIP Loyalty Program

27 Become a Messina Hof VIP VIP Membership Benefits 1.Exclusive VIP Red Beret Club Discounts Begin the Day You Join 2. Exclusive FREE Symbols of Your VIP Status 3. FREE Gift Certificate for Our World Famous Tour & Taste for Twenty 4. FREE Case of Private Labels 5. Exclusive VIP Red Beret Club Quarterly Private Parties Winemaker's Birthday Bash Wine & Roses Festival Reception Harvest Reception Wine Premiere Reception 6. VIP Red Beret Communiqué Newsletter 7. Exclusive FREE VIP Wine Cavé in the Vintage House Restaurant 8. Guaranteed Invitation to Every Winery Activity 9. First Choice on New Release Wines

28 Messina Hof VIP Insiders Upgrade Your Membership GOLD LEVEL Receive all of the perks of Club Membership, PLUS you receive: A special edition Paulo vented beret An extra case worth of private labels Free admission for two to any one of our in-depth Wine Seminars Special recognition at VIP receptions and gatherings PLATINUM LEVEL Receive all of the perks that come with a VIP GOLD membership PLUS you will receive: A complementary dinner with Paul and Merrill at Wine Premiere An extra template to use for customized labels Free admission for two to any two of our in-depth Wine Seminars Discounts on Wine as well as Guest Center purchases increased to 25% A signed bottle of the most awarded wine of the year Special recognition at VIP receptions and gatherings

29 Join the Messina Hof Cork Club All Cork Club Members receive: - Special Pricing - Option of Monthly or Quarterly Wine Shipments - Monthly Newsletter - Winemaker's Tasting Notes - Recipes & more! - Quarterly Pickup Parties - No initial fee to join & may be cancelled at any time.

30 Conduct drawings at all events and collect email addresses Website maintain an email database with joining mechanism on website Do online drawings for prizes to get more fans on your facebook Create partnerships with compatible businesses to put your logo and link on their websites Collect emails from ______? Blogs & tweets Collect names and emails from all venues onsite Collect names and emails from wine trail website and ticket sales Host Chamber After Hours 1x per year Build Customer Contact Lists

31 Strengthen Communication with Customers through all Channels Blog at least 2-3 times per week Tweet your blogs Facebook daily posting – used by 86% of Texas industry Evites to events Monthly VIP Newsletter Weekly Eblasts Special Event Invitations Mailed Sales Calls Weekly Welcome call to each new VIP within 30 days of joining Thank you notes to large purchases/supporters Reminder calls to VIPs for renewals Post events on all available websites that are free Put posters, brochures, and post events on local CVB and state sites Monthly YOUTUBE virtual wine tastings that correspond to month’s wine club shipments

32 What is Good Customer Service? Have passion for your customers Have passion for ever improving Have passion for always offering something new Be willing to learn from mistakes Be willing to change to fulfill needs & expectations even if different than tradition (surveys) NO - “The way you have always done it.” YES - “Those who say it cannot be done need to get out of the way of those who are doing it.”

33 Relationship is Everything Make No Judgments


35 Make Customers into Friends Treat your customers like they are the most important people in your business life, because they are. Remember that they are the only reason that you are in business. Treat them with the respect that position deserves. Give thanks everyday for their desire to buy your product and service Rejoice that you are in the best business in the world where people come into your winery with a smile on their face; a desire to spend money; and then they say thank you for that opportunity and return to do it all again!

36 Never, ever stop…

37 Dreaming!

38 Thank You! Questions? Contact Messina Hof Winery & Resort 979-778-9463 4545 Old Reliance Road Bryan, Texas 77808

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