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Please feel free to tweet today’s tips! #BWCC

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1 Please feel free to tweet today’s tips! #BWCC #WIB @KatieBRoberts

2 Katie B. Roberts January 14, 2011 Integrating Social Media into the Sales & Marketing Plan @KatieBRoberts

3 Online Marketing Strategy

4 Online Marketing Website SEO/SEM Email Marketing Social Media Face to Face Trade Shows Events Networking Media & Advertising Press Release Print Advertising Direct Mail Signage Social Media cannot stand on its own; piece of bigger plan

5 Online Marketing Strategy

6 Leverage Social Communities “If you build it, they will come…” Does not work here

7 Leverage Social Communities Ways to attract community members ENGAGE Contests Listen & respond Humanize CONTENT Blogs White papers Product specs GIVE Coupons Rewards Take Action

8 Leverage Social Communities

9 Photo contest on Facebook RT content and enter to win… 1 st person to tweet “Great seminar on social media, @KatieBRoberts” wins… [hint]

10 Leverage Social Communities Brand / industry sentiment Become a thought leader Work to resolve customer issues Listen for needs of existing & potential customers Exact Target vs. Publicaster CASE STUDY:

11 Leverage Social Communities Honesty Sincerity Transparency Find the “voice” for each community [Skittles] Ensure others in company know “voice” lingo Use real photos instead of logos where possible


13 Leverage Social Communities Offer exclusive coupons for Facebook Fans Provide links to lunchtime specials on twitter Allow access to exclusive content in Linkedin Groups Specials for checkins & mayors on Foursquare

14 Promote Social Media Communities

15 Website Email signature / newsletter Print collateral Assets / signage Business Cards Twitter directories Linkedin Profile

16 Promote Social Media Communities Facebook “Like” “Share This” and “Add to Any” Recent Tweets Calls to Action “Read more” in email Twitter #hashtags

17 Why people “Like” Facebook Pages 10. Learn more about company (21%) 9. Referred to by a friend (22%) 8. Access to exclusive content (25%) 7. Looking for fun & entertainment (27%) 6. Want information on future sales (30%) 5. Receive updates on future products (33%) 4. Stay informed (34%) 3. Hope to get something free (36%) 2. Show support for brand/product (37%) 1. Receive discounts or coupons (40%)

18 Attracting Facebook Fans Be interactive, fun, & helpful Embed videos Use Facebook Landing Pages Facebook Contests (Strutta) Focus Groups / Testing [True Lemon] Introduce new products Virtual Parties [Jeffrey Hayzlett] Trivia! [AMA Baltimore]

19 Attracting Twitter Followers Participate in the dialog –RT, DM, comment Follow thought leaders Use #hashtags Establish relationships salesAnnounce specials, deals, sales Share blog articles, white papers, Facebook content Live event/conference tweeting Tweet about today’sseminar!


21 Tips to Consider Identify your tone Know your audience Leverage brand ambassadors Use real-time monitoring tools Build & use editorial calendar Point customers to content (Penn Olson) Use calls to action QUALITY vs quantity

22 Tips to Consider Give ‘em something to talk about…. And share!

23 Resources TweetDeck Klout Feedburner Strutta Add This & Share This JitterJam & Radian6 Technorati Google alerts & Google Analytics Social mention / Postling

24 Websites I Follow Social Media Marketing Harvard Business Blue Sky

25 Contact Info

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