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14 Tips For the Newer Men’s Official By Eric Evans DATE: ROOM: TIME:

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1 14 Tips For the Newer Men’s Official By Eric Evans DATE: ROOM: TIME:

2 #1 Body Language Speaks Volumes a) Deer in the Headlights b) Gunslinger c) Stand Tall and Relaxed d) Strong Confident Signals. Hold It e) Take Time When Reporting Fouls f) Videotape yourself in a Game

3 #2 The Uniform a) White Cotton Shorts. No Polyester! b) Socks. Garters Underneath. Less Black. c) Compression Undershorts White. d) Avoid Disco Ref e) JC Penny. Officials Corner 800-333- 5299. Honigs 888- 468-3284

4 #3 Improve Physical Conditioning a) Officiating 80% mental, but… b) Most Refs in Poor Condition c) Perception vs. Reality d) Avoid Injury e) Being in Position f) Specific Training

5 #4 Remembering Mistakes a) Note the Game/Mistake in the rulebook next to the Rule or AR for visceral recollection later. b) Carry Them Over to the Next Year. When new rulebook arrives, write in the mistakes from former years.

6 #5 The Three Stages of the New Official a) Stage 1: Don’t Call Anything. b) Stage 2: Call Everything All over the Field. The Dreaded Ball Watcher c) Watching Your Primary Area. On-ball vs. Off-ball.

7 #6 Seek Advice From Experienced Refs a) In the Pre-game Conference if you are lucky enough to have time b) Being seen, not heard, in intros c) Be receptive even if you disagree d) Post Game. Email or Phone a mentor

8 #7 Use the Internet a) For Rules. NCAA website download. NFHS.ORG. b) US Lacrosse c)

9 #8 Clinics a) LAREDO through US Lacrosse. Big one in Vail at the end of June. Contact David Seidman. 215-545-2233 b) ZLAX Ref Camp in July. Contact John Hill. 339-235-0368

10 #9 Politics a) Officiating is a People Business. Be a People Person. Use Common Sense. b) Be Known as Someone who Gives Something Back. c) Help the Assignor d) Refs with a Head Start: former players, coaches, refs from other sports.

11 #10 Packing the Gear Bag a) Pack from the Bottom up b) Don’t Get Distracted before you Finish c) Plastic bag for wet shoes/gear d) Cell phone and phone numbers

12 #11 Work Hard During Dead Balls a) Eyes on the players after a whistle. b) Timeouts. Watch the teams cross. c) After a goal. Watch the celebration/taunting.

13 #12 Watch an Experienced Ref a) Avoid Watching the Ball. b) Watch the Ref. Positioning. Mechanics. Delivery.

14 #13 The WhistleBlower a) Choosing the right Whistle. Fox 40 Finger-held. b) The Small tweet c) The Normal tweet d) The Loud Blast e) Multiple Blasts

15 #14 Befriending the Table Personnel a) Is there a table, horn, adult? b) Clock Issues c) Penalty logistics. Write down. d) Horn

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