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Spring 2003 Delaware Soccer Officials Association.

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1 Spring 2003 Delaware Soccer Officials Association

2 Agenda Match Quiz(s) Tunneling Fouls Match Situations Bookings from World Cup 2002 Advice for Bad Teamwork

3 Match Quiz 1 Before the match, you inform player A9 that he cannot participate while wearing a large ring. Seven minutes into the game, you notice A9 is still wearing the ring. What should you do?

4 Match Quiz 2 At a kickoff, the ball enters the opponent’s goal without being touched. What should you do?

5 Match Quiz 3 A fullback is angry with her goalkeeper. She shouts abusive language to her keeper. Both are in the penalty area. What should you do?

6 Tunneling Fouls What is tunneling? Tunneling (or bridging) is usually committed by a player who remains on the ground and upends a player in the air. When does it occur? 50-50 air balls

7 What to watch for... Were both players playing the ball? Where were their eyes? Does one player hold her ground and go flying when her opponent crashes into her? Does a player back in, stick his butt out, and cause his opponent to go over his back? Does one player duck and then stiffen up at contact? Does a player move in from behind and shove her opponents hips as she is playing the ball in the air?

8 Fair or Foul? What’s the foul? –Pushing? –Unfair charge? –Jumping? If involved in play and clearly attempting to play the ball, then it’s fair play.

9 Match Management Watch the players early in the match and deal with foul play. –Verbal warning (if marginal) - “Play the ball” –Whistle and explanation - “Play the ball not the man.” Judge how far the punts will go and position yourself to see the contact - be able to see “between” the players Make clear decisive judgement - strong whistle and point direction - let them know you won’t allow it.

10 Your comments?

11 Match Situations A.The goalkeeper (A1) takes a goal kick. The ball strikes the referee and heads toward the goal. A1 deflects the ball over the end line with their hand. Your call? B.Same situation except a team mate (A2) deflects the ball over the end line with their hand. Your call? C.Same situation. Except a free kick from outside the penalty area. Your call?

12 Bookings from World Cup 2002 You be the referee...

13 Advice for Bad Teamwork Show up late and don’t call ahead. Wear an old, worn out uniform. No patch. Stay in your end of the field. Never cross the halfway line. Make a quick call from across the field without observing your partner. Don’t hustle or back up your partner on fast moving play.

14 More Advice for Bad Teamwork Be distant and casual about the game. Speak to the players and coaches with snarling or critical words. Talk a lot to the players and coaches. Rationalize your mistakes. Referee every match the same - don’t change Be arrogant. Other suggestions?

15 Antidotes for a Bad Partner Set a good example Discuss in pre-game Draw out and connect with your partner - act like a partner Feedback to assignor Your Ideas?

16 What is the single, most important contribution you can make to improving your match preparation ?


18 Your partner turned back the match and their replacement has not called you. Your partner’s schedule is tight and the bozo may arrive less than 30 minutes before the match. Your schedule is tight and you may arrive less than 30 minutes before the match. Clarify uniform and arrival specifics Why should you call your partner?

19 What are the benefits? The schools (and players) play their match. Officials arrive prepared and on-time. You get to work the match. You get to work the match with a partner. Schedule glitches are corrected. Referees are seen as pro-active by the schools.

20 Spring 2003 Delaware Soccer Officials Association

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