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Twitter for Nonprofits: July 21, 2009 Kevin Martone and Joe Ruotolo Technology Program Team Grinspoon Institute for Jewish Philanthropy Reconnecting 140.

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1 Twitter for Nonprofits: July 21, 2009 Kevin Martone and Joe Ruotolo Technology Program Team Grinspoon Institute for Jewish Philanthropy Reconnecting 140 Characters at a Time

2 Twitter for Nonprofits2 July 21, 2009 Agenda: Welcome 1:00 – 1:05 Twitter Basics 1:05 – 1:25 Twitter as an Organization 1:25 – 1:35 Other Twitter Tools 1:35 – 1:40 Camp Examples 1:40 – 1:55 Fundraising on Twitter 1:55 – 2:00 Issues 2:00 – 2:05 Tweeting our Conference 2:05 – 2:10 Feedback/Questions 2:10 – 2:20

3 Twitter for Nonprofits3 July 21, 2009 Notes on Today’s Session Today’s Topic  Twitter is a fast-growing social media service that can be used to reach out to constituents  More and more camps are utilizing the service to reach out to parents and alumni  Each camp needs to better understand if/how Twitter fits into their overall outreach and communications strategy…and how they can best implement it  This presentation will give an overview for beginners and some more in-depth tips for more advanced users The Presentation and Recorded Session will be available for download on within 24 hours

4 Twitter for Nonprofits4 July 21, 2009 What is Twitter? 140 Character “Tweets” to the World  “What are you doing?”  “Followers” receive messages directly Combination of Instant Messaging (IM) and Blogging  Micro-blogging Discuss anything! Status updates, links to articles, requests for info, etc. Tweet via text message, smartphone, web Many tools to manage and search the flow of information on Twitter

5 Twitter for Nonprofits5 July 21, 2009 Why Should We Tweet? Your Outreach/Communication Goals?  If Twitter helps reach those goals… Engage and Learn Fun! Post Updates for Parents Can Drive Traffic to Website, FB Page, … Demographics  35-49 is largest demo group on Twitter  1,000+% growth from Feb. 2008 to Feb. 2009

6 Twitter for Nonprofits6 July 21, 2009 Photo by cogdogblog on Flickr

7 Twitter for Nonprofits7 July 21, 2009 Getting Started Go to Register yourself or your Organization 160 Character Bio Upload a Photo Upload/Choose a Design (Background) Send Tweets!

8 Twitter for Nonprofits8 July 21, 2009 Getting Started (cont’d) Settings  Can “protect” updates  Bio  Devices (text updates)  Notices (email)  Picture  Design (background)

9 Twitter for Nonprofits9 July 21, 2009 Getting Started (cont’d) Twitter is also a great Listening tool Real-time Find people  Twitter Search ( Click “Advanced Search”  “Find People” link Follow/be followed

10 Twitter for Nonprofits10 July 21, 2009 Getting Started (cont’d) Example Search: Camp Harlam

11 Twitter for Nonprofits11 July 21, 2009 Twitter Lingo TweetAn update on Twitter Follow/ Unfollow Determines which tweets will show up on your personal homepage FollowersPeople subscribed to receive your tweets Hashtags (#)Allows easy searching; global “conversation” Retweet (RT)Forward other people’s tweets @ RepliesSend (public) msg directly to user on Twitter DM (Direct Messages) Send (private) msg directly to user Favorites“Save” specific tweets as favorites BlockBlock a User from Following your Tweets Short URLShortened URL of a webpage (, tinyurl, etc.) – Be wary of these from unknown people

12 Twitter for Nonprofits12 July 21, 2009 Twitter Profile

13 Twitter for Nonprofits13 July 21, 2009 Twitter as an Organization Be Authentic! Conversations:  2-way

14 Twitter for Nonprofits14 July 21, 2009 Twitter as an Organization (cont’d) Follow us! @gijp@gijp Tools to allow multiple people to post to same Organizational Twitter Account  CoTweet  Hootsuite  Also offer integrated URL shortener/stats  Can schedule/assign future Tweets Widgets can show Twitter feed on website or blog

15 Twitter for Nonprofits15 July 21, 2009 Other Twitter Tools Desktop Twitter Apps  TweetDeck  Twitterrific (Mac only) TwitterBerry (Blackberry) TweetDeck or Twitterfon (iPhone) TweetBeep – email alerts on Twitter search Twtvite – Create “tweetup” event on Twitter TwitterAnalyzer – review stats of your followers, conversations, links, etc. Other suggestions from seasoned Twitterers?

16 Twitter for Nonprofits16 July 21, 2009 Camp Example: URJ Henry S. Jacobs Camp

17 Twitter for Nonprofits17 July 21, 2009 Camp Example: Camp JORI

18 Twitter for Nonprofits18 July 21, 2009 Camp Example: Camp Judaea

19 Twitter for Nonprofits19 July 21, 2009 Camp Twitter Accounts Camp@Followers*Post FreqContent Camp Judaea 65 Every 1-2 daysUpdates, some dialog/RT, fun Camp JORIJORITweet25 2-3 per dayUpdates, fun URJ Greene Family Camp URJGFC220 5-7 per dayUpdates, fun Surprise Lake 82 Every 1-2 daysUpdates, fun, links to website Herzl Camp 39 Every 1-2 daysUpdates, links to website, focus on Alumni URJ Camp Harlam 133 5-10 per dayUpdates, fun *Some view Tweets on Camp Website or Blog instead

20 Twitter for Nonprofits20 July 21, 2009 Fundraising on Twitter Twitter fundraising works best for a specific event or challenge  Link to online giving page or ChipIn/Causes Widget  TipJoy (Fundraising via PayPal directly on Twitter) Otherwise, used for finding and engaging constituents; cultivate via other channels Examples  Tweetsgiving  140 Smiles

21 Twitter for Nonprofits21 July 21, 2009 Issues Short URLs Spam  Block Followers  Report Spam Follow @spam DM offending Twitter username Legitimate email address not needed to register Easy to follow (without updates “Protected”) Watch what you say!  Anyone can see it (unless “Protected”)  Can delete tweets, but will be available via search on Twitter and Google for days  Don’t tell the world you will be away for a week (or summer!)

22 Twitter for Nonprofits22 July 21, 2009 Tweeting our Conference #gijp Pre-planning  Tweet plans – Attending? Sessions? etc. During conference  Tweet questions  Post comments  Tweetups? Post-conference  Continue discussion of learnings, sharing info

23 Twitter for Nonprofits23 July 21, 2009 Questions? Photo by Xurble

24 Twitter for Nonprofits24 July 21, 2009 Grinspoon Institute Webinars – Feedback/Questions How did we do? How was the level of detail? What topics would you like to learn about in this format? Is there a topic you’d like to share in a future Webinar? Any other suggestions?

25 Twitter for Nonprofits25 July 21, 2009 Next Webinar… Will be back in September In the meantime:  Check out our Webinar archives  Join the discussion on our Discussion Boards  Help us make these Webinars as helpful as possible to you: If there is a specific topic you would like us to present via our Webinars, let us know! If you would like to present in a Webinar on a specific topic, let us know!

26 Twitter for Nonprofits26 July 21, 2009 For More Information This presentation and recorded session will be available in our Webinar archives by the end of the week: http://webinar.gijptech.org Recent GIJP Blog Post re: TwitterGIJP Blog Post re: Twitter Twitter in Plain English Video by CommonCraft Twitter in Plain English Video Follow us @gijp ( Become our Facebook Page FanFacebook Page Fan

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