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New European Colonies Lesson 2.

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1 New European Colonies Lesson 2

2 French and Dutch Settlements
A shortcut to Asia is all that we seek North-west Pass-age A path that is quick for the trade-goods, you see Explorers searched for it - for years at a time They looked and they looked but they never did find North-west Pass-age (do do dee do do do tweet)

3 French and Dutch Settlements
Many countries hoped to be the first to find the Northwest Passage through the Americas. A Northwest Passage would make it easier to trade between Europe and Asia.

4 French and Dutch Settlements
The colony of Quebec was founded on the St Lawrence river. This was a good location because of: water travel made transportation and travel easy Millions of beavers lived in the forests in this region. Beaver fur was very popular in Europe and the beaver trade industry was very profitable Other towns like Montreal followed. These cities were called the colonies of New France.

5 French and Dutch Colonies
Dutch leaders hired English sea captain, Henry Hudson, to search for the Northwest Passage through America.

6 French and Dutch Settlements
Henry Hudson explored 150 miles up the River and claimed the land he saw for the Dutch. These colonies would be called New Netherlands. The biggest and most important Dutch settlement in North America was called New Amsterdam. It sat on the mouth of the Hudson river and controlled trade up and down the river.

7 New Amsterdam Grows To help the colony grow, the Dutch encouraged people from many countries and religions to settle in New Netherland. New Amsterdam became a thriving town with a diverse population. Later the English will take over the city and give it a new name. Today it is one of the largest and most important cities in the world. You may know it as:

8 Time to hit a high note! Open your textbook to page 164.
Read through the lesson and find cause-effect relationships. Add these relationships to your notes. Then open to page Use the "Fact File" to answer these questions. Which explorer reached North America first? Which two explorers sailed under the flag of the country in which they were born? What body of water is named after one of the explorers.

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