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Social Media Networking By Claudia Marcelloni. Geneva Forum on Social Change  The recent events in Tunisia and Egypt demonstrated the power of social.

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1 Social Media Networking By Claudia Marcelloni

2 Geneva Forum on Social Change  The recent events in Tunisia and Egypt demonstrated the power of social media as a force for democracy and a tool for political change. It has been dubbed a non-violent ‘social media’ revolution.  International Organizations, NGOs and charities have increasingly seen the role of social media in creating awareness among their donor publics and bringing the plight of their beneficiaries to a global audience in real time. 

3 Goal Trigger discussion on how we can use social media to communicate our common goals

4 What is social media networking?  “Social Media Networking” is based on web 2.0 functionality; however, simply using web 2.0 functionality is not sufficient to develop social media networking  Social Media is composed of several web platforms that allow you to communicate instead of only informing  Networking is a verb and therefore implies action  It is personal and better used to tell stories, create dialogue and partnerships



7  Yes there are too many platforms out there!  We need to understand:  How each one works  Why are people interested in participating  How we can benefit from each one

8 “Leave your prejudice behind and get educated”

9 YouTube/Flickr Sharing Multimedia

10 Viral & Successful  Viral:  Charlie bit my finger has been seen by more than 300.000,000 people _My_Finger _My_Finger  Successful:  However, for us quantity is not enough, quality is more important:  18 days in Egypt  Charity: Water - ex.php ex.php  Born HIV free –

11 Blog Personal Diary

12 Blog  Bad Astronomy from Phil Plait nomy nomy  NASA has several blogs; one section is for NASA people logs.jsp logs.jsp

13 Facebook Club

14 “Having social media presence is one thing, but having social media success is another. It is about engaging, really taking into account what people are saying, listening, making changes. It requires a lot of flexibility from the organization. Claudia Gonzales – Head of Marketing, The Social Fund

15 Twitter Scoop

16  14/socialnetworking-haiti 14/socialnetworking-haiti  Alexandra From Alexandra Eurdolian, Social Media Coordinator for UNHCR uses twitter to talk to journalists in a very personal way. As they are waiting for the approval of a press release she might send out to the individual journalists bits and pieces of information that carry no controversial material  “Press Release is information and Tweet is a conversation” says Isaac Griberg, Social Media Specialist, ICRC sites/social-media/index.jsp sites/social-media/index.jsp

17 Strategy

18 Social media should be integrated into the overall communications strategy and not used as an isolated communications tool

19 Social Media as part of your Communication Plan  Trace your objectives  Define your audiences and understand what social media they use  Define specific tactics for each platform  Integrate approaches among all your communication actions  Measure

20 How to use it  Raising awareness  Promoting events  Prompting action  Strengthening relationships

21 Good Practice  Be clear, honest and personal about your message  Make it about building relationships and not only being viral  Give simple actions for people to participate  Be aware that some people will not like you and that eventually you will be misunderstood; as long as you are honest and upfront with your answers you should be fine

22 Conclusions  Be open to investigate and learn about social media platforms.  Understand the psychology behind each platform. Why people are participating and how.  Make it part of your overall communication strategy.

23 Resources

24 Flickr Groups Web 2.0 - S. Goldfarb 24 FLICKROwnerMember s Items Logs277,81 0 n ALICE1431 collider Public, LHC25104 cs Public, Physics135615 N00 Public, Physics17714398 21 Proud2BaCERNg eek 370

25 YouTube, Vimeo, CoolIris Web 2.0 - S. Goldfarb 25 YOUTUBE AND ALIKEChannelViewsSubscribe rs,944,78 2 12,668,150335 ne Symmetry2,4339,754153 ment ATLAS604,5371,379 TV CMS6,498109 Times14,23919 of Science 3,201,06 3 42,010 Kat6,304,48 1 2,554 Rap1,629,55 4 3,465 http://vimeo.comNo dedicated channels, but many relevant images and videos.

26 A Few BLOGS (Official and Not) Web 2.0 - S. Goldfarb 26 BLOG LocationMaintainer Collaboration commentary10.htm CMS Collaboration http://lhc-news.blogspot.comPaul Halpern (Science Author) Top Sites (Public) http://blogs.uslhc.usU.S. LHC ml Physics World Breaking (FNAL/SLAC) http://blog.icecube.wisc.eduIce Cube Blog who love CERN? http://www.reddit.comGeneral, What’s New Blog http://scienceblogs.comScience Blogs

27 FACEBOOK Facebook (Pages & Groups) Web 2.0 - S. Goldfarb 27 FACEBOOKOwnerMembers/Fa ns 62 CERN25,217 like,424 like!/pages/Lhc/1 06231942748272 LHC (Public)1,811 like 6367 LHC Collisions3,511 members Switzerland/CMS/35328943432 CMS2,448 like Night-at-CMS/162366320442697 CMS Researchers Night Page 16 like 80 ALICE135 members 7589 ATLAS533 members 745 ATLAS Unofficial 2,117 members 6720 ATLAS Muons64 members

28 Official Particle Physics Tweets Web 2.0 - S. Goldfarb 28 TWITTERWho’s Tweeting?Followers Press Office202,349 Press Office (French)1,834 Collaboration2,785 Collaboration1,287 Collaboration5,798 Collaboration4,041,615 Tevatron1,684,282 National Lab2,536 in Japanese1,229 There are many others, some associated with groups, others for events, but no longer active.

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