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Social Media Basic Phil Abraham 3/20/15. TITLE | 2 BIO.

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1 Social Media Basic Phil Abraham 3/20/15


3 TITLE | 3 BIO Phil Abraham – Past President Farmington Rotary – President Elect 2015-16 – Webmaster Farmington Rotary, District 6380, GreatLakesRLI – RLI facilitator and webmaster – Owner software development company (Impressive Solutions)

4 TITLE | 4 Business Card

5 TITLE | 5 Why are you here?

6 TITLE | 6 Why are you here? – Intrigued by the mere mention of Social Media – Interested in using Social Media but I don’t know what it is for – Our web site doesn’t “work” (doesn’t meet our needs) – We need to get the word out more – I want to preach to the converted – Communicate with the yet to be converted

7 TITLE | 7 What is Social Media?

8 TITLE | 8 What is Social Media? Social media are computer-mediated tools that allow people to create, share or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks. Social media is defined as "a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content." [1] Furthermore, social media depend on mobile and web- based technologies to create highly interactive platforms through which individuals and communities share, co- create, discuss, and modify user-generated communities networksWeb 2.0user-generated content [1]

9 TITLE | 9 Don’t believe we need to use Social Media?

10 TITLE | 10 Examples

11 TITLE | 11 Examples of Social Media

12 TITLE | 12 Examples of Social Media

13 TITLE | 13 Examples of Social Media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Blogs……. However we will look at only three today – Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn

14 TITLE | 14 What can Social media do for my club/district?

15 TITLE | 15 What can Social Media do for my club/district? – More members – Help retain members – Keep members better informed – Have a more Rotary aware public

16 TITLE | 16 Why do you want to use Social Media?

17 TITLE | 17 Examples of Social Media

18 TITLE | 18 Facebook

19 TITLE | 19 Facebook – what is it? Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

20 TITLE | 20 Facebook Facebook has essentially two versions that clubs/districts can use – Groups and Pages

21 TITLE | 21 Facebook Groups – Groups Great for “within the group” communication Have to join Facebook to participate within group – Facebook definition of Groups » Facebook Groups make it easy to connect with specific sets of people, like family, teammates or coworkers. Groups are dedicated spaces where you can share updates, photos or documents and message other group members. You can also select one of three privacy options for each group you create. Public, Closed and Secret.message other group membersprivacy options

22 TITLE | 22 Facebook Groups contd A Secret Facebook group might be appealing for a club or district. You can then discuss anything and it would only be shared with all members of the group. Use it for internal communications within your group. Allow it to be as friendly as you desire. Let members talk about their personal activities as well as district/club activities (or not)

23 TITLE | 23 Facebook Pages Great for advertising and selling the club/district Not so good for communications within the club/district between members Don’t need to join Facebook to view Pages. Use Page to advertise events, speakers, fund raising…. Be very careful with the information you tell the world. Don’t treat the viewer as a member, but instead as a possible member, contributor, donor, possible event attendee etc. Essentially the general public, even though some of course will be members.

24 TITLE | 24 Facebook in use Districts using Facebook – 6290 (Page) – 6310 (Page) – 6360 (Page) – 6380 (Groups and Page) – 6400 (Groups) – 6540 (Groups) Many clubs in these districts use Facebook

25 TITLE | 25 Twitter

26 TITLE | 26 Twitter – what is it? Twitter is an information network made up of 140- character messages called Tweets. It's an easy way to discover the latest news related to subjects you care about. In theory Twitter contains information you will find valuable. Messages from users you choose to follow will show up on your home page for you to read. It’s like being delivered a newspaper whose headlines you’ll always find interesting – you can discover news as it’s happening, learn more about topics that are important to you, and get the inside scoop in real time. Twitter users who follow what is written in this account are called …… you guessed it! Followers!

27 TITLE | 27 Twitter Why use Twitter? – Mature product, been around nine years – Provides a quick, brief method of informing your organization’s followers of your club/district activities Use to inform users of updates to web sites (although I prefer RSS for that) – Have more than one Twitter account for your club/district One for members to follow and one for the general public (and members)

28 TITLE | 28 What can Twitter do? Textual information regarding any information of interest to you club/district members, or general public URL links to your web sites, Facebook pages or groups Include photos

29 TITLE | 29 Twitter in use Districts using Twitter – 6290 (@ritwitter6290) – 6310 (@rotarydistrict6310) – 6360 (couldn’t find one) – 6380 (@rotary6380) – 6400 (@couldn’t find one) – 6540 (@district6540)

30 TITLE | 30 Twitter examples Provide “Breaking news” to your followers – Today’s meeting has been cancelled – The world is now Polio Free! Advertise your activities – Membership webinar this Thursday night at 6:00pm – Social at the “Pig and Whistle” this Friday at 7:00pm

31 TITLE | 31 LinkedIn –What is it? The basic functionality of LinkedIn allows users (workers and employers) to create profiles and "connections" to each other in an online social network which may represent real-world professional relationships. Users can invite anyone (whether a site user or not) to become a connection.

32 TITLE | 32 LinkedIn – Rotary example

33 TITLE | 33 LinkedIn in use Districts using LinkedIn Don’t actually know – 6290 – 6310 – 6360 – 6380 – 6400 – 6540

34 TITLE | 34 Where do I go now?

35 TITLE | 35 Where do I go now? Join ROSNF (Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship) for assistance Choose one social media type to begin with, and aim it at membership – If this was Facebook, set up a Group to assist with communication within your membership Build a second in the same type, and aim it at the general public. – If this was Facebook, set up a Page to inform the general public (and members)

36 TITLE | 36

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