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 Brandeis University, 2014.  Brandeis University, 2014.

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1  Brandeis University, 2014

2  Brandeis University, 2014

3  Steve Pagios, Student Activities o  Ed Callahan, Chief of Public Safety o  Kim Callahan, Conference & Events o  Angela Garger, Conference & Events o  Monique Pillow Gnanaratnam, Intercultural Center o  Elba Valerio, Intercultural Center o  Cindy Spungin o

4  Your one stop shop to event planning!  Every Monday at 3pm in SCC 315  Members of: o Conference and Events o Student Activities o Public Safety o Intercultural Center

5 1. Brainstorm your event (think details!) 2. Choose a date and time (with alternates) 3. Select ideal location(s) 4. Book a location with Conference and Events 5. Plan the details 6. Conference and Events forms to Marathon 7. Rethink your program based on allocated funding 8. Confirm all event details with Conference and Events 9. Take invoice and form to Student Union for chargeline 10. Confirm all other event details

6 It is most important throughout your event programing process that you plan ahead.  Have back up dates, locations, vendors  Be prepared for Marathon with an accurate Conference and Events sheet. This does not mean going to CES the day before Marathon.  Research prices for other supplies necessary for your event—including on campus charges, promo, and hospitality.  Confirm your event in a timely manner with Conference and Events.

7 Marketing & tickets A/V needs Student Staff Li Supplies Film rights Sit down with your fellow club leaders and make decisions about your event. Event Planning Entertainment Food/Liquor- Bartenders & carders A/V Needs Marketing & Tickets Film Rights Student StaffSupplies Date, Time, Location Public Safety/ BEMCO Custodians, Equipment, Set up Noise PermitFunding

8 , time, location S Meet with Conference and Events and discuss your event. They will ask you questions about: Event Planning Date, Time, Location Custodian Food Liquor Bartenders/Carders Public Safety BEMCO Equipment Noise Permit A/V Needs Supplies Conference and Events Services (CES) Checklist:

9  To book most spaces on campus (including classrooms) contact Conference and Events Services (CES) o Stop by CES, located in Kutz Hall, and fill out a Request Form in person o ests.html ests.html o Complete a Request Form at a Jump Start meeting and check the availability of spaces while discussing your event details. o Request space as soon as you know your date – space books up fast! Date, Time, Location

10  To book space in the Shapiro Campus Center: o Stop by Darryl David’s office hours in Student Activities and request a form o Fill out an SCC Space Request Form at Date, Time, Location ICC  Fill out an Space Request Form at  Contact the ICC at x68580 Residence Halls  Fill out an Space Request Form at Spingold  Leslie Chiu of the Theater Arts Department (x63381 or Slosberg Music Hall  Deborah Rosenstein in the Music Department (x64867) Rapaporte Treasure Hall  Martha Barry ( )

11  Things to Remember… o Book a space that is appropriate for the size of your event and the size of your audience. o Allow time in your reservation for your set-up, and book extra space if you need green room space or prep rooms. o Classrooms and auditoriums can only be booked after 6:45pm on weekdays because of classes. o The Registrar’s Office has first-priority for all classrooms and auditoriums since they are academic spaces. Date, Time, Location

12 Bartenders And Carders BEMCo Custodians Public Safety Estimate: $250 for 4 hours (4 hour minimum) *Required if there is food or set up involved for your event. Bartenders Estimate: $35/hour (5 hour minimum) Required for any event with alcohol. 1 per 100 students. Carders Estimate: $25/hour (5 hour minimum) Required for any event with alcohol. 1 per 100 students. Estimate: $225 for 4 hours (4 hour minimum) Public Safety will likely be required at your event if: You’re expecting over 50 people to attend; Your event is in any way controversial; Your event features a speaker that requires security. Public Safety is required at all events that feature alcohol service. $18 per hour, per person

13 LiquorFood Must give 4-6 weeks advanced notice. Only 3 locations on campus have liquor licenses (Usdan, Hassenfeld, Faculty Club). All other locations need a license. Liquor license = $250. 1 keg serves 248 cups. 1 keg is estimated at $100, depends on type of beer. Clubs should use Sodexo to provide food at their events. Food waivers may be granted for a limited number of reasons. Check out the student organization menu at Grills: $40 per grill, $30 total delivery fee. Kosher and non-kosher available.

14 Food Waivers NEW ONLINE FORM: Waivers will only be approved: Sodexo is unable to provide the food products needed in a cost effective way Food preparation is integral to the club or event purpose, Must be submitted at least two (2) weeks before What’s on the form: Description of event and purpose of food What food would you like to provide for the event? What is the rationale/reason behind not using Sodexo for this event?

15 A/V needs Equipment Noise Permit Round: $7.50 - $14 each Long: $7 - $8 each Chairs: $1-$7 each $33 delivery fee. (Some spaces have tables already. ) RateStudent Group Discount Rate $24-$99$25 $100-$249$50 $250-$499$75 $500 or above$100 + 20% of university affiliated charges Just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s free! $10. Required for any event outside with projected sound.

16  What other costs might you have? Marketing & tickets Student Staff Entertainment Supplies Contracts, agents, riders. *Allow up to 2 weeks for contract signing* What are you going to need on site day of? How will you be identifiable at the event? Posters, online marketing, how are you selling tickets?

17 Your Event Form

18 Your Event Invoice

19  Bring your signed CES form with you!  For this event, of the $1,351.24 you were allocated $1,000. You determine that you will cut your pipe and drape.  Now that you have your funding secured you can finalize your event. o Confirm your event with Conference and Events o Book your entertainment (adhering to all contract policies and procedures) o Advertise and sell tickets! Funding You attend Marathon to request funding.

20  Confirming an event with Conference and Events: o Once you submit your Reservation Form and Invoice to the Student Union, the treasurer will check that your group has the funding necessary to pay for the event. o Then, the treasurer will send a charge-line to CES to pay for your event. o When CES receives the charge-line from the Student Union, your event is considered paid and confirmed. Funding

21  All contractual agreements entered into by Brandeis clubs, organizations, or departments must be approved and signed by specific university officials. This includes agreements with performing groups, service providers, and coaches.  You need to bring Student Activities three articles of paperwork: contract/agreement (if provided by company), Independent Consultant Agreement, and W-9/W-8BEN. o W-9/W-8BEN and ICA are completed by contracted agency o Contract is from contracted agency to be completed by a Brandeis Official.  Return signed contract to performer (there may be signatures needed from contracted agency).  Submit all of this information with Non-Employee Payment Request Form to the Union Treasurer. Plan timeline for this to occur so that you can have a check on the day of the service performed. **NEVER pay a contract with your own money. It will not be reimbursed.** Entertainment

22  There are insurance minimums for all off- campus vendors. Contact Student Activities for specific details. o All vendors must have insurance.  Waivers: For many kinds of events involving student participation, the signing of release waivers is required (e.g., date auctions, petting zoos, etc.) o Student Activities will help you with waivers. Entertainment

23  Brandeis Tickets is a great resource for you: o No worries about cash o No ticket staffing or selling o No risk of ticket duplication  How it works… o Meet with Leigh Hilderbrandt, Box Office Manager ( about your o Complete the ticketing form found online (  Cost o $.50/ticket if charging admission o $.10/ticket if the event is free o $.05 per ticket fee for any unsold tickets that were printed o 3% surcharge for each ticket purchased via credit card (charged to the club) o Customer pays any handling fees for phone and internet sales  A Board requires any event receiving SAF funding to be ticketed through Brandeis Tickets Marketing & Tickets You decide to use Brandeis Tickets

24  SPS = great, FREE resource to student groups  A student group that provides sound and lighting equipment and expertise to other student clubs and organizations, free of cost.  Contact SPS: o Danny Steinberg: o Ian Carroll: A/V needs You decide to use SPS for your event.

25  There are lots of things to consider. o Copyright Law – violations cost you lots of $$$ Public Performance Even though you own it… Educational Exemption o Swank Motion Pictures o Costs Film rights You need to acquire rights to the film you are screening.


27  Student Activities has a variety of free equipment for you to borrow: o Portable PA System o Projector o Projection Screen (6’ diagonal) o Popcorn Machine (must provide own popcorn) o Inflatable Movie Screen o Staging* o Chairs* o Tables* o Large Projection Screen* (20’ diagonal) *Items can’t be removed from Shapiro Campus Center  Stop by Student Activities (SCC 203) to reserve.  All equipment must be returned in clean and working order Supplies You decide to borrow some equipment from Student Activities.

28  Student Union also has a variety of free equipment for you to borrow: o Projector o 3 microphones o 1 clip on microphone o 3 six foot tables o 3 card tables o 2 coffee urns o 6 walkie talkies  To reserve: Go to the Student Union Office (3 rd floor of the SCC) during office hours (posted on Student Union website (  Rentals are valid for 48 hours at a time. Supplies You decide to borrow some equipment from Student Union.

29  Facebook Events & Pages  Poster Policies (review leadership handbook on DSA website) o Must be in appropriate places (no glass, no statues, no doors, etc.) o Limit of 6 in Shapiro Campus Center & 6 in Usdan o Must be stamped by Info Booth in SCC  Weekly All-Student emails o What’s Happening Email - Thursdays o Union Email - Mondays  Campus Events Calendar (Download the FREE Brandeis App Today!) o Marketing & Tickets You complete the “What’s Happening” form for your event.

30  All promotional materials bought with university funds must say Brandeis or Brandeis University on all sides o This includes both sides of a tee shirt or somewhere on a poster  Need suggested vendors? Come by Student Activities and we would love to help! o Also remember to at least get 2-3 quotes per item to ensure you are getting the best price! Marketing & Tickets You complete the “What’s Happening” form for your event.

31  Your one stop shop to event planning!  Every Monday at 3pm in SCC 315  Members of: o Conference and Events o Student Activities o Public Safety o Intercultural Center

32 Questions?

33 Thank you for attending the Fall 2014 Club Connections Conference Brought to you by: Conference & Events The Department of Student Activities The Intercultural Center Hillel Student Union Don’t Forget to come to JumpStart to get all of your event questions answered- Every Monday at 3pm in SCC 315!!

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