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The BPO Automation Myth Tanvir Khan

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1 The BPO Automation Myth Tanvir Khan

2 2 Automation- What it is and What it Isn’t STP Improving business rules to drive improved STP and reduce exception processing is not automation Workflow Automation Manual Labor intensive

3 3 Increasing Role of Process Automation in BPO Delivery

4 4 Dell Breakdown into Process Atoms 2 Apply AFTE’s toolbox where possible 3 Remap the Complex Man-Machine Process flow 4 Reconfigure Support - TA, Training, Quality 5 Idea Generation – LEAP Program 1

5 5 Dell BPO: AFTE-TOOLBOX Transforming Business Processes through AFTE Automation AFTE Terminal Connect SecureView Engine SM E Mobility Solution Auto-OCR Integration Engine nLite Auto Documentati on Medical Coding Charge Entry Payment Posting Claims Processing Accounts Receivables Adjudication Demo Entry

6 6 Who Moved My Cheese? Operating in an increasingly automated world Talent & HR Training Operations Quality/ BPI Applications Networking Finance Solution Design Able to comprehend Man-Machine complexity Active adjustment of hiring strategy Compensation/rewards Impart the understanding of Automated FTEs in the process Testing effectiveness of automated FTEs? Ideas to reality- partner with IT SLAs- monitoring governance and improved customer stickiness Sampling innovation to include Agents and Automated FTEs New yardsticks for measurements New methods of problem solving Active monitoring of innovation ideas- within and outside Create reusability of automation Interlink automation with other tools such as workflow Automation Stacks- to empower operations Reconfigure IT infrastructure to accommodate AFTEs New SLAs to ensure 24x7 processing and availability Drive pricing innovation Create measurement framework for AFTE deployment Monitor, measure and report success Active sync up with innovation agenda New methods of estimation to include automation roadmap Multi-year contracts to include aggressive improvements Its not about the process alone Service Providers need to radically rethink each of their business functions

7 7 build Flexibility to use in any permutations and combinations through interoperability across tools Can be scaled to any size of team or process Process knowledge-based approach provides better decision support Supports any kind of data integration Easy integration with various platforms like Mainframe, Citrix etc. Easy to implement and integrate with enterprise workflow Easy to maintain and customize Needs additional effort to integrate with existing tools Need different vendor support for each functionality Pricing is tied to scale and number of process implementations High licensing cost Not re-distributable across locations Data posting support is not available New tools being launched actively buy Build vs. Buy

8 8 Configurable Creates a rapidly configurable and customizable model for customer/process specific process rules Dependency No dependency on third-party vendors for implementing any changes Analytics Tracking of data at the macro / micro level using the in- built application helps to build analytics Integration Better integration with other in-house applications and workflow management systems Hybrid Seamless handling of human and AFTEs Better application of Man-Machine automation design Implementation & Maintenance Easy to implement and maintain Process intelligence and decision support is a key driver for any business process. Dell AFTEs are, by design, scalable, rapidly implementable and work seamlessly with each other. Combined with Dell IP, organizations are able to do more with less. Key Benefits from the Build Decision

9 9 Thank you.

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