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MLA (Modern Language Association)

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1 MLA (Modern Language Association)

2 Formatting Always use Times New Roman font.
The font size should be 12 pt. Double-space the text of your paper. Indent the first line of your paragraphs by pressing the tab key ONCE.

3 Your Header On the left-hand side of your paper. Your header should include the following: Name Teacher Class/Period Date On the right-hand corner of your paper create a header that numbers your pages. Your last name will go in front of the number Ex: Titus 1

4 Sample

5 In-Text Citations When using an internet source, there are two ways you can properly cite your sources. Keep in mind that you do not have to include page or paragraphs numbers. 1st example: In the parentheses include one of the following in this order. The author’s name, article name or website name. In other words, if there is no author use the article name (you may shorten it) and if there is no article name use the website name. 2nd example: Introduce the website name to show the reader where the information is from. Ex: In the article from Ms. Titus discusses why cell phones should be allowed in the classroom, “Cell phones can be used during class discussions to poll the class.” DO NOT WRITE OUT THE WHOLE URL LINK.

6 Suggestions Avoid writing one LONG paragraph as your summary.
Answer at least 6 of the 9 questions, but do not limit yourself. Emphasize on each answer and grab supporting details from your article. Do not pick a short article. Always pick an article that interests you. How are you going to write a summary if you are not interested in the article? When annotating, avoid using a highlighter and do not be afraid to comment on what you are reading. If you underline a word or sentence tell us why you chose to do that.

7 Any questions???

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