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POLICING THE UK ROADS Meredydd Hughes QPM ACPO Head of Roads Policing.

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1 POLICING THE UK ROADS Meredydd Hughes QPM ACPO Head of Roads Policing

2 ACPO Roads Policing Strategy Jointly agreed with Department for Transport and the Home Office Sets Roads Policing in the context of overall police work Establishes continuing priorities for Roads Policing Identifies principles which should underpin operational practice and policy development

3 Roads Policing Focus Denying criminals use of the roads by enforcing the law Reducing road casualties Tackling the threat of terrorism Reducing anti-social use of the roads Enhancing public confidence and reassurance by patrolling the roads

4 UK Casualty Reduction Targets 2010 40% reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured in road collisions compared with the average for 1994-98 50% reduction in the number of children killed or seriously injured 10% reduction in the slight casualty rate, expressed as the number of people slightly injured per 100 million vehicle kilometres

5 Casualty Trends - Fatalities

6 Casualty Trends - KSI

7 Casualty Trends - Slight Injury

8 Traffic Volume Trend

9 Significant Factors of Unlawful, Disorderly and Dangerous Road and Vehicle Use Drinking and Drug Driving Speeding Failure to use seat belts Driving which is dangerous, careless or threatening to other road users

10 Casualty Reduction Strategy Education Enforcement Engineering Evaluation

11 Education Roadside intervention and advice Partnership working with Local Authorities DfT Think! campaigns targeting –Drink/Drug driving –Speeding –Seat Belts –Mobile phones –Young road users

12 Enforcement Roadside enforcement by police patrols Multi-agency enforcement campaigns with –VOSA –HM Revenue and Customs –Border and Immigration Agency –Department for Work and Pensions –DEFRA Safety Camera Partnerships targeting speed reduction

13 Enforcement Data: Offenders Dealt With in 1 Year Drink/Drug Driving - 107,234 Speed Limit Offences - 2,104,808 Mobile Phone Offences - 71,272 Seat Belt Offences - 194,453 Dangerous/Careless Driving - 149,133

14 Engineering Responding to KSI sites with engineering solutions Making roads safer at the design and planning stage Partnership working with Local Authorities

15 Road Safety Support – the new approach to supporting Road Policing

16 New Road Safety Support Office Road Safety Support - a private not for profit organisation. Brings together for the first time various functions emphasising the importance attached to Road Safety / Policing within the UK. Funding through all the Safety Camera Partnerships and Highway Authorities.

17 Functions of the office A new national database that contains everything to do with Road Safety and Road Policing in one location. Defending the integrity of enforcement equipment and Home Office Type Approval process with CPS seconded lawyers. Media Co-ordination and support in conjunction with the ACPO Press Office.

18 Functions of the Office Technical support for enforcement equipment. Co-ordination of future programme support for Safety Camera Partnerships. Dissemination of good practice. Managing all new equipment Type Approvals. Developing operational road policing guidance and policies in association with ACPO.

19 Functions of the Office Working with the Highways Agency to develop a consistent approach to enforcement across the strategic road network. Working to co-ordinate a better approach to the use of intelligence gained through Safety Cameras to deny criminals use of the road. Real time telephone support for all Road Safety professionals.

20 Summary Clear strategic lead from ACPO, Home Office and department of Transport Growing enforcement doctrine and legislation Debate over development ACPO and partners – a new structure Growing understanding that Roads Policing matters But – greater demands than ever!

21 POLICING THE UK ROADS Meredydd Hughes QPM ACPO Head of Roads Policing

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