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Ontario College of Art & Design University

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1 Ontario College of Art & Design University
Helmut Reichenbächer, Ph.D. Associate Vice-President, Research and Dean, Graduate Studies Established in 1876; Urban campus located downtown Toronto between the Entertainment District and the Cultural Corridor; 4300+ students 400+ faculty members 8% international student population BDES BFA 12 Undergraduate Majors Summer programs Post-grad diploma courses Continuing Education 7 Graduate Programs

2 “The University of Imagination”
OCAD UNIVERSITY Established in 1876; Urban campus located downtown Toronto between the Entertainment District and the Cultural Corridor; 4300+ students 400+ faculty members 8% international student population BDES BFA 12 Undergraduate Majors Summer programs Post-grad diploma courses Continuing Education 7 Graduate Programs “The University of Imagination”

UG + Grad programs 6 new faculty 20 labs New building on Richmond Street West SPECIALIZATIONS: Physical, Tangible and Embedded Interactions Performance, Games and Screen Media Data Visualisation: Data, Computation and Aesthetic Design Inclusive Design: Technological practices for Health and Wellness Business: Foresight and Innovation DIGITAL FUTURES INITIATIVE 3 3 3

The IDRC is OCAD University’s national centre of expertise, providing leadership in addressing the critical and timely question: “How do we design and develop our information and communication technology systems such that they are inclusive of people with varying abilities, languages and cultural preferences?” Tekla Mobile Scanning Keyboard 4 4 4

The DDPL supports leading contemporary art practices that engage experimentation in photogenic painting, contemporary abstraction and digital projection painting. These research fields influence new animation technologies, and the use of sketching and painting techniques in product design as well as applications in architecture and interior design. Professor Anda Kubis, Associate Professor, Chair Drawing & Painting , Principal Investigator, Digital Drawings & Painting Lab 5 5 5

The Centre for Innovation in Information Visualization and Data-Driven Design (CIV-DDD), led by York University in partnership with OCAD University and the University of Toronto is envisioned to be a preeminent research hub for innovation and training in information and scientific visualization in Ontario by developing the next generation of data discovery, design, and visualization techniques by developing new computational tools, representational strategies, and interfaces. 6 6 6

7 photo courtesy Brendan Lynch
GAME:PLAY LAB The game:play lab creates a home for game-related projects at OCADU and beyond. Gaming explorations extend from indie and art game development to collaboration with other Universities on research projects to entertainment industry partnerships. The game:play lab develops and delivers innovative art and design-led digital game research projects. game:play will explore (through play), critique (through theory) and expand (through practice) the nature of the gaming experience. Indie Game Showcase 2010 photo courtesy Brendan Lynch 7 7 7

8 MOBILE EXPERIENCE LAB Mobile technology, platform and applications research is one of OCAD University’s core capabilities. Research continues in platform design, multimedia interfaces, location- and context-aware applications, sensor interfaces, multi-screen content and technology, mobile gaming, way-finding and augmented reality. Images & photos courtesy OCAD U Research Team 8 8 8

The PCH is a nexus prototyping studio for all DMRII laboratories. It supports electronics and robotics content research projects, including digital painting, sculpture, multi-touch, sensors, smart materials, lighting and wearable technologies. It houses and supports coding and programming electronics, embedded computer development stations, fabrication of objects with materials using cloth, plastics, wood and metals, and has assembly work stations to connect and test circuits and devices. Images & photos courtesy OCAD U Research Team 9 9 9

collaborating lab SMAC/SOCIAL MEDIA COLLABORATION LAB The SMAC Lab investigates all facets of collaboration projects engaged within shared social networks, using virtual and hybrid physical spaces, supported by translators such as networked devices and surfaces. The SMAC Lab collaborators include : CAFA (China Central Academy of Fine Arts) and the Baycrest / Memory Link program. Images & photos courtesy OCAD U Research Team 10 10 10 10

11 Social Body Lab Research is focused on investigating the expressive and perceptive nature of the human form in relation to wearable and mobile technologies. Exploration of the integration of electronics components, including sensors, microcontrollers, and actuators into clothing through construction and material strategies such as the use of conductive textiles and inks. H. Hayes K. Hartman & H. Meyer I. Cho 11 11 11

A centre of research and innovation, sLAB integrates academic research, professional engagement, education and skills development for stakeholders in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. The researchers’ main endeavours are envisioning possible futures by exploring the intersections of human behaviour, new technologies and organizational capacities to develop and apply strategic foresight, visualization, prototyping methodologies to inform the front end of the innovation process. Images & photos courtesy OCAD U Research Team 12 12 12

13 IMAGINATION CATALYST Supporting young entrepreneurs and creative business start-ups 13

Mobile Experience Innovation Centre (MEIC) MEIC provide leadership in building innovation capacity and design excellence in Canada‘s mobile and wireless industries. MEIC is a not-for-profit organization based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2007 by OCADU, MEIC supports design leadership and innovation in Canada’s mobile industry. Through applied research and commercialization, SME advisory and services, conferences and workshops and international outreach, MEIC is recognized as a leading organization across Canada. MDI is an exciting part of the evolution of the mobile industry – being the first mobile-focused incubator in the Greater Toronto Region. INFO: 14 14 14

15 National Institute of Design, Bangalore Research Campus
Finding the right partner one of the foremost multi-disciplinary institutions in the field of design education and research. Business Week magazine (USA) has listed NID as one of the top 25 European & Asian programs in the world. = an autonomous body under the department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. = recognised by the Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) under Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, as a scientific and industrial design research organisation. 3 campuses Research component: Design for Digital Experience Information and Interface Design Design for Retail Experience 15

16 NID Bangalore Making Personal Connections - faculty exchanges 16

17 Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology
Like-minded Partner 17

18 Manipal University 18 18 D. Manipal University (
Partner with Complimentary Interests Founded in 1953 and located on the west coast of South India, Manipal University spreads over 600 acres and is home to 20,000 students pursuing undergraduate and post graduate programs in diverse subjects. Today, it has 20 constituent institutions comprising medical, dental, engineering, architecture, nursing, allied health, pharmacy, management, communication, information science, hotel management, biotechnology, regenerative medicine etc. The university offers Bachelors’, Masters’ and Doctoral degrees in various specialties and has branch campuses in Bangalore, Malaysia, Dubai and Antigua in the Caribbean Island. Shared Areas of Interest and Activities Master’s program in Digital Media 18 18 18

19 Institute for Apparel Management, Gurgaon
Dr. Darlie Koshie Established in 2007 to train Designers, Design Professionals, Design Managers, Designer Merchandisers, Quality Professionals. Students develop a broad base knowledge of applied management skills, competencies & understanding of the dynamics of apparel business in a global context for the “Business of Fashion” for Fashion, Textiles & Lifestyle Industry. IAM is promoted by the Apparel Export Promotion Council (India’s largest Export Council) and sponsored by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.

20 Foundational seminars in the history and theory of digital media
Immersion and an Intensive Project and Prototyping Spring Institute with the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab at the end of the first year Interdisciplinary research and creative practice-based courses Elective and shared courses from other graduate programs Seminars, guest lectures and workshops Internship & Exchange opportunities MFA/Mdes/MA Thesis or Diploma Project DFI MASTERS 20

21 MASTERS of Design in Inclusive Design (Mdes) 2011
A two-year executive masters program. Designed for professionals and open to students worldwide. The program involves: Innovative online courses which use highly interactive instructional design techniques. Multi-disciplinary seminars co-taught by leaders in the field. A major project. Opportunities to become involved with IDRC’s numerous open source research and development projects. The program is designed to be fully accessible to students and faculty with diverse needs, including students with disabilities and students for whom English is a second language 21

22 Best Practices the Partner Institution 22

23 Best Practices the Partner Institution Human Connection 23

24 Best Practices the Partner Institution Human Connection Incentives 24

25 Best Practices the Partner Institution Human Connection Incentives
Sustainability 25

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