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By: Whitney Price THE ART INSTITUTE OF ATLANTA. ABOUT The Art Institute of Atlanta offers many programs that involve all different types of art. Such.

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2 ABOUT The Art Institute of Atlanta offers many programs that involve all different types of art. Such as: Design, Media Arts, Fashion, and Culinary.

3 DESIGN The design area of study offers programs such as: Advertising, Graphic and Web Design, Industrial Design, and Interior Design. Advertising: You’ll cover creative areas including: Copywriting, Digital Illustration, Storyboarding, Concept Development, Online Marketing, Account Planning, Marketing Research, Public Relations and Promotion, Media Buying, and Brand Strategy. Interior Design: Starting with drawing and perspective, you’ll progress through areas that can include: Traditional and Computerized Design, Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD), Space Planning, Textiles, Lighting, Barrier-Free Designs, Interior Architectural Systems, Residential Design, Commercial Design, Institutional Design, Office Design, Materials and Specifications, Building and Safety Codes, Sustainable Building Principles and Practices, Environmental Design, and Human Factors.

4 DESIGN Graphic & Web Design: Shared Courses: Color & Design Fundamentals, Image Manipulation, Traditional Typography, Layout & Concept Design, Web Page Scripting, Digital Illustration, Interface Design, and Interactive Motion Graphics. Graphic Design Concentration: Advertising Concepts, Form and Space, Including Advanced Layout Design, Package Design, Business of Graphic Design, Publication Design, and Art Direction. Web Design Concentration: Information Architecture, Audio & Video, Experience Design, Design for Mobile Devices & Emerging Technologies, Web Page Scripting

5 DESIGN Industrial Design: you’ll be guided by talented and experienced instructors as you work your way through courses in areas such as: Drawing and Perspective, Digital Modeling and Rendering, Design Thinking, Intellectual Property Law, Fabricating, Materials & Processes, Product Design, Model Building, Anatomy and Ergonomics, Three Dimensional Design, Prototyping, Human Factors, Sustainability, and Environmental Science

6 MEDIA ARTS The Media Arts area of study offers programs such as: Photography, Audio Production, Digital Film, Special Effects, Animation, Game Design & Programming. Photography: Explore the possibilities as you work through areas including: Digital Photography, Color Management, Studio Photography, Location Photography, Portraiture, Digital Darkroom, Natural & Artificial Light, Digital Image Management, Digital Image Illustration, Editorial Photography, Advertising Photography, Documentary Photography, Business of Photography, and Studio Techniques. Special Effects: You’ll cover area like these: 3D Design, Maps, Mattes, and Masks, Conceptual Storytelling, Physics, Motion Graphics, Video for Visual Effects, 3D Modeling and Animation Techniques, Post-Production Management, Camera and Lighting Techniques, Editing for Visual Effects, 3D Textures, 3D Effects, Advanced Visual Effects, Interactive Visual Design, Production Studio, and Advanced Communications.

7 MEDIA ARTS Audio Production: You’ll record, mix, and master audio in analog and digital formats as you progress through courses that include: Audio Technology, Remote and Field Recording, Music Fundamentals, Science of Sound, Audio Recording, Broadcast Audio, Music and Studio Business, MDI Production, Professional Communication, Digital Audio Workstations, Audio Post-Production, Audio Electronics, Audio Engineering, Studio Recording, Audio Mixing, Audio for Interactive Media, Sound Design, Streaming Media and Webcast, and Surround Sound and DVD Audio Digital Film: Areas you’ll study: Video, Lighting, Audio, Digital Imaging, Conceptual Storytelling, Editing, Studio Production, Motion Graphics, Digital Cinematography, Producing and Directing, Sound Design, Physics, Scriptwriting, Fundamentals of Animation, Acting and Directing, Multi-camera Production, and Advanced Communications.

8 MEDIA ARTS Animation: Drawing and Anatomies, Visual Indication, Digital Imaging for Multimedia and the Web, Life Drawing for Animation, Character and Object Design for Animation, Cinematic Storytelling, Digital Editing, Computer 3D Modeling and Animation, Principles of Animation, Acting / Movement, Physics, 2D Animation, Storyboard Rendering for Animation, Camera and Lighting Techniques, Creative and Collaborative Project Management, 3D Modeling, 3D Character Animation, 3D Textures, Web Animation, and Filmmaking for Animation

9 FASHION The Fashion area off study offers programs such as: Fashion Design, and Fashion Marketing. Fashion Design: Courses can include: Patternmaking, Technical Drawing, Fashion Drawing, Sewing Techniques, Event & Fashion Show Production, Trends & Concepts in Apparel, Current Designers, Digital Textile Design, Business Ownership, Concept Development, Product Development, and Merchandise Management. Fashion Marketing: You’ll be taught by experienced instructors in areas including: Sales and Event Promotion, Consumer Behavior, Textiles, Brand Marketing, Global Marketing, Visual Merchandising, Retail Operations and Technology, Retail Buying, Media Planning and Buying, Apparel Evaluation & Production, Business Management, Product Development, Financial Management, Merchandise Management, Public Relations, Advertising, Entrepreneurship, Trends and Concepts in Apparel, and Event Planning & Promotion

10 CULINARY The Culinary area of study includes programs such as: Culinary Arts, and Culinary Management. Culinary Arts: Along the way, you’ll build on the knowledge and skills you gain at each step of your education, through courses that can include: Culinary Techniques, Classical Techniques, Sanitation & Safety, Baking and Pastry Techniques,Management by Menu, Nutrition, Garde Manger, Foodservice Technology, Food & Beverage Operations Management, Planning & Controlling Costs, World Cuisine, American Regional Cuisine, Classical European Cuisine, Asian Cuisine, Latin Cuisine, A la Carte Kitchen, and Art Culinaire. Culinary Management: You’ll explore international cuisines, along with courses that can include the areas of: Culinary Techniques, Classical Techniques, Hospitality Industry & Industry Trends, Management by Menu, Nutrition, Purchasing and Controlling Costs, Garde Manger, Food and Beverage Management, World Cuisine, A la Carte Kitchen, Human Resources, Strategic Planning and Marketing, Wine and Spirits Management, and Global Management in the Hospitality Industry.

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