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Social Studies Notes 13 Colonies.

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1 Social Studies Notes 13 Colonies

2 Name that Colony A colony founded by the Quakers-Pennsylvania
A place for English debtors to live – Georgia A colony where Catholics could practice their religion – Maryland The first colony to allow freedom of religion – Rhode Island A Dutch colony taken over by the English –New York

3 The Triangular Trade 1st leg – rum, iron goods, guns were sent from Boston to Africa 2nd leg (the middle passage) – enslaved Africans were sent from Africa to the West Indies 3rd leg – slaves picked sugar cane and molasses was sent from the West Indies to Boston

4 Colonial Economy

5 Southern Economy Large farms that often grew only one crop were called plantations. They usually grew rice, tobacco, or indigo. Large numbers of slaves worked the farms.

6 Slavery These people lost most of their basic human rights under rules known as slave codes. Work on the farms was supervised by overseers. Secret meetings were held at night by captives to plan escape.

7 Ben Franklin He started the first volunteer fire department.
He published Poor Richard’s Almanac. He invented the lightning rod. He started the University of Pennsylvania. He started a school for African Americans. He began the first pubic library and hospital. Click here

8 Why People Came to the Colonies
Religious freedom To get rich To become debt free For a better life Slavery

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