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Liz Reale, Nick Rittersbch, Dan Casale, Kaitlyn Wallace.

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1 Liz Reale, Nick Rittersbch, Dan Casale, Kaitlyn Wallace.

2  The Platt Amendment - Cuba would not transfer Cuban land to any power other than the United States -Cuba would contract no foreign debt without guarantees that the interest could be served from ordinary revenues -Ensured U.S. intervention in Cuban affairs when the United States deemed necessary -Prevented Cuba from negotiating treaties with any country other than the United States that would either damage or tend to damage the independence of Cuba, or allow foreign power to obtain by colonization or for military or naval purposes or otherwise, control over any portion, this greatly reduced Cuba's power  Guantánamo Bay -The Platt Amendment provided an establishment of a permanent naval base in Cuba.  Sugar Cane Plantations -The United states had a major interest in the sugar cane plantations that the Cubans had. They realized that of they had taken control of the Cuban territory then maybe they could use some or all of there plantations to help the American economy to become larger and more powerful.

3  All of the Platt Amendment was a motive because they wanted to show military strength and they wanted to show the nation the United States strength as a whole, by holding a territory in such a powerful manner.  Guantánamo Bay was also a motive to establish a port city in Cuba.  There was a great motive to control Cuba for their Sugar Cane plantations.  A justification could be that the United States said they wanted to “help Cuba build a stable government.”  Another justification could be that the United States wanted to occupy the territory so others didn’t.

4  In this situation the United States were a Mafia Don because they did this all because wanted a lot in return. They wanted the known power over Cuba to show that the United States were more powerful, and they wanted the sugar can plantations so the united states would have more money and become more economically strong.

5  The populations reaction to the United States controlling their territory was relatively calm. The population was just so grateful that the Spanish was not controlling their territory, that they must of overlooked the United states occupying their territory, placing all of these new laws that could affect Cuba badly in the long run.  The Cubans were so grateful that they could now finally raise their own flag and “control” their own country. On May 20, 1902, crowds gather in Havana to watch the Cuban flag raised over Morro Castle.

6  1900- us still controlled Cuba  1900- after war, us began military occupation of the island and left in 1901  1901-cuba constitution convention adopted the Platt amendment. us saw Cuba as unfit to govern themselves and wanted to profit off of them  1902-Tomas Palma was elected president of Cuba and was controlled and paid by the us. he resigned in 1906 which was a time of violence in Cuba  1902-cuba formed a civil government and gained independence on May 20 th  1906- US led by Charles Magoon occupied Cuba again, after they left, Jose Gomez was elected president of Cuba  1912 and 1917- US sent in troops to protect their business interests

7 The United States involvement was beneficial for themselves but not really beneficial for the Cubans. The United States got a port city, sugarcane, and all of the statements made in the Platt Amendment to benefit themselves. The Cubans only got a powerful army to help them maintain their territory because the United states didn’t actually help them “create a stable government.”

8 Cuba USA The United States wanted to have control of this land because it was originally controlled by Spain. The United States didn’t want such a powerful force so close to America. Cuba is just off the coast of Florida, the distance between Havana and Miami is 228 miles, From the tip of key west to Havana its about 95 miles. The United States didn’t want Spain so close to the country.


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