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Reform, Expansion, & War (1865-1920) “19-2 Imperialism- Part 2”

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1 Reform, Expansion, & War (1865-1920) “19-2 Imperialism- Part 2”

2 ■Warm-Up: –QuickCode: RED- KT39675 YELLOW-NS86000 GREEN- PB94100 BLUE- JU35698 –1) Do you think American Imperialism was a good or a bad thing? Why?

3 6&7 Define! U.S. Imperialism: HAWAII Americans overthrew Queen Liliuokalani in 1893 & Hawaii was annexed by the USA in 1898 6&7 Define! From 1820 to 1890, Americans moved to Hawaii as missionaries, & sugar plantation owners In 1891, Queen Liliuokalani came to power & tried to reduce the power of Americans living in Hawaii

4 U.S. Imperialism: CHINA By the 1890s, European imperial powers carved China into spheres of influence, giving them exclusive trade rights in Chinese ports In 1899, the USA declared an “Open Door Policy” in China to allow free trade by any nation in any port 8. Opinion!

5 U.S. Imperialism: CUBA In 1895, Cubans declared their independence from Spain; To put down the revolution, Spain used brutal tactics (like starvation) U.S. newspapers sensationalized the events in Cuba (known as “yellow journalism”) In 1898, the U.S. sent the USS Maine to Cuba to protect American interests there; After the ship mysteriously exploded, Americans declared war on Spain

6 The Spanish-American War was fought to liberate Cuba & the Philippines from Spanish control; The war lasted only 113 days Teddy Roosevelt & the Rough Riders

7 Roosevelt and the Spanish-American War ■ sevelt-fights-in-spanish-american- war#roosevelt-fights-in-spanish- american-war sevelt-fights-in-spanish-american- war#roosevelt-fights-in-spanish- american-war 9. Video Facts!

8 Causes of the Spanish-American War 1.“Butcher” Weyler from Spain Genocide of the native population Starved and treated Cuban’s very poorly Cuba Libré! (Josè Martí) 2.The DeLôme Letter, 1898 3.Yellow journalism Hearst vs. Pulitzer “Jingoism”Encouraged “Jingoism” 4.Explosion of the USS Maine, 1898 10 & 11 Define!

9 Butcher Weyler

10 The USS Maine Explosion 1898

11 The “Splendid Little War” ■John Hay –US Ambassador to England Said of the Spanish-American War. ■Comparing the Civil War and the Spanish-American War. ■“Rough Riders” and Theodore Roosevelt ■Promotes more “jingoism”

12 Results: US Victory ■TREATY OF PARIS, 1898 –Foraker Act Acquire Guam, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Philippines $20 million. –Teller Amendment: stated US would not attempt to control Cuba politically or economically. ■Platt Amendment, 1901/1903 –Cuba becomes a protectorate US has a right to buy or lease land (Guantanamo Bay)

13 As a result of the Spanish-American War, Cuba was liberated & the USA annexed the Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico

14 U.S. Imperialism: PUERTO RICO Puerto Rice is still a U.S. territory; Lots of poverty & unemployment

15 U.S. Imperialism: PHILIPPINES When the Philippines were annexed by the USA & not granted independence after the Spanish-American War, the Filipino-American War began in 1898 The Filipino-American War lasted 3 years & cost more in money & American lives than the Spanish-American War

16 Filipino Insurrection (Philippines) ■Emilio Aguinaldo and other Filipino leaders excited for the chance to finally have independence. –US buys Philippines and attempts to control them. –Leaves Commodore George Dewey behind to leads a military presence. –Filipinos fight back and cost the US 400 million dollars. ■Did we become what we were fighting against in our war for independence?

17 U.S. Imperialism: DOMINICAN REPUBLIC When Theodore Roosevelt became president, he used “Big Stick Diplomacy”: Develop an active U.S. foreign policy with a strong navy to accomplish goals TR added the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, giving the United States “police powers” to protect Latin America from European imperialism

18 U.S. Imperialism: PANAMA TR used “Big Stick Diplomacy” to build the Panama Canal by encouraging a Panamanians to rebel from Colombia 12. Infer!


20 U.S. Imperialism: MEXICO The USA tried to intervene in Mexican affairs when Huerta overthrew Diaz & again when Carranza overthrew Huerta Mexico & the USA almost went to war when Mexican rebel Pancho Villa killed 33 Americans

21 The U.S. Becomes a World Power ■By the 20 th century, the USA was a world power: –Built the world’s 3 rd largest navy –Annexed Hawaii, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, many Pacific islands –Asserted itself in Latin America (Spanish-American War, Panama Canal, & Roosevelt Corollary –Influenced Asia (Open Door Policy) 13.Evidence! 14. Define!

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